Mission Name Path of Darkness
Number ToAU 42
Start NPC Rodin-Comidin - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-7)
Title Granted Naja's Comrade-in-arms
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Light of Judgment Fangs of the Lion



  • All buffs except food will be removed upon entry. Naja Salaheem will assist in the fight. Assault bonuses apply during the battle. Alter egos may be summoned upon entry.
  • Naja has about 1000 HP and can be buffed. If she dies, you will fail the mission.
    • She will pick a target at random. Pay attention to which enemy she is fighting, and keep her HP topped off at all times.
  • Upon engaging Amnaf, four Imperial Gears (single) will spawn.
    • Amnaf can be slept easily. The gears have high magical resistance.
    • When Amnaf reaches 50% HP, she will warp away. The gears will remain.
  • On the second engagement, Amnaf will summon four Imperial Gears (triple).
    • When Amnaf reaches 25% HP, she will warp away. The gears will remain.
  • Thirdly, Amnaf will become a Soulflayer at 100% HP.

Game Description

Using the map given to you by Rodin-Comidin, find a route through Nyzul Isle and rescue the captured Luzaf!

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