«FFXI-Movie» 0398 ToAU 36 - Gaze of the Saboteur

«FFXI-Movie» 0398 ToAU 36 - Gaze of the Saboteur

Game Script

Gaze of the Saboteur (pt.1) - Talacca Cove
Gessho: !?

Gessho: I knew a Salaheem's Sentinel would be coming...

Gessho: I only hoped it would not be you, Player name.
It truly is unfortunate.

Gessho: I have sincerely enjoyed our camaraderie during my mercenary career.

Gessho: You have my utmost respect and gratitude.

Gessho: However, fate decrees that we meet as enemies this day.

Gessho: No, nothing is certain anymore...

Gessho: Defend yourself!

Gaze of the Saboteur (pt.2) - Talacca Cove
Gessho: I expected nothing less from you, Player name...

Gessho: Yet I cannot...
I cannot fail...

Gessho: Ugh...
I am defeated...

Gessho: But to fall to a warrior such as you, Player name...
I enter Death's hall without shame.

Gessho: I ask a final mercy of you, Player name.

Gessho: Will you strike the final blow that sends me to the afterlife?

Strike the final blow?
Gladly. <----- Chose this option!
I have questions...

Gessho: You are honorable.

Gessho: May my soul return to the fields of my homeland.

Gessho: ...

Gessho: My tale has reached an end.
I await my fate.

Gessho: ...

Gessho: Why do you not strike?

Strike the final blow?
I have questions... <----- Chose this option!

Gessho: The defeated general speaks not of tactics.

Gessho: No further words shall escape my beak.

Gessho: ...

Gessho: Hehehe.
Your gentle spirit betrays you, mighty Player name. You are as much a scholar as a soldier...

Gessho: Do the questions in your mind so clamor for answers?

Gessho: It seems I must first clear the haze that surrounds my actions.

Gessho: Hehehe...
The Gessho you thought you knew is, in truth...

Gessho: ...a Far Eastern spy!

Gessho: ...

Gessho: Are you shaken by my true identity?

Are you shaken?
To the core! <----- Chose this option!
Not particularly...

Gessho: As well you should be.

Gessho: We have always dealt in good faith--I apologize for the deception.

Are you shaken?
To the core!
Not particularly... <----- Chose this option!

Gessho: I must admit to some embarrassment.
This guise was meant to be flawless.

Gessho: It appears my espionage skills are not as developed as I had thought...

Gessho: It was one year and several months past...

Gessho: I received my orders directly from the Mikado, and departed the islands of the Far East.

Gessho: My prime concern was to ascertain the truth behind a report that the Empire was developing a strategy to break the stalemate on the frontline of the war, and to sabotage any such strategy found to exist.

Gessho: Thinking the enemy of my enemy to be my friend, I forged an alliance with the fearsome beastmen of this region.

Gessho: But as ill fortune would have it, they knew little of the Empire's plans beyond the Astral Candescence and the role of the automatons...

Gessho: The beastmen of Aht Urhgan were as ferociously powerful as I had anticipated, but their methods were brutal and unsophisticated.
There were few among them in which I could place my trust.

Gessho: And their assaults on the innocent citizens of Al Zahbi were more than I could countenance...

Gessho: I had to look elsewhere for allies.

Gessho: And I had found one in the form of Admiral Luzaf, the leader of those abominations, and a being we have faced before in battle.

Gessho: But I misspeak. The corsairs are not the abominations here.

Gessho: After an honest and extensive conversation with the admiral, I found him to be a most attentive and honorable man.

Gessho: Admiral Luzaf grasped my hand and said thus:

Gessho: "Let yesterday's quarrels be forgotten as we stand together against the might of the Empire."

Gessho: Through his diminutive vassal, Master Flit, Admiral Luzaf also promised a sizeable contribution from the recovered Ephramadian treasure to ease the suffering of my battered, war-torn homeland.

Gessho: Now his generous offer of aid shall never reach those shores...

Gessho: I have failed in my promise to Master Flit...
The contents of the treasury shall fall into the hands of an Imperial agent.

Gessho: Ah, I do not hold any anger towards you, Player name.

Gessho: You have but acted out of love for your nation, and to protect those you care about. Is this not true?

Explain your circumstances?
Lay it on the table.
Keep it to yourself. <----- Chose this option!

Gessho: I have revealed all.

Gessho: And now there is something I wish to ask before my demise.

Gessho: How were you able to uncover this cunningly concealed treasure?

Explain your circumstances?
Lay it on the table. <----- Chose this option!
Keep it to yourself.

Gessho: This is an unexpected turn of events.

Gessho: While I am given leave to take this bounty, you, Player name, are ordered to protect it.

Gessho: I do not believe Admiral Luzaf would play us false...
His passion and valor are no act.

Gessho: That would leave the possibility that Master Flit acted under his own initiative.

Gessho: Why would he scheme to send you away from Luzaf's side, to presumably be slain by me...?

Gessho: I believe I have the answer!

Gessho: Luzaf's proposed journey to the Hazhalm Testing Grounds plays right into Master Flit's nasty little claws.

Gessho: With Lady Aphmau's guardian off on a fool's errand, there are none to prevent harm from coming to her Imperial person.

Gessho: Player name!
As one who also walks in shadow, I could imagine such manipulation from an underworld being like Flit.

Gessho: Your little master's life is in danger.

Gessho: I swear to you by the heavens and the earth, I will not lay a talon on this treasure.

Gessho: You must make all haste to Lady Aphmau's side!
To Hazhalm!

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