Mission Name Passing Glory
Number ToAU 18
Start NPC Naja Salaheem (I-10) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Level 50+
Reward Trust: Gessho (optional)
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Guests of the Empire Sweets for the Soul


  • Zone and wait until the next game day, then talk to Naja Salaheem.
    • If you have a KeyItemTrust permit, you can now examine the cushion in Shararat Teahouse (J-12) to obtain Trust: Gessho. You do not need to zone or wait until the next game day to obtain the trust; he can be obtained in the meantime.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Your reward from the Empress has been confiscated by President Naja. Earn the right to wear it by becoming the best mercenary you can be.
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