«FFXI-Movie» 0393 ToAU 33 - Sentinels' Honor

«FFXI-Movie» 0393 ToAU 33 - Sentinels' Honor

Game Script

Sentinels' Honor - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Naja Salaheem: Player name!

Naja Salaheem: Have you heard the rrrumors?

Heard the rumors?
Sure. <----- Chose this option!

Naja Salaheem: ya already know.

Naja Salaheem: Well, anyway.

Naja Salaheem: This time even I was caught completely off guard.

Naja Salaheem: Whoever woulda thought it?

Heard the rumors?
Rumors? <----- Chose this option!

Naja Salaheem: Ya haven't heard a thing?

Naja Salaheem: Ohoho.
I better fill ya in on the details, then.

Naja Salaheem: Are you rrready for this?

Naja Salaheem: Perk up those ears and listen good!

Naja Salaheem: 'Cos here it comes!

Naja Salaheem: Those crrrazy corsairs were aimin' to off the Empress herself!

Naja Salaheem: It goes beyond belief...

Naja Salaheem: Makes my fur stand on end just thinkin' such rrreckless and rrruthless villians are rrrunnin' around this city.

Naja Salaheem: This could be trrruth or pure fantasy, but word has it that they managed to sneak into the palace grounds, rrright under the noses of the Imperial Whitegate guards.

Naja Salaheem: This kinda story gets my blood a-rrracin', even if it is about cutthroat crrriminals.

Tell Naja the truth?
Of course. <----- Chose this option!
Of course not.

Naja Salaheem: Hm?
You know somethin' about what happened?

Tell Naja the truth?
Of course.
Of course not. <----- Chose this option!

Naja Salaheem: You're keepin' somethin' from me, aren't ya Player name...? hi Naja Salaheem: Come on, out with it!

Naja Salaheem: Don't keep all the juicy details for yourself!

Razfahd: The candescences are all in place?

Ghatsad: Yes, Grand Vizier.
They appear to be compatible with the plinth.

Razfahd: Excellent.
No longer must we continue with that impossible search...

Razfahd: My father's--no, my entire dynasty's--dream can at last become a reality.

Ghatsad: We are not quite ready yet.

Razfahd: What do you mean? The candescences are ours. All that remains is to activate the device if I'm not mistaken?

Ghatsad: It is true that the prototype candescences I have developed are compatible.

Ghatsad: In fact, I have confirmed that their power exceeds that of the original orb.

Ghatsad: The problem is, we do not possess an operational device capable of harnessing the five candescences.

Razfahd: There is a flaw in the device?

Ghatsad: Yes.
The energy produced by the five candescences is staggering.

Ghatsad: And a single error in operation will reduce this nation to ashes in a single instant.

Razfahd: I see...

Ghatsad: As I'm sure you are aware, the seat of thought is not in the heart, as most people believe, but in the brain.

Razfahd: Yes, I recall your lessons from my childhood.

Ghatsad: Very good.

Ghatsad: A person bereft of the brain's control would be unable to see, hear, talk, walk, indeed, even breathe.

Razfahd: In other words, we have the heart provided by the candescences, but the brain is incomplete...

Razfahd: The device we have is useless?

Ghatsad: In the most basic of terms, yes, Your Excellency.

Razfahd: And our second research team was unable to locate the control center?

Ghatsad: I am afraid not.
They did, however, discover a spot that was originally equipped for just such a purpose...

Ghatsad: It's possible that after the battle with the previous rider, the control center was deliberately destroyed or moved to a safer place before the crash into the ocean...

Razfahd: Destroyed?
That seems illogical.

Razfahd: Would not Alexander wish to be restored?

Ghatsad: I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Ghatsad: If I might direct your attention to this diagram.

Ghatsad: As you are aware, there are five separate crash sites...

Ghatsad: The command unit was on Nyzul Isle.

Ghatsad: The right propulsion unit on the Arrapago Reef.

Ghatsad: The left suspension unit off the coast of the Bhaflau Thickets.

