«FFXI-Movie» 0403 ToAU 41 - Light of Judgment

«FFXI-Movie» 0403 ToAU 41 - Light of Judgment

Game Script

Light of Judgment (pt.1) - Ru'Lude Gardens
Pherimociel: What is it?

Do I look like a tour guide?

Pherimociel: !!!

Pherimociel: Ah! My apologies!
You're here for the Wajaom Infiltration Operation, correct?

Pherimociel: The airship Endymion is being prepared for flight.

Light of Judgment (pt.2) - Ru'Lude Gardens
Pherimociel: The airship Endymion is all fueled up and going through a final flight check.

Pherimociel: Are you ready for deployment, Player name?

Are you ready?
Not yet. <----- Chose this option!

Pherimociel: Understood.
I have orders from Sir Wolfgang to hold the Endymion at port until you are aboard.

Pherimociel: Please inform me when your preparations are complete.

Are you ready?
Ready. <----- Chose this option!
Not yet.

Pherimociel: Very well.
Please continue into the courtyard.

Pherimociel: The other members of your team are assembled and waiting.
Everyone except your mission leader...Naji, was it?

King of Hearts: Player name!
It iS gOoD to*seE yOu. Do*yoU rEmEmbEr*tHe KiNg?

King of Hearts: I muST*aPoLogiZE foR My*aCTioNs LAst*tiME We mET.

King of Hearts: I hAvE bEEn*rePaiREd aT tHE maNusTErY,*aNd wiLL nO*LoNGer bE*sO erRAtiC.

King of Hearts: As reCOmpEnsE, I*hErEbY pROmoTe*yOU to PRoViSionAL*JaCk rAnk!

Naji: Wow, you all got here fast...

Naji: Or am I a little late?

King of Hearts: YoU aRe*LAte, TeAM LeaDEr*NaJi!

Naji: My apologies.
I brought a secret weapon from Bastok, and had a devil of a time getting it unwrapped...

King of Hearts: SEcrEt*weAPoN?
TheRE aRe*nO sEcrEts aMOnG*thIS tEAm!

Naji: Eh? Oh, fine then.

Naji: This is an astral detection device designed by Chief Engineer Cid.

Naji: I don't really understand how it works exactly, but apparently it will help us zone in on the general location of Luzaf or the iron colossus.

King of Hearts: We dO NoT*rEquiRE aNy*sUCh ToY.
YoU hAVe*acCEsS tO tHE*LatESt tEChnoLOgY*fROm wiNDurSt.

Naji: Toys? That's rich, coming from an overgrown spinning top.

King of Hearts: HoW daRE*yOU adDReSs*tHE KiNg iN*sUCh a mANneR!

Bataumnalle: Enough of this prattling.
We are not here for fun and games. If preparations have been made, then I suggest we move out.

Naji: Wait up, Player name. I'm on strict orders from Captain Volker to stick by your side at all times!

King of Hearts: PRoViSionAL*JaCk! Do nOT LEaVe*yoUR KiNg*bEHiNd!

Naji: Do I have your attention, Player name?
I'll go over the mission again for your sake--I have the details memorized, of course.

Naji: The Endymion will touch down in the waters of the Sicklemoon Straits, and we'll travel north under the cover of darkness. Once we reach the coast of the Wajaom Woodlands, our ground team will disembark.

Naji: We then don our mercenary disguises and slip into Al Zahbi unnoticed and rendezvous with Rohin...Robin...

King of Hearts: RoDin-CoMidiN!
We reNDezVOus*wiTH RoDin-CoMidiN*in AhT UrHGaN*wHiteGAte!

Naji: Ah yes, that was the name... are you supposed to sneak in, King?

King of Hearts: I wiLL MeLt*iNTo tHE crOWd*wiTH mY mASterY*oF mERceNArY*TerMinoLOgy!

King of Hearts: ObSerVe:
PLeaSe sENd*teLL!

