«FFXI-Movie» 0390 ToAU 30 - Prevalence of Pirates

«FFXI-Movie» 0390 ToAU 30 - Prevalence of Pirates

Game Script

Prevalence of Pirates - Jade Sepulcher
Rishfee: Ugh...


Rishfee: !?

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau...?

Mnejing: Just a little further, Aphmau.

Aphmau: <Puff...gasp>...

Aphmau: Okay...

Aphmau: Al...most...there...
A little...farther...

Aphmau: Mnejing...come a little closer...
Give me your hand...

Aphmau: Mnejing?

???: Hee hee!

Flit: I'll be taking this little tin-man, thanks very much.

Aphmau: Mnejing!

Mnejing: Uncouth imp!
Unhand me! Unhand me, I say!

Flit: Whoa-ho.
They wound you a little tight, didn't they, tin-man?

Flit: Do you really wanna be squirming around like that?
It's a long way down...

Flit: We'd have to change your name to scrap-metal man.

Aphmau: Please! Don't hurt him!

Flit: Hee hee, hee hee.
That's more like it.

Flit: You wouldn't wanna end up like your tin-lady here now, would you?

Aphmau: !?

Luzaf: This is the automaton couple of calamity?

Flit: I'm pretty sure, Boss.

Aphmau: Return her at once!

Aphmau: She's...she's my Ovjang!

Luzaf: What did you just say?

Aphmau: Give me back my Ovjang!
Are you hard of hearing!?

Luzaf: Heh...

Aphmau: What are you laughing at...?

Luzaf: Flit.
I do believe Ovjang and Mnejing are the puppets we were looking for.

Luzaf: And here I thought arriving late to the strategy meeting would have resulted in some unpleasantness with my Mamool Ja hosts.

Luzaf: Instead, these gifts simply fall into my hands.

Flit: Aye aye, Cap'n!

Aphmau: Wait!

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau, no!

Rishfee: Aphmau...

Rishfee: I've failed...

Rishfee: ...

Rishfee: !?

Rishfee: Can you hear that rumbling?

Rishfee: A large force of Mamool Ja is headed this way.

Rishfee: Seventy...a, more like two hundred!

Rishfee: These must be the soldiers that the Autarch spoke of sending.
He's leaving nothing to chance.

Rishfee: Listen to me, Player name.

Rishfee: That way appears to be relatively clear for the moment.
You must try to escape from here.

Rishfee: Once you're out, you have to go after Lady Aphmau.

Rishfee: This is my duty as an Immortal.

Rishfee: I'll hold the lizardmen off as long as I can!

Rishfee: I have pledged my life to the Empress.
Save your pity...

Rishfee: Now, go!

Rishfee: Wolf Four to the Lion...
Wolf Four to the Lion...

Rishfee: The Gold has been taken...

Rishfee: I repeat, the Gold has been taken.

Rishfee: The mission is in the hands of the Wildcat.

Rishfee: I repeat...
The mission...

Prevalence of Pirates - Arrapago Reef
Ovjang: Sailing, sailing without a care!

Aphmau: This ship can take us anywhere!

Ovjang: Da-dum pa-rum pa-rum!
Tra-la, la-la-la!

Mnejing: You two...

Mnejing: ...need to calm down.

Ovjang: Da-dum pa-rum pa-rum!
Tra-la, la-la-la!

Ovjang: Mnejing!

Mnejing: What is it?

Ovjang: You should really try to enjoy yourself!

Ovjang: Da-dum pa-rum pa-rum!
Tra-la, la-la-la!

Ovjang: So much fun!

Aphmau: So exciting!

Mnejing: Don't you think you should keep it down?

Ovjang: Mnejing, you stick-in-the-mud.
Suppressing one's joy isn't healthy!

Aphmau: She's right, Mnejing.

Aphmau: Just look at us!

Aphmau: We're riding on a ghost ship!

Ovjang: Aphmau, can you see anything out there?

Aphmau: Hmm, let's take a look...
Oh, Ovjang! Could that be...?

Aphmau: Walahra's Flames!

Aphmau: Look, there's another one!

Ovjang: Oho!

Ovjang: Fire on the water!

Mnejing: Aphmau...

Aphmau: Hmm?

Ovjang: It doesn't look like a weapon...

Aphmau: The city below is burning...
I wonder where it could be?

Aphmau: Surely this isn't...Al Zahbi?

Mnejing: I'm sure it's just an artist's interpretation...

Aphmau: Yes, I suppose you're right...

Ovjang: What's wrong?

Aphmau: This huge castle thing looks like an iron giant...

Mnejing: And this knight holding the spear is flying in the air...

Aphmau: A giant and a knight...

Aphmau: A colossus and a rider...

Aphmau: Of course!

Aphmau: How could we be so blind?
This is a picture of Alzadaal and the Dark Rider!

Ovjang: Then this scene is...!

Aphmau: Yes...

Aphmau: The Age of Judgement.

Luzaf: You know the subject of this painting?
I must admit to some surprise.

Aphmau: Admiral Luzaf!

Luzaf: Heh...

Luzaf: Be at ease.
I'm not going to harm you.

Aphmau: ...

Luzaf: Just as you supposed, this painting depicts the Age of Judgement, as it occurred close to nine hundred years ago.

Luzaf: In the West, the beginning of the Crystal Era was marked the year the Gordeus exploded in a supernova...

Luzaf: ...and banished the very night.

Aphmau: Well, I knew that...

Luzaf: You are well educated, for a young lass.

Mnejing: Insolence!

Ovjang: You will address her as "Lady Aphmau"!

Luzaf: You control both puppets?
Quite impressive for such a slip of a girl.

Aphmau: Nobody speaks to me in such a casual manner!

Ovjang: Has the salt air eroded your manners?

Luzaf: Ah, my apologies...

Mnejing: Apology accepted.
Now what do you intend to do with us?

Luzaf: Do with you?

Luzaf: I don't recall forcing you and your little mistress to follow me...

Aphmau: ...

Luzaf: You and "Lady Aphmau."

Aphmau: Then we should like to disembark immediately.

Luzaf: I am sorry, but that will not be possible.

Luzaf: My business concerns your automaton companions.

Luzaf: And now that I know you are the key to controlling business concerns you as well.

Ovjang: Fine by me!
We never intended to return to the palace in any case!

Luzaf: !
The palace...?

Aphmau: Ovjang! Shhh!

Luzaf: It is of no import.
I will instruct my crew to allow you free reign of the ship.

Aphmau: Wait!

Aphmau: What are you after? Why did you take Ovjang away from me?

Aphmau: What is this all about?

Luzaf: What is this...all about?

Luzaf: You will learn soon enough.

Luzaf: Aht Urhgan--the entire world and all its people, in fact--

Luzaf: ...will soon learn.

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