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Aledacia’s Alchemy Guide

  • LV0-100
  • By User:Aledacia
  • Notes: This is a guide based on the way I have personally skilled up my own Alchemy. I will be updating it as I progress. If you have anything you with to add, message me or post on the Talk Page.
  • Please note some of the higher synths are synths I am planning to use in the future as skill ups, based on ingredients, cost, and level.

Last Updated: January 7th, 2009

Alchemic Tips

  • Advanced Image Support is your friend! Many of the skill ups you will find in this guide benefit greatly from Adv. Image Support. I am currently unsure, but, it seems to also increase skill up rate. I’m currently in the process of testing this.
  • Elemental Days. Days that match your crystal element, as well as Lightsday tend to increase skill ups. Darksday is the day to look for if you want to HQ items.
  • Elemental Staffs. Using the Staff that matches your crystal (Lightning Crystal + Thunder Staff/Jupiter’s Staff, for example) seems to decrease fail rate.
  • Bar-spells and Bar-ra Spells. I have found that using Barspells helps decrease fail rate – such as using Barstone or Barstonra when using a Lightning Crystal. Using a Barspell to protect from your crystals weakness helps immensely, however is not required.
  • NPC Sold Ingrediants. Distilled Water, Sage, and many other ingredients can be bought for very cheap from NPC’s.
Distilled Water
Benaige, South San d’Oria
Griselda, Bastok Mines
Wije Tiren, Windurst Woods
Rock Salt
Benaige, South San d’Oria – Note. Benaige is the best choice to buy Rock Salt from, unless you want to journey to Whitegate. Benaige is one of very few merchants that sells Rock Salt all the time. Most other merchants are regional (Vollbow)
Malfud, Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Aveline, South San d’Oria – Non-regional Merchant.
Tibelda, Bastok Mines – Regional Merchant, Valdeaunia.
Palguevion, Northern San d’Oria – Regional Merchant, Valdeaunia.
Zoreen, Port Windurst – Regional Merchant, Valdeaunia.
Upih Khachla, Windurst Waters – When Windurst is 1st in Conquest.
Pourette, South San d’Oria – Derfland Regional Merchant.
Belka, Port Bastok – Derfland Regional Merchant.
Taraihi-Perunhi, Windurst Woods – Derfland Regional Merchant.
  • Crystal Direction. Crystal direction is very important. Some directions are more skill ups/higher HQ rate, other direction is less fails.

Synthesis Image Support NPCs

Synthesis image support temporarily raises your skill by 1 point. Advanced support raises your skill by 3 points, and requires a small fee based on your crafting rank. Synthesis Image Support can be obtained from the following Guild representatives:

Name Location Support
Titus Bastok Mines (K-7) Synth. Image Support
Sieglinde Bastok Mines (K-7) Synth. Image Support
Shahau Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-5) Synth. Image Support
Hadayah Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-5) Synth. Image Support
Azima Bastok Mines (K-7) Adv. Synth. Image Support
Sulbahn Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-5) Adv. Synth. Image Support

Guild Test Items

Every ten skill levels, you are required to prove to the guild that you "have what it takes" by crafting (or buying) an Alchemic item of the guild's choosing. This item can be turned in once you have reached an "8" in skill (8, 28, 48, etc.) or higher skill (up to the cap). Once you have the requisite skill, speak with the Guild Master, Abd-al-Raziq.

Level Item Requested Rank Acquired
8-10  Animal Glue  Recruit
18-20  Poison Potion  Initiate
28-30  Blinding Potion  Novice
38-40  Firesand  Apprentice
48-50  Fire Sword  Journeyman
58-60  Hi-Potion  Craftsman
68-70  Acid Kukri  Artisan
78-80  X-Potion  Adept
88-90  Bloody Sword  Veteran

Skill Up Guide

  • Crafting Skill Ups This guide has been an immense help to me, and you as a crafter yourself should swear by it.

HQ vs. Success Rate Compass


Elemental Strengths

Alchemy LV.0-100

  • LV0-6 Tsurara – Yield, x10 Tsurara. HQ1: Tsurara x20, HQ2: Tsurara x50, HQ3: Tsurara x99
      • Alternative to lvl 5, Beeswax, you're gonna need it and rather than blow thru gil or waste time on low lvl synths later go ahead and do these now!!! Peace~ Benedwin (Midgardsormr) *** Farm em in Giddeus fast n easy!
  • Fire Crystal
  • Distilled Water
  • Beehive Chip x3
  • LV6-12 Poison Dust (Save for later. Don’t NPC it or sell on the AH.) – Yield, x1 Poison Dust. HQ1: Poison Dust x2, HQ2: Poison Dust x3, HQ3: Poison Dust x4.

  • LV12-16 Mercury (Save for later. Don’t NPC it or sell on the AH.) – Yield, x1 Mercury. HQ1: Mercury x2, HQ2: Mercury x3, HQ3: Mercury x4

  • LV16-18 Poison Potion Guild Test Item, Profit Item. Yield, x1 Poison Potion.

  • LV.18-24 Silent Oil – Yield, Silent Oil x4. HQ1: Silent Oil x8, HQ2: Silent Oil x10, HQ3: Silent Oil x12.

