«FFXI-Movie» 0367 ToAU 19 - Sweets for the Soul

«FFXI-Movie» 0367 ToAU 19 - Sweets for the Soul

Game Script

Sweets for the Soul - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Abquhbah: Is she still getting ready?

Abquhbah: ...

Abquhbah: How could she still be getting ready?

Abquhbah: <Sigh>...
(She must still be getting ready...)

Abquhbah: Although I really don't think the ambassador plenipotentiary from Windurst will have time to talk shop the moment she sets foot in Al Zahbi...

Abquhbah: Ah, Player name, excellent timing!

Abquhbah: You must help me convince President Naja to speed up her preparations.

Abquhbah: At this rate, we'll miss the ambassador's arrival!

Naja Salaheem: Abquhbah!

Abquhbah: Y-yes, ma'am!

Naja Salaheem: How do I look from the back?
Is everything tucked in and tied up?

Abquhbah: Y-yes, ma'am!
Just perfect!

Abquhbah: Okay, now we must get a move on!

Naja Salaheem: You in a hurry?

Abquhbah: Well, the ambassador...
I thought we should at least be present when she make a good impression...

Naja Salaheem: Well, well!

Naja Salaheem: Looks like some of my business sense is finally rrrubbin' off on ya.

Naja Salaheem: Were ya thinkin' I just wanted to get a glimpse of those Cardians Ibwam's been wrrritin' to us about from Windurst?

Abquhbah: No, ma'am!
That would be like comparing kaplumbaga to dragons!
Those inferior contraptions couldn't hold a candle to the automatons of Aht Urhgan, especially masterpieces like Mnejing!

Naja Salaheem: Ah, the partner to that puffed-up puppet, Ovjang? Ya gotta wonder how the palace picks its puppeteers...

Abquhbah: President Naja!
You might be overheard by the Immortals!

Abquhbah: Those automatons belonged to the previous Emperor and Empress!

Abquhbah: And the Royal Puppeteer is--

Abquhbah: W-wait!
Don't leave without me!

Rodin-Comidin: Not long now.
The charter ferry should be here soon...

Rodin-Comidin: So which should I say is better? I was specificaly forbidden to return to Windurst until I had the answer to that question...

Rodin-Comidin: Oh!
Oh no...

Rodin-Comidin: If she's grown impatient enough to come and see for herself, then what might she do to me...?

Rodin-Comidin: !

Rodin-Comidin: Welcome, welcome, welcome!
I trust you had a pleasant journey?

Rodin-Comidin: I have breathlessly awaited your arrival.

???: YoUr*grEeT*inG iS aPprEC*iAteD, RodiN-CoMidiN.

Rodin-Comidin: My pleasure, King of Hearts.

King of Hearts: HoW*eVEr...

Rodin-Comidin: !?

King of Hearts: OvEr*loNg grEeT*iNgS aRe a*wAstE oF tiMe.
AnD*reMEmbEr, tHiS*iS eNeMY*teRriTOry.

???: Ohohohoho!

???: That will do, King of Hearts.
Rodin-Comidin has been long in these parts.

Rodin-Comidin: Doctor Shan--
Ah, I mean, Lady Karababa!

Karababa: I hate to admit it when things are my fault.
How silly of me to employ such a dolt...

Rodin-Comidin: Th-the representatives of the city have come to greet you.

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
So mAnY*iMPorTaNT*pEOpLe wiTh sO*liTtLE tO Do.

Karababa: Well, I have come as the ambassador for an entire nation.
My very presence should be cause for pomp and celebration.

Rodin-Comidin: ...!

Rodin-Comidin: Doctor Shan...

Rodin-Comidin: Ah, Lady Karababa.
The adventurer in question is just over...

King of Hearts: ArE yOu*hARd of hEaR*iNg?
ThiS Is*eNEmY*teRriTOry. MiNd*yOUr toNgUe.

Karababa: Hoho...

Karababa: This is a battle for information.
And we stand in the center of our rival nation.

Rodin-Comidin: Y-yes, ma'am...

Amnaf: Welcome to the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

Amnaf: The Empress awaits you within the palace, Lady karababa.
This way, if you please.

Karababa: Your security is quite tight.

Amnaf: We apologize for any inconvenience...

Karababa: And this is to protect me, am I right?

