Mission Name Legacy of the Lost
Number ToAU 35
Start NPC Prince Luzaf - Black Coffin
Requirements KeyItemPercipient Eye
Level 6 Members, Uncapped
Title Granted Gessho's Mercy
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Testing the Waters Gaze of the Saboteur


  • Check the Rock Slab in Talacca Cove to enter the 6-player uncapped battlefield "Legacy of the Lost".
  • All buffs except food will be removed upon entry. Alter egos may be summoned once inside.
  • Gessho uses standard Ninjutsu spells, ranged attacks, and Mijin Gakure.
    • He will periodically teleport around the arena, typically due to a shift in enmity.
    • May spawn several weaker clones of himself, which can all use Mijin Gakure. They will despawn naturally after about 15 seconds.
  • Gessho gives up around 10% health.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have been ordered to guard the treasury of Ephramad. But first, you must find the hidden treasury, concealed somewhere inside Talacca Cove...