«FFXI-Movie» 0369 ToAU 21 - Finders Keepers

«FFXI-Movie» 0369 ToAU 21 - Finders Keepers

Game Script

Finders Keepers (pt.1) - Aydeewa Subterrane
Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig>...

Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig>...

Aphmau: Go-go!

Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig>...

Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig dig dig>...

Aphmau: Go, Ovjang!

Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig>...

Aphmau: You're amazing!

Aphmau: Go-go!

Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig dig dig>...

Ovjang: <Dig dig dig dig>

Ovjang: Aphmau, I found something!

Aphmau: Oh! Let me see!

Ovjang: Is this snail-like thing an Olduum treasure?

???: <Burooroon>...

???: <Burooroon...rooroon>...

???: Ahahaha!
Sooo luckeee luckeee!

???: <Burooroonrooroon>...

Vavaroon: Buroonburoon Network.
Member Nine.

Vavaroon: Anything tooo be reporting?

Wawaroon: Ahahahaha!
Buroonburoon Network.
Member Twenteee Four.

Wawaroon: Seeecret treasure looocated!

Gogoroon: <Buroorooroo...burooroon>!
Buroonburoon Network.
Member Seven.

Gogoroon: Tell us more about seeecret treasure!

Wawaroon: Hmmm?

Wawaroon: Oookay!

Wawaroon: Girl in red clooothes!

Wawaroon: Puppet in red clooothes!

Wawaroon: They dig up swirly-swirly treasure!

Ovjang: I've seen this pattern somewhere before...

Aphmau: It does look familiar.
Now where...?

Aphmau: Hmmm...

Ovjang: Hmmm.

Ovjang: Hmmm?

Ovjang: !

Aphmau: The Hall of Binding!?

Ovjang: But, Aphmau. The shape is quite different from the Astral Candescence.

Aphmau: That's true...

Aphmau: Although, that would make sense, Ovjang.

Aphmau: A candescence would never be kept down here.

Aphmau: This is probably simply a poor copy of the real thing.

Ovjang: Really?
This one seems to be much older, though...

Aphmau: It makes no difference. I'm just glad this isn't a real candescence.

Ovjang: Oh?

Aphmau: I mean, I have no interest...

Aphmau: No interest at all...

Aphmau: !

Ovjang: Those are Qiqirn...

Ovjang: ...of the unfriendly variety!

Aphmau: Ovjang, quick!

Ovjang: Aphmau!
They're still after us!

Wawaroon: Ohohohoho!
Preeetteee puppet!

Wawaroon: Ahahahaha!
Byootiful girl!

Vavaroon: Yooo listen tooo Wawaroon, or yooo beee unluckeee!

Gogoroon: Yooo listen, maybe yooo luckeee?

Aphmau: Don't come any closer...!

Ovjang: Stay back!

Ovjang: Keep your paws off!

Wawaroon: Hmmm?

Wawaroon: Girl? Or puppet?

Wawaroon: Which beee hooolding the swirly-swirly?

Wawaroon: Yooo answer Wawaroon.
Goood girl, oookay?

Aphmau: ...

Ovjang: (Swirly-swirly?)

Wawaroon: Aha!
Yooo nooo foool Wawaroon!

Wawaroon: Wawaroon saw yooo.
Saw yooo find the swirly-swirly in the roooins.

Aphmau: You were spying on us...

Ovjang: Insolence!

Aphmau: You're worse than rats!

Wawaroon: Aha!
W-Wawaroon not rat!

Aphmau: We have nothing to give to the likes of you!

Vavaroon: Oho. That one carries something in her pooocket! Rooroon!

Vavaroon: Yooo leeeve everything with swirly-swirly here!

Gogoroon: Yooo make Gogoroon very happy, yes?

Aphmau: Swirly-swirly? What are you talking about?

Aphmau: I don't understand.

Vavaroon: Byootiful girl acts stooopid!

Gogoroon: Lying is roood, yes?

Aphmau: I...

Ovjang: I think the game is over, Aphmau...

Gogoroon: Hehehehe.
Now what dooo yooo dooo?

Aphmau: You'll get nothing from me!

Finders Keepers (pt.2) - Aydeewa Subterrane
Karababa: Ohohoho.

Such splendid ruins within these caves!

King of Hearts: AcCOrdiNg to*AhT URhGaN*reSeaRCheRS, tHiS*siTe iS FaR mORe*aNcieNt tHAn*aNy sTRucTUrE*iN MiNdaRTiA.

Karababa: They fail to compare to the beauty of Horutoto, and its wonder that washes over you in waves...

King of Hearts: Yes!

King of Hearts: HOrutOTo*iS beAUtiFuL!

King of Hearts: HOrutOTo*iS woNdrOUs!

King of Hearts: OLdER*iS beTTeR?

King of Hearts: I*diSagREe!

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
ThEsE*sTOneS LOok*aS iF tHEy*wiLL cRumbLE*aT aNY moMEnT.

King of Hearts: DaNgeR!

King of Hearts: Oh?
WhaT*beFaLLs iN*tHE diSTaNcE?

Ovjang: Back! Back! Shoo!

Vavaroon: Yooo ready for the dicing and the slicing?

Ovjang: A-Aphmau.
We're really in trouble this time.

Ovjang: Maybe we should call for help.

Aphmau: Y-yes...

