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«FFXI-Movie» Easterly Winds (Alternate)

Game Script

Easterly Winds - Ru'Lude Gardens
Pieuje: You have gathered here today at the request of the Kingdom of San d'Oria.

I thank you on behalf of the king.

Pieuje: This is the first time in history that an emergency summit of this nature has taken place.
The issue I lay before you is beyond the scope of a single nation...

Wolfgang: Prince Pieuje!
The adventurer you have permitted to attend the summit has arrived.

Pieuje: Thank you for coming, Player name.

Pieuje: Allow me to begin by explaining the events that have led to today's meeting.

Pieuje: It began when Player name, mercenary and adventurer, arrived at the gate of the Chateau d'Oraguille bearing a letter of extreme importance.

Pieuje: The contents of that letter prompted me to call the nations together...

Pieuje: It was penned by a sage known as Raillefal, and described in painstaking detail the current state of Aht Urhgan.

Volker: The Empire!?

Wolfgang: This is the same nation that has the port in a frenzy over mercenary recruitment...?

Pieuje: The very same.
I speak of the Near Eastern nation, the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

Pieuje: Aht Urhgan is now under pressure from three separate beastman armies, and Al Zahbi, the mighty capital itself, is in danger of falling.

Wolfgang: Great Altana...

Volker: The Silent Empire...

Volker: It was once called that.

Volker: You may have been too young to know this, Your Highness, but the rest of us should remember.

Shantotto: ...

Pieuje: I am aware of the term.

Pieuje: In the time of the Great War, the Empire possessed an army greater than the combined forces of the allied nations.

Pieuje: Yet not a single soldier was sent in response to calls for aid...

Volker: My apologies.
You are well versed in history.

Volker: But knowing this, you should also know that we have no obligation to lift even a finger for Aht Urhgan, no matter how serious her predicament.

Shantotto: Why, Volker, always so calm and cool.
You've grown hot and bothered, and your speech is most cruel.

Volker: You should understand, Doctor Shantotto.

Volker: You were there on that battlefield.
Who knows how much suffering could've been avoided if we'd had the help of the Empire...

Shantotto: On the contrary, my dear musketeer.
We owe them more than you can imagine, I fear.

Volker: What do you mean!?

Shantotto: Aht Urhgan has taken many countries under her yoke...

Shantotto: A ferocious nation that has even bared fangs at the Far Eastern folk.

Shantotto: Calling the Empire to help in our cause,
would be like freeing us from demons in return for dragon jaws.

Volker: That may be true, but even the close relationship Aht Urhgan had with Tavnazia...

Pieuje: That subject is not--

Volker: ...the issue here, I know.
Doctor Shantotto, why did Windurst open Mhaura's port to the Empire?

Shantotto: My nation's actions are none of your concern.

Shantotto: At least we have a backbone--when will Bastok learn...?

Volker: You go too far, Doctor Shantotto...

Pieuje: Enough!
I did not call you here to speak of possible troop contributions.

Wolfgang: Then why are we here, Your Highness?

Pieuje: Our main concern is the treasure thought to be at the center of this conflict--the Astral Candescence.

Volker: "Astral Candescence"?

Pieuje: It is described as some manner of musical instrument, but apparently is much more than that.

Pieuje: This instrument is said to produce a phenomenon known as the "Astral Wind," a breeze that blows from an unidentifiable source.

Pieuje: It creates a melody in a timbre unheard by mortal ears...

Wolfgang: I'm confused.
How can there be a melody if nothing can be heard...?

Shantotto: Astral Wind...

Volker: Hmph. This is very unusual, but I'm sure we've all seen stranger things before.

Shantotto: An unidentifiable source...

Volker: In Windurst there is no shortage of magical gadgets. Pens that write by themselves. Brooms that sweep on command...

Shantotto: A breeze...

Volker: I mean, they even have that Cardian band. That's similar, don't you think, Doctor Shantotto?

Shantotto: Astral...

Shantotto: Wind...

Volker: Doctor Shantotto?
Is everything alright?

Shantotto: !!!

Shantotto: Ohohohoho!

Shantotto: If it's automatic instruments you need,
our children make such things before they learn how to read!

Pieuje: The problem lies in the power of the wind.

