«FFXI-Movie» 0368 ToAU 20 - Teahouse Tumult

Game Script

Teahouse Tumult - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Travialce: The ambassador plenipotentiary has just arrived from Windurst.

Gessho: Are you sure it was a Windurstian ambassador...?

Travialce: Yes, I saw her with my own eyes.

Gessho: The letter I received from Sir Raillefal mentioned no current tension in the Middle Lands...

Gessho: Do you think it possible that Windurst seeks to form a separate alliance with Aht Urhgan?

Travialce: I would not be concerned, Gessho.

Travialce: While the nations of Altana are not on the friendliest of terms, the bonds forged during the Crystal War are not so easily broken.

Gessho: Do not underestimate the fickle hearts of mortals. Especially those who are your economic rivals.

Gessho: And twenty years is a long time.

Travialce: This is merely my personal analysis...

Travialce: Despite being separated by an ocean, Windurst is the closest nation to the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

Travialce: It is the nation most concerned with the intentions of her Near Eastern neighbors.

Travialce: I believe the decision to allow the passage of mercenary ferries was to have trusted adventurers shed some light on the many mysteries of this foreign land.

Travialce: If my theory is correct, we can assume that the ambassador is also here to test the waters, so to speak.

Gessho: Hmm, your explanation holds merit.

Gessho: Not that I would have expected less from the right hand of the golden knight.

Travialce: Gessho, please...

Gessho: My apologies.
I will accept your interpretation of the situation.

Travialce: In any case, you may expect another communication from Sir Raillefal on this matter very soon.

Gessho: Glad I am to hear that. I eagerly await word from our mutual friend.

Travialce: My lord is of the same mind.

Travialce: In an effort to emulate your elegant Eastern characters, Sir Raillefal has begun penning his correspondence in a "unique" style.

Gessho: I am most flattered.

Travialce: Unfortunately, the monarlais is having a harder time than usual when deciphering official documents...

Gessho: I do admire Sir Raillefal.

Gessho: He truly is an outstanding soldier among a nation famed for its military might.

Travialce: ?

Gessho: If you would deceive your enemies, you must begin with your allies, yes? By creating this code-like style of writing, he has constructed a perfect foil to potential conspiracies.

Travialce: Ah, I do not think that is the reason--

Gessho: Greetings, Player name.

Gessho: You have chosen a fine moment to arrive.

Gessho: Sir Travialce and I were just discussing the shifting winds of world politics over a pleasant cup of tea.

Gessho: Won't you join us?

Gessho: How does your work progress?

Gessho: Another matter has occupied me so fully that I have not set foot in Salaheem's Sentinels for quire some time.

Gessho: You must relate to me all the recent happenings.

Gessho: How does our president fare...?

What will you speak about?
The audience with the Empress. <----- Chose this option!
The A.A.R.I..
The truth behind contracts.

Gessho: I have no words to express my feelings.

Gessho: I myself have recently had insurance fees deducted from my pay...

Gessho: I secretly wondered if perhaps these funds did not go towards our president's personal expenditures.

Gessho: I am ashamed at my own lack of certainty.

Gessho: However, she does know how to multiply her profits...

Gessho: Should we merely accept these deductions as a part of a mercenary company concerned with providing a secure future for aging employees?

What will you speak about?
The audience with the Empress.
The A.A.R.I.. <----- Chose this option!
The truth behind contracts.

Gessho: What a piteous tale...

Gessho: It is said a great pile of gold pieces overflowing from the company coffers was exchanged for a hundred chunks of platinum.

Gessho: And this pile of gold pieces was your confiscated reward...?

Gessho: I must admit that when I first heard the tale, I thought perhaps the president was preparing to hand out our "bonuses."

What will you speak about?
The audience with the Empress.
The A.A.R.I..
The truth behind contracts. <----- Chose this option!

Gessho: This is an outrage!

Gessho: The sample contract President Naja presented me with...

Gessho: That was not your true signature...?

