«FFXI-Movie» 0392 ToAU 32 - In the Blood

«FFXI-Movie» 0392 ToAU 32 - In the Blood

Game Script

In the Blood - Caedarva Mire
Ovjang: Hey, admiral-type person!

Luzaf: ...

Ovjang: Where is this ship headed to?

Luzaf: Dvucca Isle.

Ovjang: Oho.

Mnejing: Now I know our destination.
We're going to Periqia.

Ovjang: He's right, isn't he?

Mnejing: Periqia...

Aphmau: I've heard stories about that place.

Aphmau: A long time ago, it was said to have been a base for the Ephramadian corsairs, who would terrorize merchant vessels sailing the neighboring waters.

Ovjang: <Shiver>...
They attacked innocent traders?

Luzaf: Traders from Aht Urhgan.

Aphmau: But one day the corsairs were caught in a violent storm, and they all sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Luzaf: Not all of us...

Aphmau: ...?

Mnejing: What has become of Periqia without the corsairs?

Ovjang: Could the ghosts we've been hearing about have taken over the base?

Aphmau: Spirits of the corsairs, maybe...?

Luzaf: Hmph.
And how would you feel if that were the case?

Aphmau: I would be...

Ovjang: Excited!

Aphmau: Yes, this all sounds very exciting!

Luzaf: Exciting?
You could be killed.

Aphmau: But...but...
Just because they're ghosts now, doesn't mean they don't remember their family and friends, right?

Aphmau: They would have to be sad, and lonely, and...

Aphmau: ...suffering all this time, missing their loved ones.

Aphmau: They probably repented their evil pirate ways and vowed to be good from how on...

Aphmau: And...

Ovjang: And?

Aphmau: And the crew of this ship has been so nice to us!

Ovjang: They were a little frightening at first...

Mnejing: But they even gave me oil when my helmet started creaking.

Luzaf: Is that right...?

Luzaf: !?

Luzaf: ...

Aphmau: What is it, Admiral?

Luzaf: Silence!

Luzaf: That sound...
There's no mistaking it!

Mnejing: Oh yes, now I hear it.
Sounds like an apkallu being strangled to death...

Luzaf: I will never forget that sound...

Luzaf: Never forget the tears...the blood...the bones...of that day.

Ovjang: Blood?

Mnejing: Bones?

Luzaf: Lamiae...

Luzaf: That sound is the shriek of the whistle used by the Imperial Army to control their pet Lamiae.

Mnejing: That can't be right.
Lamiae are enemies of the Empire.

Luzaf: Those that broke free.

Luzaf: It was two hundred years ago when our hideout was invaded by biological weapons of destruction, sent by the Imperial forces in an attempt to extinguish the last of the corsairs.

Luzaf: Those monstrosities were the artificially created Lamiae.

Aphmau: You're lying!
The Lamiae attack everyone, even the capital of Al Zahbi!

Luzaf: Heh.
Their pets turn against them.

Luzaf: They were just one of the many heinous blunders made by the Empire.

Aphmau: The Imperial Army--and Aht Urhgan--is invincible!

Aphmau: Why would they bother with anything as hideous as the Lamiae!?
Besides, the Empress would never allow it!

Luzaf: You doubt me?
Come see for yourself!

Ovjang: What should we do, Aphmau?
He must be lying.

Aphmau: Of course he is.
It can't be true...

Mnejing: If the Grand Vizier were here, he would say:

Mnejing: "Trust your own eyes."

Razfahd: You've found nothing?

Whafael: Grand Vizier.
We are scouring every inch, but this place is like a labyrinth...

Razfahd: Spare me your excuses.

Razfahd: I accepted your proposal to make use of the Lamiae's acute sense of smell in spite of vocal protest from the generals, and against my better judgment.

Razfahd: Understand that you will not be leaving this rock until Her Magnificence is back under our protection.

Amkeen: These Lamiae have been enhanced through advanced alchemical processes, Grand Vizier.

Amkeen: I assure you, we will locate the Empress.

Razfahd: You better hope you are right.

Razfahd: You seem surprised, Player name.

Razfahd: This operation should never have been necessary.

Razfahd: I must admit, I did not expect you to be here to witness it.

