Mission Name Nashmeira's Plea
Number ToAU 44
Start NPC Nashmeira - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Level Uncapped
Title Granted Preventer of Ragnarok
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Fangs of the Lion Ragnarok



  • All buffs except food will be removed upon entry. Assault bonuses apply for this battlefield. Alter egos can be summoned once inside.
  • Raubahn must be defeated three times. He will gain 50% immunity to the damage type (melee, magic, ranged) primarily used to defeat him on each of his previous lives.
    • If defeated twice with the same damage type, he will be fully immune to that type on his third life.
    • Formless Strikes, Twilight Scythe, and weaponskills using Murasamemaru will bypass his immunity.
    • Skillchain damage and elemental weaponskills count as magic damage.
  • Razfahd must be brought to 50% HP, where he will use Perfect Defense.
    • He does not move, turn or attack, but casts Light-based magic.
  • When both conditions are met you will get a cutscene. Alexander will appear at full health.

Game Description

Escort Nashmeira as she sets out to convince Razfahd to halt his radical plan. Head to Nyzul Isle and show your true mercenary mettle.

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