Gessho: I am afraid to say that I was duped just as you were...

Gessho: How can I face Sir Raillefal after he warned me against Salaheem's Sentinels?

Travialce: Lift your head, Gessho.

Travialce: My lord was also tricked into signing a contract.
You were both deceived by a cunning operator...

Gessho: That is true.

Gessho: Lord/Lady Player name, we all share the same fate as our colleagues.

Gessho: We must support each other through the times ahead.

Continue telling stories?
Of course. <----- Chose this option!
I'm done.

Gessho: Enough! I cannot hear any more of these frightful tales!

Gessho: The hardships I have endured cannot compare to the trials you have faced at the hands of that Mithra.

Continue telling stories?
Of course.
I'm done. <----- Chose this option!

Gessho: You are the very soul of patience and perseverance.

Travialce: I, too, am inspired by your stoicism.
I must not lament the hand I have been dealt, but stand up and carry out my duty.

Travialce: And so, I beg your leave.

Gessho: Sir Travialce, may we meet again.

Gessho: Now, I have some tales for your ears alone.

Gessho: These past days I have wandered far from the city into beastman territory...

Gessho: I undertook no mission, but merely wished to see the lay of the land.

Gessho: I trust you will keep this indiscretion secret from President Naja.

Gessho: Now, which beastman territory would you like to hear about?

Which tale will you hear?
Mamook. <----- Chose this option!
Arrapago Reef.

Gessho: It was some days past...

Gessho: I was hiking through the Wajaom Woodlands when I had the misfortune to be captured by a scouting party and dragged off to Mamook.

Gessho: The city is built deep within a lush forest which reminded me of the red-leafed foliage of my homeland.

Gessho: Believing that my life would be forfeit when they at last found the mercenary badge upon my person, I began composing my final words...

Gessho: A trial was held, but when Sagelord Molaal Ja inspected my hands and feet...

Gessho: He granted me freedom, saying that the scales on my limbs made us beastman kin!
He then went so far as to invite me into his home!

Gessho: When we began to speak more freely, I realized the Sagelord was as concerned for the fate of his homeland as I was for mine.

Gessho: Night faded into morning as we discussed a great many subjects...

Gessho: One of the more interesting topics concerned the Astral Candescence.

Gessho: Sagelord Molaal Ja believed the Empire's purported reasons for holding the candescence to be false, and that Aht Urhgan sought to use the treasure for military purposes.

Gessho: And when the Empire had mastered its use, he was convinced that nothing but catastrophe awaited the city of Mamook...

Gessho: In other words, the Mamool Ja seek to claim the candescence more to prevent the Empire from achieving its goals than to gain the blessings of power that the treasure provides.

Gessho: He was careful not to reveal the source of his information, but I felt the plight of his people most keenly.

Gessho: What could be the truth behind the nature of the Astral Candescence, and the Empire's designs?

Gessho: I wonder if remaining agents of the Empire is truly in our best interests...

Gessho: Now, which beastman territory would you like to hear about?

Which tale will you hear?
Halvung. <----- Chose this option!
Arrapago Reef.

Gessho: Unfortunately, I have yet to visit the city of the Trolls.

Gessho: It is most certainly on the list of places I would like to explore in the very near future.

Gessho: Do you know the reason why?

Gessho: It may surprise you.

Gessho: The ghost ship, be her name the Ashu Talif or the Black Coffin, has been seen frequenting the port of Halvung.

Gessho: What could possibly connect the ghost ship with the Trolls...?

Gessho: I will seek my answers at the source.

Gessho: Hm?
Why am I son concerned with the position of the beastmen?

Gessho: This information greatly affects us as mercenaries of the Empire.

Gessho: Should a dawn come when the spirits of the ghost ship and the mighty Trolls join forces and assault Al Zahbi from both land and sea simultaneously...

Gessho: No matter how valiantly they fight, the Serpent Generals and mercenary forces will be hard pressed to hold the city...