Aphmau: (H-help...)

Ovjang: Louder.

Aphmau: Help...

Ovjang: Louder!

Aphmau: Player name!
Help us!

Karababa: !!!

Karababa: Was that a piteous call for help,
from our little puppetmaster whelp?

King of Hearts: ShE*caLLeD tHIs*oNe's nAMe.

King of Hearts: WiLL*yOU nOt gO*tO thEiR aiD?

Go to Aphmau's aid?
To the rescue!
Not right now. <----- Chose this option!

Karababa: Oh dearie me.
How unfortunate for our little beauty!

King of Hearts: YoU aRe*laCKiNg iN*cOmpAsSiOn fOR*oNe wHo iS*fLesH aNd bLoOd.

Go to Aphmau's aid?
To the rescue! <----- Chose this option!
Not right now.

Karababa: Stop! Halt, I say!

Karababa: There is a much easier way...

Karababa: I'll show you how to stop a fight.
This is how you do it right!

Vavaroon: Uwaaa!
Fleeee! Fleee! Roorooroon!

Gogoroon: Gogoroon hates the big kabooom!

Karababa: Ohohohohoho!

Karababa: It seems my little incantation,
was a wee bit too much stimulation!

Wawaroon: Aha...!

Wawaroon: The swirly-swirly treasure belong tooo Wawaroon!
Weee nooo forget this!

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...

Aphmau: Wh-what was that...

King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA.
CoMe*cLOseR, iF*yOU wiLL.

Karababa: Hm...?

King of Hearts: ThEsE*peOpLE aRe*hiDinG soMetHinG.

Ovjang: It's none of your business!

Aphmau: That's right.
Finders keepers!

King of Hearts: ThaT iS*nO atTituDE*tO taKE*wiTH LaDy*KaRabAbA.
YoU iNVitE*oNLy tRouBLe.

Karababa: King of Hearts, that is quite enough.
There is no reason to be so rough.

Karababa: Now was this our very first greeting?

Karababa: Or will this be our second meeting...?

Aphmau: We've never met!

Karababa: I am Karababa from the nation of Windurst,
an ambassador foremost and first.

Aphmau: ...

Karababa: Have I done something to cause you grief?
Was my introduction overly brief?

Aphmau: You have...

Aphmau: You have done something unforgivable!

Aphmau: My precious Mnejing...

King of Hearts: MneJiNg?*Who iS*thAt?

Ovjang: A friend.

Ovjang: Don't tell me you've forgotten what you did to him.

King of Hearts: ThE juNk*puPPet...?

King of Hearts: Ah!
NoW I*reMemBeR.

King of Hearts: ArE thErE*maNY maL*fuNCtiONiNg*puPPeTs iN*thiS naTioN?

Ovjang: Show some damn respect!

Ovjang: You have no right to speak to us in such a manner.

Ovjang: Such insolence!

Karababa: This puppet has no desire to converse.
Stubbornness is such a curse.

Aphmau: I haven't forgiven you either!

Karababa: I see that we have no other course.
King, do your worst without remorse!

Karababa: This puppet shows some skill with magic.
Though the lack of control is rather tragic.

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
I aM*nOt coNceRNeD.

King of Hearts: I haVE*rEcEntLY LEarNed*soME mAgiC oF*mY oWn.

Karababa: Ohohoho.

Karababa: My careless King.
You have a habit of overdoing everything.

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...

King of Hearts: It seEMs I nEeD tO*leaRN soME*coNtrOL aS weLL.

King of Hearts: It iS*noT hErE.

Karababa: Was it nap time for these new friends we've made?

King of Hearts: NowhErE tO*bE foUNd!

Karababa: Even my new guide wasn't spared, I'm afraid...

King of Hearts: !

King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA!
I haVE*fOUnd iT!

Karababa: Quickly, hand it over.

Karababa: Does it have the insulation cover...?

Karababa: I think it's time to say farewell,
while these others recover from your spell.

Karababa: No one minds if I take this treasure?
We must be off, it's been a pleasure!

King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA.
No oNe*seEMs tO*obJEcT.

Karababa: So little time, so much to do.

Karababa: We really should now say adieu!

Karababa: Ohohohohoho!

Karababa: This should be shown to the alchemists of the Empire.
These scant remains may be all that they require.

King of Hearts: YoU haVe*soME cLuE*aS tO tHE*naTuRE oF*thiS oBjECt?

Karababa: That will be a task for Rodin-Comidin, though he's sure to make a fuss.

Karababa: Our next stop will be a certain mercenary company--we've business to discuss.

King of Hearts: Oh!*BusiNesS*aT laSt!

???: We gotta hurry, Boss!
There are lotsa people headed this way.

???: Yes...
Noticed, we have.

???: They're here!

???: Grand Vizier!

???: She is safe!

Razfahd: ...

Aphmau: My brother...?

Razfahd: Of all the irresponsible...

Razfahd: Back to the palace with her.

Amnaf: A moment, sir...

Rishfee: Grand Vizier.
This mercenary...

Razfahd: His/Her name?

Amnaf: Player name, sir...

Razfahd: Listen well, Player name.

Razfahd: Speak not a word of this to anyone.
If you defy me...

Razfahd: ...your life is forfeit.

Razfahd: However...

Razfahd: Your assistance here today will not be forgotten.

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