«FFXI-Movie» 0399 ToAU 37 - Path of Blood

«FFXI-Movie» 0399 ToAU 37 - Path of Blood

Game Script

Path of Blood (pt.1) - Hazhalm Testing Grounds
Nashmeira: How curious...

The fire burns fiercely, and yet makes no sound...

Luzaf: This blaze is not of Urhguum.

Luzaf: If there were no illumination of this world present, this conflagration would completely escape your mortal gaze...

Luzaf: It is a flame of the underworld.

Ovjang: Oho.
Why, it's not even hot...

Luzaf: Stay back!

Luzaf: This flame produces no heat, but it will scorch your soul, and consume your flesh...

Luzaf: Assuming a construct such as you had a soul...or flesh.

Luzaf: Great Odin!

Luzaf: Sovereign of darkness and battle, lord of the underworld!

Luzaf: Your humble servant Luzaf stands on the threshold of your domain.

Nashmeira: Ah...didn't the Imperial Army seal off the entrance to the underworld?

Flit: The rules of time and space don't apply equally to this world and that, Miss.

Flit: By rights, this rent in the curtain between the two worlds, this...dimensional hiccup...shouldn't even exist.

Flit: No being, from either reality, has the art to mend such a fluke of fortune.

Mnejing: I...see...

Flit: Throwing a bunch of laboratory nasties in the path of potential meddlers was about the best they could do.

Flit: Ain't that right, Boss?

Luzaf: Silence.

Luzaf: The manifestation begins...

Mnejing: Wh-what...what's happening?

Nashmeira: Ngh...this wind!

Nashmeira: Aaahhh!!!

Luzaf: Aphmau!

Luzaf: Are you harmed!?

Flit: Boss!

Flit: Forget the girl.
Do you want Lord Odin to arrive without the warm welcome of his servant?

Luzaf: Flit!
You knew this would happen!

Flit: Great Odin, Lord of the Underworld!

Flit: I trust Your Malevolence is well?

Luzaf: ...

Flit: Look lively, Boss!

Flit: We don't want to offend His Maliciousness, now, do we?

Luzaf: Aphmau...forgive me.

Odin: Art thou the one who summoned me?

Luzaf: Yes, my lord.

Odin: Speak thy mind.

Luzaf: Great Odin, Devourer of Light!

Luzaf: I wish to know the time that remains to me.

Odin: Hast thou sated thy rage?

Luzaf: Rage? What rage is this?

Flit: C'mon, Boss!
Stick with the program!

Flit: Your rage towards the Empire!

Luzaf: No, not sated...

Luzaf: My rage...
My rage has subsided.

Odin: Hast thou sated thy rage?

Luzaf: ?

Luzaf: Great Odin.

Luzaf: I have uncovered a purpose more deserving than simple revenge.

Luzaf: The descendants of Ephramad.

Luzaf: I wish to devote the remainder of my existence to building a kingdom in which they can live without fear of persecution.

Luzaf: That is now my driving desire.

Luzaf: And so I ask for time...time to act freely.

Flit: Well ain't that a sweet idea.

Odin: Hast thou sated thy rage?

Luzaf: I...I do not understand.

Flit: Hee hee, hee hee.

Flit: Didn't I tell you, Boss?

Flit: You've already made your pact.
The contract is sealed and signed.

Luzaf: ...

Flit: You will become the next incarnation of the Dark Rider--whether you're ready or not.

Luzaf: The next incarnation...?
The terms of the pact--

Flit: Are non-negotiable.

Flit: But I'll let you in on a secret, Boss.
Before you are completely consumed by the essence of the rider...

Flit: ...there is a period when you will retain free will.

Luzaf: And how am I to fulfill this pact?

Flit: Well, that's simple.

Flit: All you gotta do is remember.

Flit: Remember how your people suffered and perished at the merciless hands of the Empire.

Flit: I'm sure the memories are still crystal-clear for you.

Flit: You just gotta hurl that big, venomous ball of rage...

Flit: her!

Luzaf: ...

Path of Blood (pt.2) - Hazhalm Testing Grounds
Nashmeira: Ugh...

Flit: Now's your chance!
Look! She's defenseless!

Flit: In any case, she's taken the full force of the Astral Wind...

Flit: It'd be kinder to just put an end to her--the sooner the better.

Luzaf: ...

Flit: That's right, Boss!
Quick and painless!

Luzaf: Flit. There is something I would know.

Luzaf: This mercenary of Aphmau's...Player name.
You are certain he/she oversees the security of the treasure?

Flit: What? Why does that matter at a time like this?

Flit: Yes, I'm certain.
C'mon, Boss, I showed you the blip on the tracker, didn't I?

Luzaf: Besides the one I entrusted to Player name, the only other percipient eye that exists in this world is the one that you hold. There are no others?

Flit: No, Boss, just the two.
Why would I lie to you?

Luzaf: Then show me the one you hold now.

Flit: see...
There's more important...

Flit: I mean, just look at the tracker. Right smack in the middle of Talacca Cove. The mercenary is right where he's/she's supposed to be.

Luzaf: So he/she is...

Luzaf: Right where he/she is supposed to be...

Luzaf: Traitorous imp!

Flit: What!?

Flit: Boss! No, I--

Nashmeira: !!!

Luzaf: The code of the corsair is not to be taken lightly...

Luzaf: Great Odin, hear my words!

Luzaf: Are you even hearing my words!?

