«FFXI-Movie» 0386 ToAU 26 - Seal of the Serpent

«FFXI-Movie» 0386 ToAU 26 - Seal of the Serpent

Game Script

Playing the Part - Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Salaheem's Sentinels
Naja Salaheem : Well, well, if it isn't <name>.

Keepin' your nose to the grrrindstone?
Naja Salaheem : Glad to hear it.
Maybe ya do have what it takes to be a Salaheem's Sentinels employee after all.
Naja Salaheem : But enough of that.
Ya wanna hear somethin' strrrange?
Naja Salaheem : Rrrecently I've been floatin' on a cloud of calm.
Naja Salaheem : And I'm sure you're achin' to know why.
Naja Salaheem : Ya see, the company earrrnins have finally begun to live up to my expectations.
Naja Salaheem : And it's about time!
Naja Salaheem : Those days and nights of painfully buildin' up a rrreputation for my buddin' enterprrrise...
Naja Salaheem : ...have finally paid off!
Naja Salaheem : I can sense that the universe...
Naja Salaheem : rrrewardin' me for my effort.
Naja Salaheem : Things are going to be okay frrrom now on!
Naja Salaheem : I'm certain of it!
Naja Salaheem : I'm even startin' to think about showin' some grrratitude towards my faithful employees.
Naja Salaheem : Lala lalala.
Abquhbah : (<name>...)
Abquhbah : (<name>!)
Abquhbah : (Over here!)
Abquhbah : Ever since the Windurstian ambassador left, President Naja has been completely focused.
Abquhbah : Nothing but work, work, and more work!
Abquhbah : Her head has been filled with nothing but the sound of clinking coins!
Abquhbah : Her dedication to the running of this business has been even more pathological than usual...
Abquhbah : So now, seeing President Naja in this tranquil state is unsettling to say the least.
Abquhbah : She barely registers the existence of anyone around her when she gets like this.
Abquhbah : Oh?
Abquhbah : Was there something you wished to discuss with the president?
Abquhbah : For I, Abquhbah, am here to answer all your queries and doubts!
Abquhbah : I feel I owe you a favor, after all.
Abquhbah : Now, what's on your mind, <name>?
Abquhbah : Gessho?
He hasn't shown his beak in here for a while.
Abquhbah : Some of the other mercenaries say they've seen him in Mamook...
Abquhbah : He must be keeping busy with missions, I suppose.
Abquhbah : Now, what's on your mind, <name>?
Abquhbah : Aphmau?
Abquhbah : Uh-oh...
Abquhbah : ...
Abquhbah : Oh dear, oh dear...
Abquhbah : President Naja!
Abquhbah : President Naja!!
Abquhbah : President Naja!!!
Naja Salaheem : Wh-wh-what!?
Naja Salaheem : How many times do I gotta tell ya not to yell in my ear like that!
Abquhbah : I've neglected to bring a very important matter to your attention...
My most humble apologies!
Naja Salaheem : !!!
Naja Salaheem : Well, what do we have here?
A gilded envelope stamped with the seal of the two-headed serpent...
Naja Salaheem : Signed in the hand of the Grand Vizier...
Naja Salaheem : Addressed to...
Naja Salaheem : ...<name>!
Naja Salaheem : You've been singled out by the palace again...
Naja Salaheem : Do ya mind if I take a quick look at this?
Naja Salaheem : Hmmm...
Naja Salaheem : ...
Naja Salaheem : Oho...
Naja Salaheem : Did ya show up today because you had a feelin' this would be arrivin'?
Naja Salaheem : I've had just about enough of your wisecrrrackin'.
Naja Salaheem : This here letter is a personal summons from the Grand Vizier Razfahd himself!
Naja Salaheem : We've come up in the world now, haven't we, Miss Private First Class?
Naja Salaheem : From the looks of it, His Excellency requires your prrresence prrronto.
Naja Salaheem : Ya know what ya gotta do?
Naja Salaheem : Then why are ya still here!?
Naja Salaheem : Are ya trrryin' to bring the wrrrath of the entire palace down upon us!?
Naja Salaheem : Are ya trrryin' to cut into our new prrrofit margin!?
Naja Salaheem : Are ya...
Naja Salaheem : I've worked too hard to have this company's rrreputation rrruined by the likes of you!
Now scat!

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