  • LV24-28 Blinding Potion Guild Test Item, Profit Item. Yield, x2 Blinding Potion. HQ1: Blinding Potion x4, HQ2: Blinding Potion x6, HQ3: Blinding Potion x8.
  • Lightning Crystal
  • Mercury
  • Nebimonite – This can be very expensive, if you have to buy it from the AH. I suggest having a fishing friend fish it for you, or fish it yourself if you are high enough to do so. When I skilled up on these, Nebimonite were 10k/stack on, Bahamut server.
  • LV28-30 Artificial Lens this item i found can help you not loose so many times with no skill ups on potions, and can make some profit if u have the time to wait for the sales,
  • LV28-40 Potion WARNING: Do not attempt this without Advanced Support. I got insane skill ups on these, but without Advanced Support, you will break a lot without skill ups. Also note, you can NPC these instead of having to AH them. Yield Potion. HQ1: Potion +1, HQ2: Potion +2, HQ3: Potion +3.

  • LV40-43 Vitriol Note: You can NPC these and still make money, in general. Yield, x1 Vitriol. HQ1: Vitriol x2, HQ2: Vitriol x3, HQ3: Vitriol x4.

  • LV43-51 Holy Water Cheapest, easiest synth I’ve ever done. You can NPC these and make money. Yield, x1 Holy Water. HQ1: Holy Water x2, HQ2: Holy Water x3, HQ3: Holy Water x4.

  • LV51-56 Sleeping Potion – Yield, x1 Sleeping Potion. HQ1: Sleeping Potion x2, HQ2: Sleeping Potion x3, HQ3: Sleeping Potion x4.


  • LV50-60 Hi-Potion - Yield, x1 Hi-Potion. HQ 1: Hi-Potion +1, HQ 2: Hi-Potion +2, HQ 3: Hi-Potion +3
  • LV56-61 Venom Dust (Save this for later.) – Yield, x1 Venom Dust. HQ1: Venom Dust x2, HQ2: Venom Dust x3, HQ3: Venom Dust x4.

  • LV.62-68 Venom Potion – Yield, x1 Venom Potion. Note: Can be very useful for mages in Dynamis and Einherjar, versus mobs and bosses that do Sleep moves. It is a strong enough poison effect it will take down your HP even with Auto-Regen.
  • LV60-69 Hi-Ether - Yield x1 Hi-Ether. HQ1: Hi-Ether +1, HQ2: Hi-Ether +2, HQ3: Hi-Ether +3.


  • LV60-70 Remedy - Yield x2 Remedy. HQ 1: Remedy x 4, HQ 2: Remedy x 6, HQ 3: Remedy x 8.
  • LV68-72 Paralysis Dust (Save this for later.) – Yield, x1 Paralysis Dust. HQ1: Paralysis Dust x2, HQ2: Paralysis Dust x3, HQ3: Paralysis Dust x4.


  • LV68-72 Paralysis Dust (Save this for later.) – Yield, x2 Paralysis Dust. HQ1: Paralysis Dust x4, HQ2: Paralysis Dust x6, HQ3: Paralysis Dust x8.

  • LV95-98 Panacea – Yield, x1 Panacea. Note: Depending on your server these may or may not sell well. They are a very nice item, and cures almost all ailments. HQ1: Panacea x2, HQ2: Panacea x3, HQ3: Panacea x4.

  • LV98-100 Pro-Ether – Yield, x1 Pro-Ether. HQ1: Pro-Ether +1, HQ2: Pro-Ether +2, HQ3: Pro-Ether +3.

  • LV98-100 Sun Water Note: Excellent profit item, at least on Bahamut Server. 140k/stack of these BST Pet Jugs. Calls a LV75 Cap Cactuar pet. – Yield, x1 Sun Water. HQ1: Sun Water x2, HQ2: Sun Water x3, HQ3: Sun Water x4.

Congratulations! You’re now LV100 Alchemy! What to do next? Work on Guild Point Items, of course!

Guild Points Items

Once you have attained the rank of Novice, you may begin to earn Guild Points with the Alchemists' Guild. Note that you may only accumulate Guild Points for one guild at a time, and if you switch guilds, all previously accumulated points are lost. The "Item of the Day" that the guild will accept changes every day at Japanese Midnight, and varies by crafting rank. Speak with Hemewmew, at (K-7) in Bastok Mines to find out what the item is, determine the limit to how many points can be earned, turn in items for points, and to spend points on Guild Point Items.

Points Item Req. Rank Notes
 10,000 Alchemist's Belt Apprentice A belt that has Enchantment: Synthesis Image Support
 10,000 Trituration Novice This special alchemy ability allows you to place ingredients in a Triturator, making it easier to process more medicines with one crystal.
 10,000 Iatrochemistry Novice This special alchemy ability allows you to augment an automaton using the techniques of chemical medicine.
 20,000 Concoction Novice This special alchemy ability allows you to concentrate ingredients to create medicines in the form of a solid drop. These drops have the same effect as their liquid equivalents.
 20,000 Anima Synthesis Novice This forbidden type of alchemy is used to drain elemental energy from remnants of lost memories, and transform it into a partially materialized "quasispirit" known as Anima.
 40,000 Alchemic Ensorcellment Novice This special alchemy ability allows you to enchant catalysts with the power of black magic.
 40,000 Alchemic Purification Novice This special alchemy ability allows you to enchant catalysts with the power of white magic.
 70,000 Caduceus Journeyman A Club that gives +1 to your Alchemy skill.
 80,000 Alchemist's Ring Craftsman Alchemy Success Rate +1%. Cannot synthesize high quality items.
 100,000 Alchemist's Apron Artisan An apron that gives +1 to your Alchemy skill.
 150,000 Emeralda Veteran A piece of Furniture that gives Moghancement: Alchemy Skill.
 200,000 Alchemist's Signboard Veteran A sign used by alchemists to indicate their guild's services to the public.