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***'''Hane Fubuki''' (''Feather Storm''; Ranged attack and [[Poison (Status Effect)|Poison]]
***'''Hane Fubuki''' (''Feather Storm''; Ranged attack and [[Poison (Status Effect)|Poison]]
***'''Shiko no Mitate''' (''Parry''; Defense Boost)
***'''Shiko no Mitate''' (''Parry''; Defense Boost)
***'''Shibaraku''' (''Sweep''; 500-1200 [[AOE]] damage and [[Stun (Status Effect)|Stun]])
***'''Shibaraku''' (''Sweep''; 500-1500 [[AOE]] damage and [[Stun (Status Effect)|Stun]] Not blockable by shadows)
***'''Rinpyotosha''' (''Howl''; Warcry)
***'''Rinpyotosha''' (''Howl''; Warcry)
***'''Happobarai''' ([[AOE]] attack)
***'''Happobarai''' ([[AOE]] attack)

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  Mission Name:   ToAUM-35: Legacy of the Lost
  Start NPC:   
  Requirements:   Treasures of Aht Urhgan
  Key Item: Percipient Eye
  Suggested Level:   6 Members, level 75
  Title:   Gessho's Mercy
  Repeatable:   No
  Previous Mission:   Testing the Waters
  Next Mission:   Gaze of the Saboteur


Talacca Cove

  • Examine the Rock Slab.
  • 6 members will enter a BCNM against Gessho.
    • You have 30 minutes to complete the battlefield.
    • BCNM is classified as level capped, buffs will wear upon entering.
    • Uses standard Ninjutsu spells, ranged attacks, and Mijin Gakure.
    • Some of his TP moves are renamed Yagudo special attacks. All of his TP moves are as follows:
      • Hiden Sokyaku (Double Kick; Knockback)
      • Hane Fubuki (Feather Storm; Ranged attack and Poison
      • Shiko no Mitate (Parry; Defense Boost)
      • Shibaraku (Sweep; 500-1500 AOE damage and Stun Not blockable by shadows)
      • Rinpyotosha (Howl; Warcry)
      • Happobarai (AOE attack)
    • Periodically teleports around the arena.
      • Usually uses one of his TP abilities upon reappearing.
    • Spawns 3-6 weak clones of himself, trigger condition unknown, each clone has 2,000 HP.
      • Clones can use Gessho's special abilities and Ninjutsu.
      • Clones de-spawn after 10-20 seconds. They share their initial target with the original but hate is not linked.
      • The clones seem to use Mijin Gakure in conjunction with Gessho himself. The clones do not stay alive long enough to Mijin Gakure if they are allowed to de-spawn. It is suggested to cease dealing damage to Gessho until the clones de-spawn preventing Mijin Gakure being triggered.
      • The clones will also ue TP attcks and/or Ninjutsu in conjunction with the origional, regardless of thier TP.
  • He seems to Mijin Gakure around 20% health.
  • He gives up around 15% health.
  • He has an incredibly slow regeneration rate while unclaimed, but it seems to speed up over time. He will typically be fully healed in the time it takes a party to reraise and unweaken.
  • Note: If you have already successfully completed this mission, it is not necessary to return to the cutter or obtain another coin. Instead, go to Nashmau and take the west exit. Zone to Talacca Cove and go west following the south wall. In the north west corner you will find the Rock Slab where you enter the BCNM.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have been ordered to guard the treasury of Ephramad. But first, you must find the hidden treasury, concealed somewhere inside Talacca Cove...
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