Volker: The wind?

Pieuje: It envelops those close by, and fills them with a mysterious strength.
There are few who can resist the lure of this energy.

Pieuje: Even among the beastmen...

Volker: If the instrument is that dangerous, why not just give it to the beastmen, or smash it out of hand?

Pieuje: That is what common sense would tell us.
If it were up to an individual, or even an entire town...

Volker: What are you trying to say?

Pieuje: What if that decision lay in the hands of a nation?

Pieuje: Even if it posed a threat to your own citizens, if that treasure could one day be your salvation, would you not choose to protect it?

Wolfgang: How could a mere instrument hold that kind of power...?

Pieuje: The sage who composed this letter is afraid...

Pieuje: Afraid that this Astral Candescence will one day be the catalyst for a conflict to rival the Crystal War.

Wolfgang: No!

Volker: Prince Pieuje...
As a representative for an entire nation, you would do well not to throw those words around so lightly!

Pieuje: My apologies.
This is merely based on the conjecture of a sage.

Pieuje: Why don't we have Player name, who has seen and heard these things in person, give us his/her account?

Volker: ...

Wolfgang: We cannot make a decision based on this tale alone.

Wolfgang: A nation has a responsibility to maintain soldiers and weaponry for the defense of its people.

Wolfgang: And for a city in this situation, I would go so far as to say that some sort of secret weapon is almost a necessity.

Wolfgang: In any case, it doesn't seem that this Astral Candescence presents any immediate danger to the people of Al Zahbi.

Shantotto: I wouldn't say that was entirely true,
if you were me, and I were you.

Pieuje: Player name.
I came to a conclusion after you left the chateau.

Pieuje: I wish to hear your honest opinion.

Give Pieuje your honest opinion?
Yes. <----- Chose this option!

Pieuje: Excellent. I knew asking you here was the right decision.
I rely upon your vast experience as an adventurer.

Give Pieuje your honest opinion?
No. <----- Chose this option!

Pieuje: Ahaha. Only an adventurer would choose to jest in such company as this.

Pieuje: What is the Astral Candescence?

Pieuje: If it is such an important treasure, then why not secret it away inside the palace instead of placing it in the area most vulnerable to beastman attacks?

Pieuje: I sense some hidden purpose for this dangerous object...

Pieuje: Do you have any thoughts on the matter, Player name?

Any thoughts?
Sage Walahra... <----- Chose this option!
The Gordeus...
The Walahra Philosophy...
Not really...

Pieuje: Sage Walahra?
What manner of person is this?

Pieuje: ...I see.

Pieuje: The father of the Walahra Philosophy and an alchemist of great renown...

Pieuje: "I, alone, do not possess all the answers. Let us ponder the mysteries of the universe together.

Pieuje: "Shared knowledge is the shortest path to enlightenment..."

Pieuje: Hmm.
Not a philosophy that would appeal to my brother...

Wolfgang: Is Prince Trion somehow involved...?

Pieuje: Ah, forgive me. I was merely thinking aloud...

Any thoughts?
Sage Walahra...
The Gordeus... <----- Chose this option!
The Walahra Philosophy...
Not really...

Pieuje: The "Gordeus."
I have heard this name somewhere before...

Pieuje: What manner of person is this?

Pieuje: Not a person? So, it is a holy relic enshrined in Walahra Temple...

Pieuje: In the distant past, Sage Walahra once unraveled the Gordeus and grasped the fundamental principle of existence...

Pieuje: And now a host of like-minded scholars toil day and night to discover the same loose thread to unravel the Gordeus for themselves.

Pieuje: It appears the people of the Empire search for quite different truths than the ones we seek...

Any thoughts?
Sage Walahra...
The Gordeus...
The Walahra Philosophy... <----- Chose this option!
Not really...

Pieuje: The Walahra Philosophy?
What manner of learning is this?

Pieuje: What connection does this philosophy have to the Astral Candescence?

Pieuje: "From the void all things are born. To the void all things return."

Pieuje: I do not understand what this "void" they speak of refers to.

Pieuje: Though this philosophy is not so far from our own belief that all life begins and ends with Great Altana and the mothercrystals...

Any thoughts?
Sage Walahra...
The Gordeus...
The Walahra Philosophy...
Not really... <----- Chose this option!

