«FFXI-Movie» 0391 ToAU 31 - Shades of Vengeance

«FFXI-Movie» 0391 ToAU 31 - Shades of Vengeance

Game Script

Shades of Vengeance - Arrapago Reef
???: You're late, Player name.

The mission was a failure.

Amnaf: Rishfee...

Amnaf: ...was slain.

Amnaf: We were recruits together.
Ever since the Immortals took me in as a child, we've always been close...

Amnaf: But he was too kindhearted to walk the path of the blue mage.

Amnaf: He wouldn't have lasted long in any case.

Amnaf: Don't blame yourself for the inevitable.

Amnaf: The inevitable...

Amnaf: Your instincts were right in coming to the Arrapago Islands.

Amnaf: But this stretch of water is dotted with hundreds of islands, large and small, and the terrain is complex.

Amnaf: A straightforward search isn't practical.

Amnaf: We have soldiers scouring both the land and the sea, but the Ashu Talif has a swift sail.

Amnaf: She won't be caught so easily...

Amnaf: We require your further cooperation.

Amnaf: In my function as an Immortal, I officially entrust you with a new mission:

Amnaf: You are to travel immedately to Periqia, and carry out a search for Lady Aphmau.

Amnaf: This is a Periqia Assault area entry permit.
You will need it to enter the secured area of Periqia.

Amnaf: Try not to lose it.

Amnaf: If, by any chance, you happen to misplace the permit, speak with Nahshib at the Dvucca Isle staging point.

Amnaf: You have your orders.
Track down Lady Aphmau to clear this stain on your record...

Amnaf: ...and honor Rishfee's sacrifice.

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