Mission Name:   ToAUM-22: Shield of Diplomacy
  Start NPC:   Naja Salaheem (I-10) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
  Requirements:   Treasures of Aht Urhgan
  Suggested Level:   
  Reward:   None
  Previous Mission:   Finders Keepers
  Next Mission:   Social Graces
  Replay Cutscene   
  Shield of Diplomacy   Prillaure Aht Urhgan Whitegate (E-8)
  Shield of Diplomacy (pt.1)   Goblin Footprint Navukgo Execution Chamber
  Shield of Diplomacy (pt.2)   Goblin Footprint Navukgo Execution Chamber
  Shield of Diplomacy (pt.3)   Goblin Footprint Navukgo Execution Chamber


Mount Zhayolm

  • Head to Navukgo Execution Chamber.
    • Easiest way to get to Execution Chamber is to simply go to the (once) famous Greater Colibri camp.
    • Take the Runic Portal to Nyzul Isle, use the portal at (G-9), then the portal on your left, and finally exit to the Bhaflau Thickets.
    • Then enter Halvung at (F-5), travel north and you will end up right to Mount Zhayolm.
    • From there, head to (D-8) for the entrance to the chamber area.
      • Alternative route: Make sure at least one party member has a Cast Metal Plate for getting through the Gates of Halvung.
      • Travel to (G-7), passing through the Gates of Halvung along the way. Beware of the Wamoura, which detect by true-sight, true-sound, and the use of magic.
        • Another alternative route: Take the Runic Portal to Nyzul Isle, use the portal at (H-8), then use the east portal, west portal, west portal again and exit to Mount Zhayolm.
        • In Mount Zhayolm, travel though caves a short distance to (G-7), which will take you into Halvung. Continue in a general westerly direction, winding through several tunnels and crossing a bridge over a lava flow.
        • Back out to Mount Zhayolm, travel to (D-8). This will take you into the Execution Chamber. Again, beware of the Wamoura.
  • Upon entering, you will receive the first cutscene.
  • Go down and examine the Decorative Bronze Gate for a second cutscene.
  • When your party is ready, enter the battlefield for Shield of Diplomacy.
    • A maximum of 6 characters may enter, in addition to Karababa who will join in to the battle.
    • Karababa doesn't appear to need to be kept alive, however if she does take too much damage and is not cured she will warp out at around 20-50% of HP remaining.
    • Your party does not need to live through the battle to win, if Karababa manages to finish the monster off before she warps away.
    • Most of the damage, if not all, can be done by Karababa. It is not even necessary to engage the monster, but for Karababa to attack, you need to agitate it in some way (such as walking close enough to it). Karababa will only grab the monster's attention when she casts spells on it, which takes about 10-15 seconds to occur. Her attacks will consist primarily of Ancient Magic II.
    • Hate is immediately shared among all those in the party and will come after other party members even if they do nothing. This can be avoided by disbanding from the party before engaging in any action.
  • The monster to be defeated is a Khimaira named Khimaira 13, with approximately 30,000 HP.
  • It attacks quickly for about 200 damage per hit on characters with average defenses. During its weakened phase though, its attack power is drastically reduced to between 10-20 damage per hit (see below).
    • Special Attacks:
    • When the message "The khimaira's breathing has grown ragged" is displayed, the Khimaira 13 becomes susceptible to intimidation by any player, pet, or even Karababa. Its attack power/speed also decrease drastically. After some time, the message "The khimaira has recovered" will be displayed, indicating it has returned to its normal state. It alternates between these two states at somewhat random intervals, usually between 60-90 seconds of being in its normal state and 40-60 seconds in its weakened state.
  • Defeating Khimaira 13 will start another cutscene ending the mission.


  • All members of the party must be on or past ToaU 22 "Shield of Diplomacy" in order to enter the BC
  • When you enter, Karababa will not attack until Khimaira 13 engages one of your party's members. A strategy would imply a member acquiring hate and dying, letting Khimaira 13 then attack Karababa.
  • However; It seems that the party member does not, and should not, get on the 'hate' list contrary to what the person above implies. What does that mean? It means you walk up to it without attacking and let it aggro you. Then Karababa will attack the khimaira. If you last long enough Karababa's first spell will take hate without you EVER have entering its hate list. This means that if the Khimaira has 'shared hate' none of your party members will be on its hate list for you having been attacked. However, if you do a hate move like flash or provoke then you will be on its hate list and Karababa will have a MUCH harder time getting aggro off of you.
  • Following this, have everyone Cure the little Tarutaru until victory. For this tactic, it is crucial that no one performs any action on Khimaira after the initial provocation. That would result in the Khimaira killing that member before returning to Karababa.
  • It is entirely possible for Karababa to be half-lifed by TP moves from the Khimaira when it is not weakened (See winded). Be careful that you do heal her after them since it is possible for her to be taken down far enough to warp soon afterwards.
  • Karababa does NOT need to stay in the BCNM the entire time to count the mission as a success. She may escape and if you still defeat the Khimaira 13 the mission will succeed.
  • When Karababa says "Fuel for the fire! It doesn't pay to invoke my ire!" it means she's going to cast Flare II on Khimaira 13.
  • When Karababa says "Well, if you won't play nice, I'll put your sorry hide on ice!" it means she's going to cast Freeze II on Khimaira 13.
  • When Karababa says "This battle is growing stale. How about we have a refreshing gale!" it means she's going to cast Tornado II on Khimaira 13.
  • When Karababa says "Sometimes it comes as quite a shock, how much damage you can deal with simple rock!" it means she's going to cast Quake II on Khimaira 13.
  • When Karababa says "How I love to rip things asunder! Witness the power of lightning and thunder!" it means she's going to cast Burst II on Khimaira 13.
  • When Karababa says "Water is more dangerous than most expect. Never fear, I'll teach you respect!" it means she's going to cast Flood II on Khimaira 13.
  • When Karababa says "That's quite enough... Time for me to start playing rough!" she will receive a massive boost in magic attack power and will begin spamming Tier 1 nukes for about 1000-3000 damage each. This does not always occur, but it may possibly be triggered by Karababa's HP dropping to a certain amount after some time in the fight has passed.
  • It appears to be possible to rest without obtaining any aggro when Khimaira 13 is weakened.
  • If Karababa is tanking Khimaira 13, Khimaira 13's AoE attacks will not hit your party. Likewise, if your party has hate, its AoE attacks will not hit Karababa.
  • See the discussion page for testimonials.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You are once again in the employ of Lady Karababa. This time, your role is to protect the ambassador within the ominous Navukgo Execution Chamber. Will you be able to redeem your reputation with President Naja...?
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