Ghatsad: The left propulsion unit at the base of Mount Zhayolm.

Ghatsad: And the right suspension unit in the Silver Sea.

Ghatsad: We can hypothesize that the as yet undiscovered control center could be hidden at any one of these locations.

Razfahd: Despite the scale of our investigations?

Ghatsad: Yes. The ruins are immense. We have barely managed to cover thirty percent of the total area.

Ghatsad: The device we seek could be anywhere within the remaining seventy percent...

Ghatsad: However, it is also entirely possible that the control center is contained within a section of the ruins we have already searched but do not fully understand.

Ghatsad: The only thing we are certain of is that there is constant communication occurring between each of the sites.

Razfahd: Even with the sections scattered and damaged as they are?

Ghatsad: You have seen the reports of operational repair and defense mechanisms within the remnants?

Ghatsad: We have discovered that these mechanisms are capable of relocating themselves to wherever they are needed--even to remote sections of a distant site.

Razfahd: Which gives undeniable proof of the existence of a control center...

Ghatsad: Exactly.
There is one more thing...

Ghatsad: I felt a distinct presence while I was investigating the ruins.

Ghatsad: It is difficult to describe, but it almost felt as if...I was being watched.

Razfahd: This kind of fanciful supposition is not like you, Ghatsad.

Ghatsad: I cannot explain it.

Razfahd: In any case, there is no time for another lengthy research expedition.

Razfahd: What are our options?

Ghatsad: Sir.
I surmise that a facility of this size and complexity must have blueprints stored somewhere.

Ghatsad: The method of storage would have to withstand the passage of time, so that a usable reference would be readily available in the event of malfunction or destruction of the original machine.

Razfahd: So you are saying that it may be faster for us to locate these blueprints rather than grope blindly through the ruins?

Ghatsad: Yes, Your Excellency.
However, I have no suggestions on where to begin our search...

Razfahd: ...

Razfahd: Hehehe...

Razfahd: Ahahaha!

Ghatsad: What is it, Your Excellency?

Razfahd: These elusive blueprints may already be in the palm of our hand.

Ghatsad: Is this possible?

Razfahd: Nashmeira, you are a foolish girl.

Razfahd: But Imperial blood runs thick in your veins, nonetheless.

Razfahd: Ever since childhood, she has always shown uncommon interest in that object...

Ghatsad: !

Ghatsad: You speak of...the Gordeus?

Razfahd: Right under our very noses...

Ghatsad: But even if you are right, the only person in history who has ever unraveled the Gordeus is the great Walahra, dead these many years.

Razfahd: Leave that to me.
There is a way.

Razfahd: We must act with all haste.

Razfahd: The Age of Judgment is upon us...

Naja Salaheem: Are ya trrryin' to spin stories to me again?

Naja Salaheem: Where do ya get the time to make up this trrrash!?

Naja Salaheem: Pretendin' to know what's happenin' to the Imperial family!

Naja Salaheem: To the Empress!

Naja Salaheem: <Gasp...gasp>...

Naja Salaheem: As if Her Magnificence would run away frrrom home!

Naja Salaheem: Who in the crrriss-crrrossin' tunnels of Aydeewa do ya think ya are!?

Naja Salaheem: <Gasp>...

Naja Salaheem: I've got a much more interestin' tale than the derrranged fantasies gushin' outta your rrrotten mind.

Naja Salaheem: Listen up.

Naja Salaheem: It was just a little while before ya got back.

Naja Salaheem: A single envelope arrived here by express delivery.

Naja Salaheem: And it was sealed with the Imperial lion crest of the Grand Vizier!

Naja Salaheem: Now do I have your attention?

Naja Salaheem: Inside was a wanted poster of extrrremely high priority. A prrretty Elvaan guy with long, black hair...

Naja Salaheem: Apparently this man goes by the name of "Duzaf the Blackbelly."

Naja Salaheem: It states that he's one of the leaders of the corsairs.