Odin Prime: Hast thou sated thy rage?

Luzaf: It appears not...

Nashmeira: Luzaf...

Luzaf: Player name.

Luzaf: I must bring an end to this.
Aphmau is in your charge.

Luzaf: She is, she is Ephramad's light in the darkness.

Nashmeira: What...what's happening!?

Luzaf: If this is the incarnation...

Luzaf: ...I will fight until the true deity is dragged into this realm!

Luzaf: !?

Luzaf: No...!

Odin Prime: Ahahahahahaha!

Odin Prime: Sate thy rage!

Odin Prime: Thou shalt become my knight.

Odin Prime: Thou shalt serve as mine arm in the Age of Judgment, until Alexander once again lies in ruins!

Nashmeira: Luzaf!

Flit: Hee hee...hee...

Flit: D-Dark...<cough>...Rider...
Flit...<splutter> your...service...

Flit: Your will is...<cough> command...

Flit: Hee hee, hee hee, hee hee...

Nashmeira: Luzaf!

Luzaf: I am...I am fine...

Nashmeira: Your injuries!?

Luzaf: They do not pain me...
I feel no pain at all...

Nashmeira: !!!

Luzaf: Impeccable timing, Player name.
Your arrival allowed me to see through Flit's deception.

Ovjang: Oho!
Player name to the rescue again!

Nashmeira: Thank you, Player name.

Luzaf: Aphmau, you are able to walk?

Nashmeira: Yes.
That wind blew with such a familiar melody...

Nashmeira: It reminded me of the gentle breeze that always stirs the air around the Gordeus...

Nashmeira: I think I'll be just fine.

Mnejing: Where do we go from here?

Luzaf: If what Flit said was true, we have a short period of grace.

Luzaf: But I suggest we hurry while my will is still my own.

Nashmeira: Hurry to do what?

Luzaf: To destroy the iron colossus...before your brother reactivates it.

Nashmeira: Destroy it!?
But, the iron giant is--

Luzaf: The savior of the Empire?
It may be as you say.

Luzaf: But should the fully manifested incarnation of Odin clash with the iron might of Alexander...

Nashmeira: !!!

Nashmeira: The Age of Judgment.
With the victor deciding the laws of justice...

Luzaf: Yes.
If such laws would have meaning in the desolate wasteland sure to be left in the aftermath of the conflict.

Luzaf: We must prevent this battle at all costs.

Luzaf: After the colossus is rendered harmless, you must then turn your attention to me...

Luzaf: !?

Salabwahn: A-Admiral. must flee!
The I-Immortals...

Salabwahn: Ugh!

Razfahd: Most impressive, little sister.

Nashmeira: Razfahd!

Razfahd: You have aided us in the capture of both the Dark Rider and a foreign spy all in one fell swoop.

Luzaf: We don't have time for this...

Razfahd: Have a care, Luzaf the Blackheart.

Razfahd: Or should I now call you "Dark Rider"?

Razfahd: The crew members you had hidden throughout Hazhalm are all in our custody.

Razfahd: Not to mention the descendants of Ephramad that followed the rumors of your presence here.

Razfahd: I would hate to have to spill the blood of Imperial matter how unwillingly they serve.

Luzaf: ...

Nashmeira: ...!

Razfahd: Take him away.

Razfahd: Use the astral bonds we prepared. Keep on your guard.

Wharudu: Sir.

Nashmeira: ...

Kalgahn: Move!

Luzaf: Aphmau...
Empress Nashmeira.
Is this the treatment I can expect from your nation?

Luzaf: Has nothing changed over the last two hundred years!

Nashmeira: Wait! We command you to release this man!

Wharudu: Y-Your Magnificence...

Razfahd: Ignore her.
Be on your way!

Nashmeira: Does our authority mean nothing!?

Razfahd: Listen to me, Nashmeira.
You have abandoned your government, and consorted with enemies of the state.

Razfahd: As Grand Vizier, I have declared that the Mark of Zahak, the symbol of absolute Imperial power, is no longer yours to wield.

Nashmeira: You cannot!

Razfahd: Your authority no longer exists.

Nashmeira: Do you betray the Empress? Betray your own sister!?

Razfahd: Betray you?
You are in no position to speak of betrayal.

Razfahd: Player name.

Nashmeira: ?

Razfahd: Don't you think it's about time you told my fool of a sister the truth?

Razfahd: Told her who you truly work for?

Nashmeira: Who he/she truly works for...?

Nashmeira: What are you talking about?
Player name works for me!

Razfahd: You continue to deceive yourself...

Razfahd: The only reason Player name stays close to you is to fulfill his/her duties as a spy.

Nashmeira: ...

Nashmeira: No, you are the one who is deceiving himself...

Nashmeira: You understand nothing about Luzaf's spirit...or Player name's heart!

Nashmeira: (Listen to me, Player name...)

Nashmeira: (You must take this to Salaheem's Sentinels.)

Nashmeira hands Player name a luminian dagger!

Nashmeira: We all have our masks!

Nashmeira: I hid my true identity from Player name...

Nashmeira: But even so, he/she still came to my rescue.

Amnaf: (Shall I stop the automaton from casting?)

Razfahd: Let her play her hand.

Razfahd: Tell your master this, Player name:

Razfahd: The game is over.
It is time to submit to the power of the Empire.

Nashmeira: Don't let them catch you, Player name!

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