«FFXI-Movie» 0371 ToAU 23 - Social Graces

«FFXI-Movie» 0371 ToAU 23 - Social Graces

Game Script

Social Graces - Navukgo Execution Chamber
King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA!

King of Hearts: I'vE SeaLEd*tHE doOR aS*yOU RequESteD!

King of Hearts: ThaT sHouLD*hoLD tHoSe TroLLs*foR a wHiLe.

King of Hearts: WhaT aboUT*tHaT MobLiN?

Megomak: !!!

Karababa: Never mind, my good King, just leave him be...

Karababa: Why, his betrayal hasn't made me the least bit angry.

King of Hearts: AnD tHE*eGg?

Karababa: Now that we have this khimaira wing,
the egg no longer counts for anything.

Karababa: Ohohoho!

Karababa: The Rhinostery will discover its secrets without fail,
and Windurst will have the Empire caught by the tail.

Karababa: That idiot prince will be furious, I'll wager.
I do so love when my victories are major!

King of Hearts: BuT tHE*cHeST fuLL*oF GiL...

Karababa: Hm? Who said anything about putting gil in the chest?
I'm not going to help feather that Moblin's nest.

King of Hearts: TheN,*wHaT WaS*iN tHE--

Karababa: Shhh...

Karababa: 3...

Karababa: 2...

Karababa: 1...

King of Hearts: !?

Karababa: Aren't bomb arms fun?

Karababa: Ohohohohohoho!

Karababa: Player name, our work here is done.

Karababa: The King and I shall return to town.

Karababa: Be sure to relay your fine performance to that cat in the crown.

Karababa: President Naja...

Flit: That mercenary...

Flit: He/She looks mighty familiar...

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