«FFXI-Movie» 0387 ToAU 27 - Misplaced Nobility

«FFXI-Movie» 0387 ToAU 27 - Misplaced Nobility

Game Script

Misplaced Nobility - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Arzizah: You want to know what's behind the gate?

Arzizah: This gate leads to the Imperial Ward.
You may only enter by the grace of Her Magnificence, the Empress, or if you have Al Zahbi citizenship.

Arzizah: What's this?
You say the Grand Vizier has sent for you?

Arzizah: Not so fast.
I have to check this with my superior.

Arzizah: Very well.
You are free to pass through the gate.

Arzizah: he Imperial Ward lies on the other side of this wall.
Watch your tongue in there, mercenary.

Arzizah: Sellswords...

Razfahd: We meet again, mercenary.

Razfahd: Player name, wasn't it?

Razfahd: We are once again in need of your impressive talents.

Amnaf: According to the report we received from Salaheem's Sentinels...

Amnaf: appears that Player name is entrusted with duties not only within the boundaries of the Empire, but across every region of the Aradjiah Continent.

Raubahn: Would you agree with this evaluation?

Do you agree?
Yes, the report is accurate. <----- Chose this option!
Actually, I don't get out much.

Razfahd: Be that as it may...

Razfahd: We have not seen the slightest response from the astral compass you carry on your person.

Do you agree?
Yes, the report is accurate.
Actually, I don't get out much. <----- Chose this option!

Razfahd: Hmph.
It would not surprise me to hear President Naja had colored the facts.

Razfahd: A pity, I had expected more from you...

Razfahd: Ghatsad of the Aht Urhgan Archaeological Research Institute was most disappointed by the lack of astral candescence readings.

Razfahd: However.

Razfahd: We have no intention of abandoning our search for the candescences.

Razfahd: The Empire--and the Empress--must know peace once more.

Razfahd: Our citizens have suffered enough.

Razfahd: As a mercenary on the front line of battle, you, as much as anyone, should understand the importance of our mission.

Razfahd: Raubahn.
The details of the mission, if you will.

Raubahn: Sir.

Raubahn: I trust you remember the court puppetmaster?

Raubahn: Lady Aphmau has disappeared from the palace grounds.

Raubahn: This was some days ago...

Razfahd: From your expression I assume this is the first you've heard of the matter.

Razfahd: Considering your recent involvement in events, we thought that perhaps you might...

Razfahd: It appears we shall have to widen our search area.

Razfahd: I leave this matter in your capable hands.
The Serpent Generals require my presence.

Raubahn: Sir.

Raubahn: As you have probably guessed, the Grand Vizier wishes you to track down the whereabouts of Lady Aphmau.

Amnaf:We believe she set out to search the winding tunnels of Aydeewa for her lost automaton, Ovjang.

Amnaf: Mnejing, her other automaton, is missing along with his mistress.

Raubahn: We have already sent Rishfee of the Immortals to recover our wayward puppetmaster, but I am dubious of his potential for success.

Amnaf: If she learns that an Immortal is on her trail, she is likely to go into hiding.

Raubahn: Player name.

Raubahn: I give you these orders in the name of the Grand Vizier.

Raubahn: You are to return to the Aydeewa Subterrane and assist Rishfee in his efforts to locate Lady Aphmau.

Raubahn: I will communicate the details of the mission to your company.

Raubahn: Do not fail us.

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