«FFXI-Movie» 0404 ToAU 42 - Path of Darkness

«FFXI-Movie» 0404 ToAU 42 - Path of Darkness

«FFXI-Movie» Path of Darkness (Optional)

«FFXI-Movie» Path of Darkness (Optional)

Game Script

Path of Darkness (pt.1) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Rodin-Comidin: Player name!

I heard the news from Lady Karababa!
You've had quite the adventure already, it seems!

Rodin-Comidin: Um...where is the King of Hearts?
I thought he was supposed to be with you...?

???: WatER iN*tHE baY!

???: SpLisHY-spLasHY*waTEr!♪

Rodin-Comidin: King of Hearts!?

Rodin-Comidin: Welcome, welcome!
So good to have you back in Al Zahbi!

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
LaDy*KaRabAbA, tHE KiNg*iS hErE aNd At*yoUR sERviCe!

Rodin-Comidin: Huh...?

King of Hearts: ThE KiNg*hAS coMe wiTH*a pREseNt foR*yOU.
A ToY*foR LaDy*KaRabAbA!

Rodin-Comidin: Um...King...?
Th-this device seems to be broken...and soaking wet.

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE!
A woNDerFuL*jESt, LaDy*KaRabAbA!

Rodin-Comidin: ...

Rodin-Comidin: A-and, I'm sorry to correct you, but you seem to have mistaken me for Lady Karababa.
I am Rodin-Comidin...

King of Hearts: Oho!

Rodin-Comidin: Oh...oh no...

Rodin-Comidin: Um, King of Hearts?
How exactly did you enter Al Zahbi?

King of Hearts: I caME iN*thROuGh tHE*poRt, LaDy*KaRabAbA.

Rodin-Comidin: Through the port...?
You mean, underwater!?

Rodin-Comidin: You've saturated your star fruit again!
You were designed to withstand a certain amount of moisture, but if you jump in the bay...

King of Hearts: I aM fuLLy*fuNCtiOnaL, LaDy*KaRabAbA!
FoR yOU, I*woULd JuMp thROuGh* fiRE, WatER, cHOcoLAte*pUddiNg...

King of Hearts: BuT wE*shoULd bE geTTiNg*bACk tO*tHE miSSioN!
HiDe aNd SeEK!*SeARcH aNd*dEStroY! LuZaF, LuZaF, hERe*wE cOMe!

Rodin-Comidin: W-well, you see, King...
Luzaf has been taken outside of the capital to another holding facility.

Rodin-Comidin: teach him humility?
(Might as well play the part...)

King of Hearts: A cHAnGe*oF pLaNS, LaDy*KaRabAbA?

Rodin-Comidin: Not to dear King.
We've taken care of everything.

Rodin-Comidin: Nyzul Isle in the Ruins of Alzadaal is his new location...

King of Hearts: ALZadaAL?

Rodin-Comidin: We have Travi--ah, Rodin-Comidin to thank for this information!
(This rhyming thing is hard--how does she keep it up...?)

King of Hearts: WoNdeRfuL*nEWs!
RoDin-CoMidiN iS*To bE*coMmeNDed!

Rodin-Comidin: Oho...hohoho.
Too right you are!
He's earned a shiny gold star!
(Oh dear, that was terrible...)

King of Hearts: TheN wE*muST mAkE*fOr NyZuL IsLe!
AnoTHeR diP*iN tHE*sPLishY-spLAshY waTEr!

Rodin-Comidin: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...
We can't take the King along with us in this state--he'll bring the entire Imperial Army down upon us.

King of Hearts: ArE yOU*reADy tO*Go, LaDy*KaRabAbA?

Rodin-Comidin: Oho...hohoho!
Just a moment, King of Hearts!
I'm just...going over the charts!

Rodin-Comidin: Player name.
I'll do my best to keep the King occupied and out of your way.

Rodin-Comidin: Unfortunately, that leaves you and you alone to break out Luzaf.
Do you think you can do it?

Can you rescue Luzaf alone?
Leave it to me!
Not likely... <----- Chose this option!

King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA?
NyZuL IsLE*iS tHiS*waY!

Rodin-Comidin: Ohohohoho!
Hold your chocobos, my feisty friend! need to rush to the end!

Rodin-Comidin: He's completely off his rocker!

Rodin-Comidin: Please, Player name, you're the only hope we have left.

Can you rescue Luzaf alone?
Leave it to me! <----- Chose this option!
Not likely...

Rodin-Comidin: I knew you'd come through for us, Player name!
Here, you'll need this.

Rodin-Comidin hands you a Nyzul Isle route!

Rodin-Comidin: This is the secret route Luzaf and his captors took through Nyzul Isle.

Rodin-Comidin: Travialce was almost killed obtaining this information, so don't let his effort go to waste by being careless.

King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA?
NyZuL IsLE*iS tHiS*waY!

Rodin-Comidin: Ohohohoho!
Please, King, one moment more...!

Rodin-Comidin: (Ah, I know!)
First, I believe I need something sweet before we undertake this chore!

King of Hearts: SweeTs*beFoRE tHE*miSsioN?

Rodin-Comidin: Yes! Yes, something tasty and sweet!
I think I recall a lovely shop just down that street...

King of Hearts: SWeeTs*aRe bESt*foR tHE weARy*SouL!

Rodin-Comidin: Phew...

Rodin-Comidin: Right then, Player name.
May Altana's fortune find you!

Path of Darkness (pt.2) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Abquhbah: Stop right there, Player name!

Only administration staff members are allowed to enter the president's office at this time.

Abquhbah: Hm?
Why the sudden restricted access?

Abquhbah: Well, about that...

Abquhbah: President Naja has ordered me to organize the mercenary assessment documents...and those contain classified information.

Abquhbah: A thousand pardons, but if you could just wait outside until the files are in order...?

Path of Darkness - Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
???: Letting the San d'Orial spy live was the right move, it seems...

Amnaf: It has all unfolded just as the Grand Vizier predicted.

Amnaf: And so you have come...

Amnaf: A pity.
I always respected you, Player name, but such are the twists of fate.

Amnaf: The Grand Vizier has decreed that your time on this stage has come to an end.

Amnaf: !?

Naja Salaheem: Hehehe.

Naja Salaheem: One, two, 50 Imperial gold pieces per...

Naja Salaheem: Player name!
This level of assistance just cost ya 150 Imperial gold pieces!

Amnaf: Naja! What is the meaning of this?

Naja Salaheem: That's what I'd like to know!

Naja Salaheem: This employee still has a pile of tuition fees to pay.
If I let him/her come to a messy end here, I'm losin' out on a lot of cash!

Amnaf: You worry for a few measly coins?
If you stand against me, your entire company is at stake.

Naja Salaheem: Ooh, I'm shakin' in my booties.
Need I rrremind ya that my company has the personal backing of the Emprrress?

Amnaf: Times have changed, foolish Mithra...

Naja Salaheem: My help is expensive, Player name.
Better take care of this quickly if ya don't wanna spend the rrrest of your life payin' it off!

Naja Salaheem: For the Sentinels!!!

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