Karababa: Or, could it be...
This nation stands in fear of me?

Amnaf: We would never...

Mnejing: Pay your obeisance...

Karababa: Hello? Did the puppet find a voice?
Although I don't think its first utterance was a wise choice.

King of Hearts: PeRhaPS*iT iS mALfuNctioN*iNg?

Mnejing: I asked you to pay your obeisance...

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...

King of Hearts: A SouLLeSs*puPpET sHOuLd*NevER hAvE*beEN cOmpARed*tO tHe*cARdiAnS.

King of Hearts: ThErE,*thErE...
WhY dON't*yOU tRy*yOUr gREetiNg*aGaiN?

Mnejing: I do not wish to repeat myself...

Mnejing: Our nation has its own laws.
Foreign visitors would do well to mind their tongues.

Karababa: ...?

Mnejing: It appears to be true when they say that the further west you travel in Urhguum, the less civilized people become...

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
Do yoU*coNSideR yoURseLf*rOyaLTy*nOw?
ThiS oNe*mAY rEquiRE*a coMpLete rE*fiTTiNg.

King of Hearts: I aM*a kINg*AMoNg tHE*cARdiaNs.

King of Hearts: YoU wiLL*teLL mE*yOUr rANk.

Mnejing: What did you say...?

King of Hearts: Hm...?
ArE yOU*a "2"? A "3"?
PeRHapS*eVEn*a "JaCk"?

Mnejing: You...!?

Mnejing: How dare you speak to us in that...

Amnaf: !!!

King of Hearts: Oh?
I thiNK*I bRokE*iT.

Karababa: ...

Mnejing: ...

Aphmau: Speak to "us..."

Aphmau: ...

Aphmau: I'm such a fool...

Aphmau: The Grand Vizier will be furious with me...

Aphmau: ...

Ovjang: What is the matter?
Like I always say, "Crying won't--"

Aphmau: "...solve anything."

Aphmau: I know.
There must be something I can do...

Aphmau: Yes, Mnejing was merely mimicking the Empress.

Aphmau: Ovjang, would you please wake Mnejing up again?

Ovjang: If I must...

Mnejing: ...

Karababa: Ohohoho!
What a fascinating contrivance, I must say.

Karababa: Do your "automatons" often break down in this way?

Amnaf: No, Lady Karababa, this rarely...

Karababa: The wonderful Cardians of my homeland, you see,
are notoriously well made and quite problem-free!

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
YoU muST*sToP, LaDy*KaRabAbA.

King of Hearts: It iS*obViOUs wE*caNnOT bE coMParEd*tO jUNk*LikE tHIs.

Mnejing: Impudence!

King of Hearts: !?

King of Hearts: SuCH*sUddeN swiNGs*iN pERforMaNce!

King of Hearts: SuCH*unReLiabLE*tEchNOloGY!

Mnejing: Enough. Away with you.

King of Hearts: AnD whErE*dO yOU*SuGgESt*I gO?

King of Hearts: ThErE iS*noThiNG buT*oCEaN*beHinD mE!

Aphmau: Infuriating!

Aphmau: But I seem to have redirected their attention...

Ovjang: That Cardian really makes my oil boil.

Ovjang: We cannot forgive this insolence, Aphmau.

Aphmau: ...
I...I suppose...

Aphmau: But they are honored guests of the Grand Vizier.

Ovjang: Humph!

Aphmau: <Sigh>...

Ovjang: How can you let them insult you so?

Aphmau: ...It does not bother me.

Ovjang: Mnejing must be upset to the point of tears!

Ovjang: That King of Huffiness needs to be taught a lesson!

Ovjang: There must be something...

Ovjang: !

Ovjang: I have an idea!

Aphmau: An idea...?

Ovjang: Listen, Aphmau...

Ovjang: <Whisper whisper...>

King of Hearts: We seEM*tO hAvE loSt*tHE puPpeT*aGaiN.

King of Hearts: Is tHIs*tHE kiND oF*weLComE yOU*pRoVidE foR*viSiTorS tO*Aht UrHgaN?

Amnaf: My apologies...
This way, Lady Karababa...

Karababa: Hello? And I thought we were through.
It appears my welcome is still to continue.

King of Hearts: ?

