Mission Name Shades of Vengeance
Number ToAU 31
Start NPC Amnaf - Arrapago Reef
Level 65+
Title Granted Nashmeira's Mercenary
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Prevalence of Pirates In the Blood


TOAU31 map


  • All buffs except food will be removed upon entry. Alter egos can be summoned once inside.
  • Defeat at least 3 of the ten K23H1-LAMIAE. They are located at (H-9), and will aggro and link by True Sight.
  • Once the 3rd Lamiae is defeated, you will be warped to a VERY lengthy cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have been ordered to participate in the search for Aphmau by the Immortal, Amnaf. You are to begin in Periqia, ancestral land of the corsairs.
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