«FFXI-Movie» 0401 ToAU 39 - Allied Rumblings

«FFXI-Movie» 0401 ToAU 39 - Allied Rumblings

Game Script

Allied Rumblings - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
???: Wha-wha-what!?

Rodin-Comidin: How-how-how!?

Rodin-Comidin: Fine!
I'll visit the Grand Duke Palace myself!

Travialce: Rodin-Comidin.
Perhaps you might consider lowering your voice...?

Rodin-Comidin: How can you be so calm?

Rodin-Comidin: War is about to engulf us!

???: Hey! Would you put a sock in it and let me finish!?

Rodin-Comidin: You can't blame a spy for getting excited...

Naji: As I was saying, Ayame has reported that the council hasn't reached a conclusion yet--they've just decided to call a recess.

Travialce: The council has continued long past its scheduled duration, and now this recess...?
Have they made so little progress?

Naji: How should I know?
No one tells me anything.
Why don't you ask Ayame the next time you see her?

Naji: Besides, I'm here on orders from the captain.

Rodin-Comidin: Well, well. Some super-secret state business?

Naji: Um, well, not exactly...

Naji: I'm trying to find a mercenary by the name of Player name.
He's/She's supposed to be attending the council.

Naji: Ayame said one of you might know where he/she is.

Naji: What's so damn funny?
If you've got something to say to me, then come right out and say it!

Travialce: Of course.
If anyone would have a more intimate understanding of the state of the Empire than us, it would be Player name.

Naji: Great.
Now where do I find him/her?

Rodin-Comidin: You can't expect us to just spill information on the ground like so many beans, Mister Naji...

Rodin-Comidin: !!!

Naji: !?

Travialce: Player name.
Excellent timing.

Naji: So, here's the official summons with your name in bold.
Go on, take it.

Naji hands you an Allied Council Summons!

Naji: And my work is done.
Off with you to the Grand Duke Palace!

Rodin-Comidin: Hm? You're not escorting Player name to Jeuno?

Naji: Me? I'm no babysitter.
Besides, I have something else to attend to while I'm here.

Naji: See you at the palace, Player name!

Naji: Right!

Naji: Now where's this place that's always under siege by the beastmen...?

Naji: It's time for some action!

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