King of Hearts: OHo!
So yOU*reSoRT to*fiSTs wHeN*woRDs CaNnoT*wiN fOR yOU?

King of Hearts: LaDy*KaRabAbA.
ThiS iS*cLeARly a*cASe oF seLF*dEfeNSe.

King of Hearts: PeRMisSioN*to uTiLizE*pHYsiCaL FoRce.

Karababa: Ohohohoho.
Why, this is just part of the fun.
I wouldn't dream of asking you to turn tail and run.

King of Hearts: HehE*heHEhE...
SomE*eNDuRanCe buT*coMpLeteLy LaCkiNg*iN cOMbaT*SkiLL...

Karababa: And now my welcome has come to an end?
A rather sad showing for an international friend.

Karababa: I expected tigers and marids and wildlife galore.
Not one giant puppet--this was really quite a bore...

Amnaf: Once again, I apologize...

Amnaf: Now if you would just follow me to the palace, the Empress awaits...

Karababa: You know what? I don't think I will.
I feel the need to spend some of my gil.

Amnaf: Wha--?

Karababa: Rodin-Comidin!

Rodin-Comidin: Yes, Lady Karababa!?

Karababa: I wish to partake of some exotic sweets.
Would you know where to find some delectable treats?

Rodin-Comidin: Of course!
Th-there's a wonderful place just down this way.
The clientele is a little "varied," however...

Karababa: The stranger the better, as I always say.

Karababa: Come, King of Hearts, let us be on our way.

Amnaf: But...the Empress...

Karababa: An ambassador to your nation has just been assaulted by your automated vandal.
This could lead to an international scandal.

Karababa: I require sweets to sothe my anger and forget this affront.
You have no say in the matter, to be quite blunt.

King of Hearts: SWeeTs*aRe bESt*foR tHE weARy*Soul...

Amnaf: Understood...

Karababa: (During the voyage, the ocean spray dampened this Cardian's power.)

Karababa: (And still your vaunted automaton simply wilted like a flower...)

Karababa: Ohohohohohoho!

Ovjang: ...

Ovjang: ...

Ovjang: ...

Ovjang: ...!

Aphmau: Ovjang?
Are you awake?

Ovjang: Why, Aphmau...

Ovjang: Why couldn't Mnejing use that phrase, "Show some damn respect!"

(variant, cause unknown)

Ovjang: Why couldn't Mnejing say anything...

Aphmau: I'm sorry...

Aphmau: But look, Ovjang...

Ovjang: ...

Aphmau: Come on, look!

Aphmau: I've changed my clothes!

Ovjang: Changed your clothes?

Aphmau: Heehee.

Ovjang: Oh!
Y-you're wearing the red outfit!

Aphmau: If I wear this, no one will ever realize it's us.

Ovjang: Does this mean you've finally decided to carry out our plan?

Aphmau: Yes, and this time I mean it.

Aphmau: You know you're the only one I could never lie to.

Ovjang: That's true.

Aphmau: And we have to keep this completely secret from the Grand Vizier!

Aphmau: Okay?

Ovjang: Wonderful.

Ovjang: And so? Where are we going first?

Ovjang: The Sharara--

Aphmau: <Yaaawn>...

Aphmau: I feel terribly sleepy all of a sudden...

Aphmau: I think I shall retire to my bedchamber..

Ovjang: Now things are getting interesting...

Naja Salaheem: Well, that was a little more interestin' than I expected.

Naja Salaheem: It's not every day ya get to see an international showdown.

Naja Salaheem: Now, the only problem is...

Naja Salaheem: How do I convince that ambassador that my mercenaries are superior to her pet puppet?

Naja Salaheem: When ya get rrright down to it, my employees are a bunch of useless, no-good...

Naja Salaheem: Hm?

Naja Salaheem: Well, if it ain't Assault rank Player name.

Naja Salaheem: What did ya think of that puppet tussle?
Did ya find it amusin'?

Did you find it amusing?
Most certainly. <----- Chose this option!
Not really.

Naja Salaheem: Rrreally...

Did you find it amusing?
Most certainly.
Not really. <----- Chose this option!

Naja Salaheem: No...?

Naja Salaheem: I don't have time for layabout, good-for-nothin' louts just lookin' to entertain themselves!

Naja Salaheem: Stop foolin' arrround and get back to work!

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