Gessho: Now, which beastman territory would you like to hear about?

Which tale will you hear?
Arrapago Reef. <----- Chose this option!

Gessho: I have been to that place once since we boarded the ghost ship.

Gessho: More than the vessel herself, I am interested in the captain, Luzaf...

Gessho: However, I was unable to investigate either this time.

Gessho: Lord/Lady Player name.

Gessho: If those sailors have in fact returned from the grave after several hundred years...

Gessho: ...then might there not be some terrible will at work here?

Gessho: Even without these undead corsairs and armies of shambling corpses...

Gessho: Even without the constant bloodshed on the eastern front...

Gessho: The borders of this nation are forever drenched in the stench of death.

Gessho: I wish to learn the truth.
That is the only reason...

Gessho: I have exhausted my stock of tales for the moment.

Gessho: On my next journ--

Gessho: An attack!

???: Ohohohoho!

???: I could have sworn I saw a Yagudo here sipping tea without a care...

Karababa: A pity, I was hoping for the chance to cast Flare...

King of Hearts: Oh?
I sEeM*tO hAvE*foUNd aN*adVEntURer.

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
ShaLL I*rEPoRt*tO LaDy*KaRabAbA?

Karababa: King of Hearts, you have no time to play.

King of Hearts: !?

Karababa: Hurry up now, and do as I say.

King of Hearts: I hAD*comPLetELy fOR*goTTeN mY*miSsiON!

King of Hearts: I shaLL*bE bACk*moMeNtaRiLY!

King of Hearts: SweETs!*SweETs!
SweETs*fOR tHE*wEaRY!

Karababa: Oh dearie me.
That one will need an overhaul once we return to the Manustery...

Karababa: Oho?
Who have we here...?

Karababa: Ah, my mistake, though the resemblance is near.

Karababa: An ambassador from our magical nation,
would not know a sould among the Aht Urhgan mercenary population.

Karababa: Ohohoho!
But this is just the thing!

Karababa: My local guide has a habit of disappearing...

Karababa: It really is quite tragic to be dependent on such a fool...

Karababa: But perhaps you might prove a more reliable tool?

Become Karababa's guide?
If I have to...
Not on your life! <----- Chose this option!

Karababa: Then I'd be happy to begin proceedings for an inquiry commission...

Karababa: And have you branded a traitor of foul ambition.

Karababa: I'm quite the expert in international laws.
Of course, the choice to refuse me is entirely yours.

Become Karababa's guide?
If I have to... <----- Chose this option!
Not on your life!

Karababa: You'll do fine, I'm sure!
No time for slacking; let us begin the tour!

Karababa: You are familiar with the lay of the land, I presume?
I wish to see the ruins known by the name of Olduum.

Karababa: Olduum...

Karababa: There are few in Windurst who would recognize the name.

Karababa: It's the philosopher Ramuh who has stolen all the fame.

Karababa: His legendary staff bears the moniker "Olduum," you see.
Ramuh used it to manipulate lightning and electricity.

Karababa: Legend has it that he created tools and carts that moved on this power alone.
Though I wonder how many of these tales were set in stone.

Karababa: There is some truth to the stories, I feel.
And I mean to get to the bottom of this deal.

Karababa: There are rumors of such tools being dug up in the Aydeewa Subterrane.

Karababa: Could this technology be used to drive a Cardian's brain...?

Ovjang: Aphmau!

Ovjang: Is this the Shararat Teahouse?

Aphmau: Oh, Ovjang.
Don't you remember coming here with the Grand Vizier?

Ovjang: I did...?

Ovjang: What is that wonderful aroma?

Aphmau: He wouldn't let me try any of the food for fear of upsetting my delicate stomach...

Ovjang: And then you got in trouble for stuffing an entire helvasi into your mouth.

Karababa: Ohohohoho!

Ovjang: Was that...?

Aphmau: It couldn't be...

Karababa: Ohohoho. Such a rich scent.
I think my weariness finally got up and went.

