«FFXI-Movie» 0397 ToAU 35 - Legacy of the Lost

«FFXI-Movie» 0397 ToAU 35 - Legacy of the Lost

«FFXI-Movie» Legacy of the Lost (Failure)

«FFXI-Movie» Legacy of the Lost (Failure)

Game Script

Legacy of the Lost (pt.1) - Arrapago Reef
???: Mwahahahaha...

Fhu Madihmin: You have returned to this haunted place...
Such bravery.

Fhu Madihmin: But you do not possess an Ephramadian gold coin...

Fhu Madihmin: Without the fare, I will not put my cutter out to you see?

Fhu Madihmin: Farewell...

Legacy of the Lost (pt.2) - Arrapago Reef
???: Mwahahahaha...

Fhu Madihmin: You have returned to this haunted place...
Such bravery.

Fhu Madihmin: You seek to make another foray into the Coffin, black and foreboding...?

Do you wish passage to the Black Coffin?
I do.
Not at this time. <----- Chose this option!

Fhu Madihmin: Without the fare, I will not put my cutter out to you see?

Fhu Madihmin: Farewell...

Do you wish passage to the Black Coffin?
I do. <----- Chose this option!
Not at this time.

Fhu Madihmin: The Ephramadian gold coin you hold will pay your fare...

Fhu Madihmin: Mwahahahaha...

Fhu Madihmin: My cutter will bear you to seek...

Fhu Madihmin: Farewell...

Flit: What are you gonna do with her, Boss?

Luzaf: ...

Flit: His Maleficence awaits.
Off with the girl, and let's get on with the ceremony in Hazhalm.

Ovjang: We are done, Admiral!

Flit: Tired of cleaning already?
That's what you get for sending a snob to do a swab's job...

Aphmau: You do us a disservice, Master Flit.
The deck is swept and scrubbed!

Ovjang: Aphmau was only supervising, though...

Aphmau: Ovjang! Shhh!

Flit: Well, then. For your next chore...

Luzaf: Enough, Flit!

Luzaf: I must speak with our guests in private.

Ovjang: Oho!
The Admiral desires our exclusive company!

Flit: B-but, we weren't done talk--

Luzaf: Flit.
Do not make me repeat myself.

Flit: Aye aye, Cap'n.
You're the boss.

Aphmau: are you feeling?

Luzaf: Much recovered.

Luzaf: I was told you stayed at my bedside throughout the night.

Luzaf: I am grateful.

Aphmau: It was nothing...

Aphmau: But that you know...

Luzaf: That you are the Empress?

Aphmau: Yes.

Luzaf: In the past, you would already lie slain at my feet.

Aphmau: !!!

Luzaf: Do not be concerned.

Luzaf: Such a petty act of vengeance no longer stirs my heart.

Aphmau: Luzaf...

Luzaf: I was once the Crown Prince of Ephramad.

Luzaf: My kingdom was destroyed by the Empire of Aht Urhgan while I studied in distant lands...

Luzaf: I would not yield to the Imperial conquerors, and forged the remnants of the Ephramadian navy into a rebel force--the corsairs.

Luzaf: Our battles with the Empire raged day after day...

Luzaf: And then during the course of a single night, the entire corsair fleet was annihilated at the hands of Lamiae as the ships slept in port--Lamiae under the control of the Imperial Army.

Luzaf: The Black Coffin--the only ship to escape the slaughter--was ambushed by Imperial war galleys and sent to the ocean floor...

Luzaf: That is the story of my death...

Aphmau: Then you really are...dead? A ghost?

Luzaf: A ghost...
I suppose that I am.

Aphmau: But, you appear as a living being. Solid to the touch...

Luzaf: I don't think you could call this existence "living".

Aphmau: What do you mean?

Luzaf: Even now, I am irrevocably chained to the underworld.

Aphmau: Does this have something to do with that shadow in Periqia?

Luzaf: The shadow?
Yes, that form will be my fate. As ordained by Odin, my immortal lord...

Aphmau: The form of the Dark Rider...?