Luzaf: As I feared...

Ovjang: Who is that? The one in red armor?

Mnejing: It looks like the Grand Vizier...

Aphmau: It can't be!
There must be some mistake...

Luzaf: You seem distraught.
Does it shock you to see your countrymen working alongside those abominations?

Luzaf: Or know this man in red armor?

Aphmau: Yes...

Luzaf: And so you should.
He is, after all--

Aphmau: My brother...

Luzaf: What?

Aphmau: He is my brother...

Razfahd: What are the Lamiae saying?

Amkeen: That she is close...very close...

Razfahd: Then cover this area again!
Leave no pebble undisturbed!

Amkeen: Your will...

Aphmau: No...

Aphmau: !
My mercenary...

Aphmau: Of course!
This is just some horrible misunderstanding.

Aphmau: There's some big picture that I'm just not seeing.
All I have to do is ask!

Aphmau: Razfahd!

Luzaf: ...

Luzaf: You force my hand...

Luzaf: Come along with me...

Razfahd: !

Razfahd: Nash...

Aphmau: What...what are you doing here, Razfahd?

Razfahd: I received a report that you had been abducted.
Are you unhurt?

Aphmau: I'm fine, obviously.

Razfahd: So you're the one who took her...

Aphmau: No, he didn't do anything!

Aphmau: I followed him of my own free will!

Razfahd: You followed him?
What were you thinking?

Razfahd: You can't just chase after every strange character who catches your eye...

Razfahd: Do you have any idea of the danger...?

Luzaf: ...

Aphmau: You're trying to lecture me?

Aphmau: You're the one who's working alongside Lamiae--sworn enemies of the Empire!

Razfahd: Don't you understand?
I was using these creatures to look for you.

Aphmau: That's no excuse.
Those "creatures" are evil savages!

Aphmau: You're the one who used to tell me that when I was a child!
Are you saying that was a lie?

Ovjang: Grand Vizier!
Answer her question!

Razfahd: Calm down, Aphmau...

Aphmau: Answer the question!

Mnejing: Are you saying you don't have an answer?

Razfahd: Listen to me, Aphmau.
These creations are not the same Lamiae I have taught you to fear and despise.

Razfahd: They are aiding our army, as allies to the people of Aradjiah.

Razfahd: They are like your mercenary, Player name.
You have nothing to fear from them.

Aphmau: Mercenaries...? Like Player name?

Razfahd: That's right.

???: Ahahaha...

Luzaf: Your lies know no bounds.

Luzaf: Nothing to fear?

Luzaf: Not for their twisted masters, perhaps.

Luzaf: "Allies to the people of Aradjiah," you say?

Luzaf: These vicious demonesses that feasted on the flesh of my still-living companions!?

Razfahd: Who are you?
And what would you know of it?

Luzaf: I know all your filthy secrets.

Razfahd: The words of a lunatic.

Razfahd: That costume you wear...
You are a descendant of the corsairs?

Razfahd: No, they wouldn't dare show themselves so openly.

Razfahd: !

Razfahd: I know who you are...

Luzaf: And now that you know?

Luzaf: Will you set your pets on me?

Luzaf: Just as your ancestors did?

Aphmau: It can't be...

Ovjang: Is it true, what he says?

Mnejing: Grand Vizier.
We require an answer.

Razfahd: Aphmau...

Razfahd: Do you remember the last words of our father?

Aphmau: ...

Mnejing: "We are the Emperor.
The Emperor and Aht Urhgan are as one..."

Luzaf: !

Razfahd: Words that you took for your own.
They do more than describe the absolute authority of the Emperor...

Razfahd: They also signify a responsibility.

Razfahd: A responsibility to protect the lives of the tens of thousands of citizens from our countless enemies within and without the vast territories of Aht Urhgan.

Razfahd: There are times when carrying out this responsibility requires extreme measures.

Aphmau: But...

Aphmau: Those are not the only words he used.

Aphmau: He also said, "A heavy hand is not needed to govern an empire.

Aphmau: "A gentle hand will guide the people."

Aphmau: Anyone can see that the use of Lamiae is going too far.
You're twisting the spirit of his teachings.

Razfahd: Aphmau...
A time will come when you will understand.