King of Hearts: I hAD*tHEm GriND*tHE hiGHesT*quaLiTY bEAns*fOr yOU, LaDy*KaRabAbA.

Karababa: As well you should.
This sutlac pudding is also quite good...

Karababa: So soft and sweet, just like when I was young.
This wonderful dessert just melts on the tongue...

Karababa: Ohohohohohoho!

Aphmau: I could never mistake that laugh...

Ovjang: Seeing her in the flesh brings my oil back to a boil...

Aphmau: And to have her enjoying those wonderful sweets right before my eyes...

Aphmau: To taste the things that I was never allowed to...

Aphmau: That's it!
She's going on my enemy-for-life list!

Ovjang: You'll get no disagreement from me.

Ovjang: Hm?
Isn't that...?

Ovjang: Aphmau!
Look over there!

Aphmau: ...?

Aphmau: !!!

Aphmau: The Salaheem's Sentinels mercenary!

Ovjang: What was the name?
Player name?

Aphmau: Yes, I remember him/her well.

Aphmau: A Windurstian ambassador and a mercenary...
What could it mean?

Aphmau: Hmph...

Aphmau: What could she possibly have to say to a mercenary?

Aphmau: I can't hear a thing from here!

Ovjang: I'm glad we were able to see him/her again!

Aphmau: Hmph!

Aphmau: Listen to me, Ovjang!
I'm going to try and move a little closer.

Ovjang: Are you sure you can do it without being noticed?

Aphmau: <Sigh>
Why do you think we stopped by the Immortals' supply room?

Aphmau: Don't worry!
I know exactly what I'm doing.

Aphmau uses a pot of silent oil!

Ovjang: Oho. Very clever.

Ovjang uses a pot of silent oil!

Aphmau: Let's go!

Ovjang: Roger!

Karababa: So you see, by my calculation, a weak current passed through the central nervous system should improve a Cardian's reflex speed...

Karababa: By up to 3 times, or maybe more, should we have the need.

Karababa: That is why I need to analyze the insulation used in Olduum artifacts.
I do hate to work in nothing but abstracts.

Aphmau: (Hmmm... So she's interested in the Olduum civilization...)

Karababa: The reason these puppets are so easy to maintain,
has much to do with those ruins and the secrets they contain...

Ovjang: (Oh...whoah...!)

Ovjang: (Aphm-mau...)

Aphmau: (What is it?)

Ovjang: (I c-can't...hold on for much l-longer...)

Aphmau: (It's okay. We can leave soon.)

Ovjang: (We can go? What did you find out?)

Aphmau: (It looks like the ambassador and Player name are going to travel to the ruins...)

Aphmau: (I wonder which part...?)

Ovjang: (I-Im going to...!)

Karababa: Did you understand my explanation?
Because now Aydeewa Subterrane is our next destination.

Karababa: Of course, there is no such option as "no."
Gather your things and be ready to go.

Aphmau: (Maybe I'll follow them to the ruins...)

Karababa: It should be a short trip.

Karababa: But until I find the best example of Olduum insulation, you'll be getting no tip!

Aphmau: (Hmmm...)

Aphmau: (So that's what she's looking for...)

Karababa: There are treasure-hunting beastmen lurking inside,
so make sure you protect this fragile diplomat with your tough mercenary hide.

Aphmau: !?

Aphmau: (How dare she bully Player name around like that...)

Aphmau: (Unacceptable!)

Aphmau: (Player name is my mercenary. the only one allowed to bully him/her...)

Aphmau: (...is me!)

Ovjang: (Aphmau, I can't hold on much longer...!)

Karababa: What on Vana'diel was that noise?
Sounds like someone just lost her poise.

King of Hearts: My sENsoRs*dO NOt*deTEcT aNy*thREat.

King of Hearts: It mAY*hAvE beEN*a mOUsE oR*oNe oF tHOsE*QiQiRn.

Karababa: Oho.