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Okie heres my shot at an alchemy guide to help people enjoy crafting ^^

Tsurara ×10 (1-6)

Super fast synth and you can make all your money back here.

Poison Dust (6-12)

Farm the lightning crystals in Pashhow Marshlands and you wont really lose money here. Don't sell these. Save them for Poison Potions.

Mercury (12-16)

This one can get expensive if you buy Cobalt Jellyfish from Auction House. Camp the Fishing Guild at 0300 in Windurst or Alchemist Guild at 0800 to get these. Also theres a Vendor in Bibiki Bay.

Poison Potion (16-18)

Make these until you run out of Poison Dust and Mercury (The synths you worked on in earlier levels), then sell for good profit. When out of materials, switch to Echo Drops.

Echo Drops (12-20)

This one is much less expensive for when you cant find Cobalt Jellyfish for cheap, but you will need Guild Support until you are 15. Make sure you get sage from vendors in main cities, or white gate if possible. Also go to selbina for cheap distilled water and stock up on a bunch of them before tackling this while camping the vendor for the sage.

Silent Oils (20-24)

This one sucks. Its really slow to get items needed. But if you farm Slime Oil and have a 60+ Alchemy make you Beeswax you will make good money =). If you still are having trouble with this, you can farm tonberry lanterns in the jungle and de-synth them (skill cap : 24 unfortunately) for slime oils.

Blinding Potion (24-27)

Synth this one in Lower Jeuno gobbie shop because the Poison Flour doesn't stack.

Eye Drops (23-30)

Kinda cheap synth you will break even or lose a little but you'll make it back later fast.

Artificial Lens (27-34)

Glass Fiber itself is expensive, so why not desynth Bugbear Masks, Goblin Masks, Moblin Masks and Tonberry Lanterns, making the synth much cheaper.

Potion (34-40)

This one is cheap and fast only problem is potions dont stack but they do sell fast and you will make money even if you buy the Lizard Tails at the Auction House

Vitriol (39-43)

This synth rules. It's so cheap. Just sell vitriol when done for 3k a stack.

Holy Water (43-51)

Easiest synth we have. You will make money if Light Crystals are under 5k a stack.

Sleeping Potion (50-56)

This one is my favorite because I couldn't believe they were 16k a stack and so cheap to make. Lower Jeuno Gobbie shop is your friend.

Cermet Chunk (51-56)

OMG this is expensive only do this if you farm them.

Cermet Chunk (51-58)

Again OMG expensive >.> same as above.

Cermet Chunk (51-60)

Again expensive make sure to have support till at least 5 levels from cap.

Hi-Potions (51-60)

With this synth you will make money but they don't stack. I did these and some Cermet Chunks to break it up a little all the way to 60 but I never bought Malboro Vine - I went to Ordelle's Caves and farmed the relevant monster, which drop 1-3 at a time.

Well Good Luck to anyone interested hope this guide helps.

Author: Izaacha