«FFXI-Movie» 0351 ToAU 16 - Ghosts of the Past

«FFXI-Movie» 0351 ToAU 16 - Ghosts of the Past

Game Script

Ghosts of the Past - Arrapago Reef
No script applicable
Ghosts of the Past - Nashmau
Gessho: Nashmau...?

Gessho: !!!

Gessho: Player name!

Pyopyoroon: Pyopyo-pyorooon!

Pyopyoroon: It's the ghooost hunter!

Pyopyoroon: Yooo jump from ghooost ship!
Pyopyoroon not believing eyes!

Gessho: Our efforts seem in vain.
The Ashu Talif and her crew still haunts these seas...

Gessho: That captain...
The strange aura he conceals...

Gessho: No, I am most likely thinking too much.

Gessho: And I have yet to report to you the information I have discovered about that vessel.

Gessho: If the rumors are true, the ship we boarded is known as the "Black Coffin."

Gessho: However, according to the history books, the Black Coffin was meant to have sunk almost two hundred years ago...

Gessho: At the time, she was crewed by the rebels of Ephramad.

Gessho: Also known as "corsairs."

Gessho: This word basically means "pirate."
But the corsairs were far more than simple brigands.

Gessho: They were the heroes of a lost kingdom, clashing valiantly against the vast might of the Empire in a bid to reclaim their nation.

Gessho: The admiral that led to corsairs into battle...

Gessho: ...was Prince Luzaf.

Gessho: A courageous warrior feared by his enemies...

Gessho: Ah, it seems my feathers have dried...

Gessho: These are not for plucking!

Gessho: I shall return to my tale.

Gessho: This port town of Nashmau, now home to these Qiqirn, was once a naval base built by the surviving citizens of Ephramad.

Gessho: With Nashmau at their center, the Arrapago Island were the last refuge remaining to the survivors of Ephramad...

Gessho: And the last stronghold of Prince Luzaf...

Gessho: He carried the torch of his people's hopes, and turned it into a blazing inferno for vengeance...

Gessho: If the rumors are indeed accurate, then man we encountered on that ship...

Gessho: In any case, we are certain that the Ashu Talif is more than just a tavern rumor.

Gessho: It may sound like another fairy tale, but I intend to report everything I have learned to President Naja.

Gessho: If we tell her the same on different occasion, she may place more credence to the story.

Gessho: Our mercenary assessment should benefit from this as well, do you not agree?

Gessho: I leave immediately for Al Zahbi!

Gessho: I advise you to do the same.

Gessho: Farewell, Player name!

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