Luzaf: You miss little, I see.

Luzaf: As the violent throes of the battered Black Coffin threw me over the side and I sank into the dark, cold waters of oblivion, I made a plea to the dark god...

Luzaf: "Great Odin, guardian of the Kingdom of Ephramad, I beseech thee...

Luzaf: "If it is but one swing of my blade, grant me the chance for revenge."

Luzaf: It was then that Odin appeared before me.

Aphmau: !!!

Luzaf: He spoke to me thus:
"When the Age of Judgement draws near, I shall grant thy wish...

Luzaf: "But once thy revenge is complete, thou shalt destroy mine enemy...Alexander."

Aphmau: Alexander...

Aphmau: The legendary savior who will be reborn in the body of the iron giant in the hour of the Empire's greatest need...

Luzaf: I am aware of the legend.
It is the reason I forged this pact--the chance for revenge against the Empire. The desire consumed my very being...

Luzaf: The next time I awoke, I found myself upon the deck of the Black Coffin, afloat at sea.

Luzaf: It was if I had merely slept, albeit for long years...

Aphmau: Two hundred years...isn't that right?

Luzaf: Yes.

Luzaf: To prepare for my war against the Empire, I joined forces with the beastmen.

Luzaf: I then searched for the automatons--the keys to manipulating the iron giant.

Luzaf: But I eventually realized, or should I say, was made to realize:

Luzaf: My seething wrath was for the emperor that destroyed my kingdom...

Luzaf: ...and the empire he ruled during my living years.

Luzaf: That empire no longer exists. And you, Aphmau, are not the one against whom I seek revenge.

Luzaf: Am I not pitiful? A vengeful shade that has lost his taste for vengeance...

Mnejing: You are pitiful...

Luzaf: What!?

Aphmau: You still have the chance to rebuild the Kingdom of Ephramad!

Luzaf: But I...

Aphmau: I learned a lot living in the temple.

Aphmau: The descendants of Ephramad still yearn for the age when their kingdom yet flourished...

Aphmau: There are those who still fight for such a reality.

Aphmau: You can help them find the path to the kingdom of their dreams.

Luzaf: The people of Ephramad...survived...

Luzaf: But this path you speak of, will it not lead to conflict and bloodshed with the Empire, plunging all once again into the flames of war?

Ovjang: Admiral. Prince Luzaf. Have you forgotten with whom you speak?

Luzaf: !

Aphmau: Leave the empire to us!

Luzaf: Heh.

Luzaf: Hahahah. You are right.
And I am still a corsair.
I will take a gamble on this fool's venture.

Aphmau: That's the spirit!
You must undo this pact with Odin as soon as possible...

Luzaf: Yes...I must seek audience with my dark lord.

Flit: Please, Boss. The tears won't stop.

Luzaf: Flit...

Flit: Giving up on the revenge business is your call.

Flit: But your crew has been restored, and your ship raised from the ocean floor.

Flit: The pact must be honored.

Flit: Your path lies in one direction only:

Flit: To Hazhalm, and an existence as the new Dark Rider, incarnation of the Great Odin.

Flit: If you renege on the deal, you know what awaits you and your crew, right?

Luzaf: ...

Aphmau: Hazhalm? What is he talking about?

Flit: Hee hee, hee hee.

Flit: What a tragedy. A real shame, it is.
The poor little Empress floundering in the dark.

Flit: You spent so much energy playing the part of a puppetmaster, you never noticed the Grand Vizier pulling your strings.

Aphmau: How dare you!

Luzaf: Enough, Flit.

Flit: Went a little bit far there, didn't I?
How about I make it up by teaching you about Hazhalm?

Flit: It was the site for alchemical experiments that pushed the limits of reason.

Flit: The reckless fools eventually ripped the very fabric of reality, and opened a door into Odin's domain--without even knocking, I might add.

Flit: Of course, we've been using that tear as a shortcut into this world.

Flit: Hee hee, hee hee!

Luzaf: You have made your point.
Let us proceed to Hazhalm.

Flit: Yes! Proceed!
No other choice, really.