Naji: Oookay...
Well, don't worry, Player name, I've got your back!

Horand: Ten degrees to starboard.
What in the...?

Bataumnalle: Great Altana!
That light!

Horand: Wha-! Aaargh!!!

Naji: Wh-what's going on out there!?

Luzaf: Hm...?

Nasshawan: No tricks!
Keep moving, slug!

Luzaf: The Age...of at hand...

Light of Judgment - Wajaom Woodlands
Ghatsad: Incredible.

You were able to shoot down that airship from an amazing distance moments after we had detected it...

Razfahd: To be honest, I hadn't even made visual contact. A dot appeared on the control panel display...

Razfahd: I merely moved the targeting reticule over the dot and pulled the trigger.

Ghatsad: Amazing...
I put this device together with my own hands but there are still so many functions I have yet to understand.
It's actually a little embarrassing.

Razfahd: Do not let it concern you, Ghatsad.
Most importantly, we have confirmed that the colossus will follow my commands.
Did you witness that power!?

Razfahd: We have realized the thousand-year ambition of our ancestors and once again harnessed the divine might of Alexander.

Ghatsad: Yes, Grand Vizier. All of Urhguum will bow to the authority of the Empire.

Razfahd: Our nation will finally have the undisputed peace it deserves...

Amnaf: Your pardon, Grand Vizier.
I come with word of the Empress...

Razfahd: Speak.

Amnaf: Sir.
Lady Nashmeira has fled the palace.

Amnaf: As per your orders, we did nothing to stop her...

Razfahd: Hmph, so her apparent docility was nothing more than an act.
Her destination?

Amnaf: We...we lost her...

Razfahd: Ahahahaha.
She managed to elude the Immortals?

Amnaf: My most abject apologies, Grand Vizier.
We have soldiers combing every ilm of the capital. We will find her.

Razfahd: Let her go.

Amnaf: But, sir...

Razfahd: Nashmeira has lost the absolute authority of her position as well as her two closest companions in the space of a week--her emotional strength will be sorely tested.

Razfahd: If she cannot overcome this trial, I fear she will not be fit to serve the Empire in any case.

Amnaf: Sir...

Razfahd: There are more important matters that demand our attention. We must first focus our efforts on rooting out the rebellious elements within our own walls.

Razfahd: Raubahn.
What is the situation with Luzaf?

Raubahn: Sir. He is being transferred to the facility in question, as you ordered.

Razfahd: Good.
Once he has been...dealt with....I will make a proclamation to the people.

Raubahn: Then, the time has come...

Razfahd: Yes. We shall unleash Alexander to defeat the Dark Rider, and then proceed to overpower our rival nations.

Razfahd: I assume there are no objections to that plan?

Amnaf: There is one small detail concerning the transfer of the prisoner, Luzaf...

Razfahd: Explain.

???: Player name...

Naji: Hey! Player name!
Are you okay!?

King of Hearts: He/ShE LivES!
I wAS aBouT*to bRiNg oUT*tHE rePAiR kiT!

Naji: You were a bit banged up, but nothing serious, it seems.
Jumping over the side was the right decision. The ones that stayed on the ship weren't so lucky...

Naji: I'll check the wreck for survivors.

Naji: You and the King should continue with the mission. After what happened here, I don't think we have any time to lose.

Naji: Leave the wounded to me--Musketeer training includes a thorough course in first aid.

Naji: Ah, I almost forgot.

Naji: You better take this device, King.
Give my best to Rohin-Codimin!

King of Hearts: TeAM LeAdEr*NaJi...

King of Hearts: OuR coNTacT's*naME is RoDiN-CoMidiN...

King of Hearts: AnD tHis*toY iS bRokEN.

King of Hearts: BuT nO*mAttER.
ThE KiNg*iS tHE peRfeCt*caRdiAN!

King of Hearts: ComE, PRoViSionAL*JaCk!
We mAKe*haSTe fOR AL*ZaHBi!

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