Pieuje: Player name.
If you have nothing to contribute, then there is little point in you being here...

Shantotto: Ohohoho!
Too much time in the cathedral for Destin's little boy!
The mind is a tool you must sharpen, not a child's toy!

Pieuje: Do you mock me, Doctor Shantotto!?

Shantotto: You look for your answers in all the wrong places.
Shall I bring a little hope to your long, dreary faces?

Volker: What are you hiding, Shantotto?

Shantotto: The servants of Walahra control the Hall of Binding--the treasure's little nest.

Shantotto: The Hall of Binding is defended by the Serpent Generals--the best of the best!

Volker: The Serpent Generals?
A name I have heard. Each one is said to be worth a thousand soldiers.

Shantotto: The Astral Candescence is strictly monitored by the Walahra Temple, according to the adventurer's speech...

Shantotto: But the treasure is kept in an area that the beastmen can easily reach.

Shantotto: And there we find the Serpent Generals, the strongest of the strong...

Shantotto: Plus mercenaries like Player name to help them, if I'm not wrong?

Pieuje: Yes, there does seem to be some contradiction to be found here.

Shantotto: You see...

Shantotto: This is a huge game of "set the trap and wait."
And the Astral Candescence is the very tasty bait!

Pieuje: ...!

Volker: Of course!
Why didn't I see it?

Wolfgang: But wait.
This creates a whole new set of questions.
Why would they want the beastmen in the city?

Shantotto: There are some things that even I cannot divine.
It's time to sit back and wait for a sign.

Pieuje: But it does seem that this problem lies at the center of some grand plan.

Volker: Without concern for the people of Al Zahbi...

Wolfgang: We need more information.

Pieuje: Yes.
An individual of keen wits and sharp senses...

Pieuje: My lords, I have a suggestion.

Pieuje: Player name is employed as a mercenary in the Empire.

Pieuje: However, he/she is a distinguished adventurer, who will not sell his/her principles for a bag of gil.

Pieuje: I point to the safe delivery of the sage's letter as proof of his/her dedication.

Pieuje: A long journey without promise of reward.

Pieuje: And I am sure that all of you present have had numerous beneficial dealings with adventurers.

Pieuje: They have earned our trust and respect!

Pieuje: That is why I put forth the motion that we have Player name return to the Empire and fight as a mercenary.

Pieuje: We cannot allow any more blood to be spilled by beastmen, even should that blood belong to another nation's people.

Pieuje: And if Player name can improve his standing enough to bring him closer to the Imperial palace...

Pieuje: We may learn the ultimate goal of the Empire.

Volker: You'll find no argument here.
Adventurers have been the quiet heroes in many of Bastok's darker moments.

Shantotto: An idea that creates less work for us,
will not find me making a needless fuss!

Pieuje: How does the Duchy of Jeuno stand on this?

Wolfgang: In agreement.

Wolfgang: The linking of our auction house services has strengthened the ties between Jeuno and the Empire, but economical matters are superseded by politics...

Shantotto: All in favor...?

Pieuje: One moment.
As Raillefal warned, this problem is not likely to remain constrained with the borders of the Near East.

Pieuje: All the lands of Vana'diel, including our four nations...

Pieuje: "Urhguum" is the word for "world" in the language of Aht Urhgan, and this lurking threat could plunge it entirely into chaos.

Pieuje: We lay this mission before you, Player name.
Will you consent to take up this burden?

Take up the burden?
That's what I'm here for! <----- Chose this option!
What am I, a donkey?

Pieuje: You have our thanks, Player name.

Pieuje: Naturally, we will do all in our power to aid you in this task.

Pieuje: It is a trifling amount, but perhaps you might use this Aht Urhgan coin on your travels.

Take up the burden?
That's what I'm here for!
What am I, a donkey? <----- Chose this option!

Pieuje: An adventurer is free to choose his/her own path...

Pieuje: However, what I ask of you is for the sake of all Vana'diel.
I am sure that when the time comes, I can rely on you to perform your duty.

???: That treasure is more than simple bait....

???: An astral relic can and will seal your fate.

???: The Empress goes too far in her game.
I'm curious to see how it turns out, all the same...

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