Ovjang: Are you serious about this, Admiral?

Luzaf: I will present myself before Odin, and nullify the pact.

Flit: Yes! Nullify!
No other choi...

Flit: Hold on, hold on!
What's this talk about nullifying!?

Aphmau: Are you sure, Luzaf?

Luzaf: I am sure.
Fate's grip is strong, but we are the masters of our own destiny.

Luzaf: You taught me that.

Aphmau: Me?

Luzaf: When I look at you...

Luzaf: ...I feel as I did in my younger days.
I remember what it is to hope.

Luzaf: There were so many things I didn't know back then, so many things I wanted to learn.

Luzaf: Aphmau.
You are searching for a way to save your Empire...

Luzaf: A way to save your citizens from despair and misery.

Luzaf: To do that you seek to uncover the truth behind the world in which you live.

Aphmau: I do...but...

Luzaf: Aphmau...

Aphmau: !?

Luzaf: You must come with me!
Come to Hazhalm!

Luzaf: Then you shall behold the truth with your own eyes.

Aphmau: I...I will go with you.

Flit: (Hee hee, hee hee.)

Flit: (There are some things in this world better left unknown...)

Salabwahn: Admiral.

Luzaf: What is it?

Salabwahn: The ship appears to have picked up another rat...

Aphmau: Player name!

Salabwahn: You know this intruder?

Aphmau: That man/woman is my private mercenary!
Please stay your blades!

Aphmau: But, why...?

Aphmau: Why are you here?

Why did you board the Black Coffin?
To find you. <----- Chose this option!
To find Luzaf.

Aphmau: Oh, Player name.
You really are my mercenary!

Why did you board the Black Coffin?
To find you.
To find Luzaf. <----- Chose this option!

Salabwahn: To what end??

Aphmau: Oh, Player name...
You shouldn't jest.

Luzaf: Your linkpearl should have been confiscated...
Did you call this mercenary?

Aphmau: Huh? Uh...right, yes.
I called him/her in to act as my bodyguard!

Aphmau: Isn't that right, Mnejing?

Mnejing: R-right.
The old message-in-a-bottle trick...

Flit: (Where do all these meddlers come from...?)

Salabwahn: You expect me to swallow that story?

Flit: Ahem!
But this works out perfectly, Boss.

Flit: You need help if you mean to rebuild your kingdom.

Flit: The Ephramadian treasure you "recovered" from the Empire is still stashed in Talacca Cove.

Flit: And there have been all those Immortals sniffing about lately...

Luzaf: Immortals?

Luzaf: It matters not--the treasure is veiled by a powerful spell of concealment.

Luzaf: The only way to pierce the illusion is with a percipient eye.
And you and I possess the only two in existence.

Flit: Right, right, it's a great spell. Fantastic.
But who knows what those Immortals are capable of?

Flit: There's no guarantee they haven't sucked up some crazy sensory ability from some hapless creature.

Flit: That's why we need Player name.

Flit: And Talacca Cove just happens to be on the way to Hazhalm.

Flit: If you give your percipient eye to Player name, he/she can work security on the treasure.

Flit: This is Aphmau's loyal mercenary we're talking about here.

Flit: We can trust him/her not to swipe the goods, and to lead those blue devils off the scent if they get too close.

Aphmau: But I need Player name by my side...

Flit: Well, I can't argue with that.

Flit: If he/she stays on the ship, we'll just have to submit him/her to a thorough investigation. Just to be on the safe side, you understand.

Flit: Wouldn't you agree, First Mate Salabwahn?

Aphmau: I...uh...

Aphmau: (Just play along!)

Aphmau: Why, yes!
We have the utmost faith in Player name.

Aphmau: He/She is the perfect choice to keep your precious treasure safe and sound.

Luzaf: Very well.
I shall abide by your judgment.

Luzaf: Take this, Player name.

Luzaf: Keep watch over the treasure until we return to Talacca Cove.

Luzaf: But if you sense you are needed, be ready to fly to our side with all haste.

Legacy of the Lost - Talacca Cove
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