Naja Salaheem: His crimes include murder, hijack, smuggling, counterfeit, matrimonial fraud, camping the best hunting spots...

Naja Salaheem: Quite the rrrap sheet.

Naja Salaheem: There's just one thing that bothers me, though...

Naja Salaheem: Why is the bounty for one measly pirate so Trolls-be-damned high?

Naja Salaheem: They're offerin' the unprrrescedented amount of 2000 Imperial gold pieces!

Naja Salaheem: That's 50 times more than the bounty for that rrrabble-rrrousin' Qultada.

Naja Salaheem: Why do ya think that is?

Naja Salaheem: Let me tell ya.

Naja Salaheem: This Duzaf the Blackbelly is the crrriminal that attempted to assassinate the Empress!

Abquhbah: (Her powers of deduction are astounding!)

Naja Salaheem: Listen, Player name!

Naja Salaheem: This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime, make-or-brrreak opportunities!

Naja Salaheem: No matter what the underhanded method...

Naja Salaheem: No matter the sacrifice...

Naja Salaheem: No matter the screams of employee agony, Salaheem's Sentinels is gonna be the company that collects this rrreward!

Naja Salaheem: Since the bounty will be paid whether he's dead or alive, it might just be easier to do him in, before you bring him in.

Abquhbah: (Such a cold-hearted attitude...)

Naja Salaheem: A pity to waste such a prrretty face, though.

Abquhbah: President Naja!

Naja Salaheem: Abquhbah!

Abquhbah: Y-yes, ma'am!

Naja Salaheem: What're ya doin' back there!?

Abquhbah: A thousand pardons!

Abquhbah: A messenger from the palace was just here to deliver a reward...
Quite a large amount, I might say!

Naja Salaheem: Hm?
A large reward, ya say?

Naja Salaheem: But we haven't even caught him yet.

Abquhbah: Uh, not that reward, President Naja.

Abquhbah: Player name, your timing is impeccable as always.

Abquhbah: The renumeration for your mission: 10 Imperial gold pieces.

Abquhbah: Please pick it up on your way out.

Naja Salaheem: Just a moment there, Abquhbah.

Abquhbah: Yes, ma'am?

Naja Salaheem: You've deducted the company margin and miscellaneous expenses, right?

Abquhbah: !!!
Ah...that is to say...I was just about to...

Abquhbah: Let's see here...
Governmental mediation fee...mercenary health insurance...mercenary pension...housing administration fee...mercenary tax...

Abquhbah: reward storage fee...and presidential advisory fee.

Abquhbah: I-I'm terribly sorry, Player name...

Abquhbah: Your deduction comes to a total of 9 Imperial gold pieces.

Agree to the deductions?
Agree. <----- Chose this option!

Abquhbah: Another disaster averted...

Abquhbah: Your understanding is much appreciated!

Agree to the deductions?
Object. <----- Chose this option!

Abquhbah: can't object!
It will mean both our heads!

Abquhbah: I'm sure you want to keep your head!

Abquhbah: And I definitely mean to keep mine, so...

Abquhbah: I'm deducting the total of 9 Imperial gold pieces from your reward!

Naja Salaheem: Ya have a prrroblem with the way I do business?

Naja Salaheem: Mercenaries shouldn't be concerned with the difference of a few coins!

Naja Salaheem: Abquhbah!
Mercenary rank Player name!

Abquhbah: Y-yes, ma'am!

Naja Salaheem: It's time to sing the company anthem!

Naja Salaheem: We'll build that Salaheem spirit if it kills ya!

Abquhbah: Y-yes, ma'am!

Abquhbah: Sing along, Player name!

Abquhbah: A mercenary life is the life for me.♪

Abquhbah: We fight the beastmen constantly.♪

Abquhbah: With Wildcat badge upon our chest,♪

Abquhbah: We know our company is the best.♪

Abquhbah: We are Salaheem's Sentinels!♪

Naja Salaheem: One more time!

Abquhbah: <Gasp...gasp>...

Abquhbah: A mercnary life is the life for me...♪

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