Aphmau: You always do this.

Aphmau: Whenever an important matter arises, you treat me like a child.
I'm supposed to listen to whatever you decide.

Aphmau: And you expect me to accept the responsibilities of an empress?

Razfahd: Nashmeira!

Razfahd: You do not have the will to be Empress.

Razfahd: You are not prepared to allow your subjects to bleed while you remain unsullied on your throne.

Razfahd: Why is this role so hard for you to comprehend?

Nashmeira: If I'm so unsuitable...

Nashmeira: Why...

Nashmeira: Why don't you become Emperor!?

Razfahd: This isn't a game, Nashmeira!

Razfahd: Listen to me!

Razfahd: I was once destined to sit on the Imperial throne...

Razfahd: But as our father lay on his deathbed, he named you as his successor.

Nashmeira: I don't know what you're talking about...

Nashmeira: I...I...

Razfahd: Do you know why?

Nashmeira: How should I know?
I don't want to know...

Nashmeira: I never wanted to be Empress in the first place!

Razfahd: Let me tell you why.

Razfahd: At the time when our father named you successor...

Razfahd: ...the blood of beasts flowed in my veins, just as it does in these creations.

Razfahd: The same blue blood that you and our father despise.

Nashmeira: !

Nashmeira: I didn't...
I never...

Razfahd: Just listen.
It was unavoidable.

Razfahd: It happened while you were living at the temple...

Razfahd: I received a mortal wound while fighting on the eastern front at the behest of our father.

Nashmeira: !

Razfahd: The only chance I had to survive was a transfusion of regenerative blood from a monstrous donor.

Nashmeira: I never knew...

Razfahd: Now do you understand?

Nashmeira: I do...

Razfahd: Now please, do as I say and return to the palace.

Nashmeira: I will, but...

Luzaf: You think this is over!?

Luzaf: Do you think I will let two members of the Imperial family simply walk away!?

Luzaf: Rider in darkness...
You have my gratitude!

Luzaf: Thank you for this opportunity to avenge my people.

Luzaf: Your cursed bloodline ends here!

Razfahd: !?

Nashmeira: !

Ovjang: What's happening to the admiral!?

Mnejing: I've seen this creature somewhere...

Nashmeira: The Dark Rider...

Razfahd: Underworld cur!

Razfahd: Meet your doom!

Flit: Hee hee, hee hee!

Flit: Didn't expect this to happen so soon!

Razfahd: !

Nashmeira: Luzaf, no!

Razfahd: Nashmeira! Stay back!

Flit: Hmm?
What's goin' on here? Boss...?

Mnejing: Flit!?

Ovjang: Quickly, take us to the ship!

Flit: Hang about!
Are you tryin' to give me orders?

Nashmeira: Just do it!

Nashmeira: Flit, please, there's no time!
The ship! Now!

Flit: R-right!

Razfahd: Nashmeira! What are you doing!?

Nashmeira: I'm sorry, Razfahd.
I have to help him.

Nashmeira: Farewell.

Ovjang: Don't worry about us.

Mnejing: We'll be fine...

Nashmeira: You came all this way for me...
Forgive me, Player name.

Nashmeira: Please. Be the one friend I need!

Razfahd: Stop!

Razfahd: Dammit.

Razfahd: Nashmeira...

Raubahn: Grand Vizier.
I have an urgent report...

Razfahd: You are certain?

Raubahn: Yes, my lord.
We must return at once.

Razfahd: Player name.

Razfahd: This opponent is beyond the capabilities of a single mercenary...

Razfahd: Your mission to locate Aphmau is over...

Razfahd: I release you from your duty.

Razfahd: Her Magnificence is with the admiral of the Black Coffin.

Raubahn: Luzaf!?

Razfahd: Reassign the Immortals searching for Aphmau to surveillance of the Ashu Talif.

Raubahn: Sir.

Razfahd: Luzaf...
He may have been chosen to become the next rider.
Be on your guard.

Raubahn: Sir!

Raubahn: Speak not a word of this to anyone.

Raubahn: Especially to the president of Salaheem's Sentinels.

Raubahn: Your remuneration will be sent ahead of you.
Tell your employer your mission from the palace is complete.

Raubahn: Dismissed.

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