Mission Name The Black Coffin
Number ToAU 15
Start NPC Naja Salaheem (I-10) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Level 70+
Items Needed KeyItemEphramadian Gold Coin
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The Dolphin Crest Ghosts of the Past

Caedarva Mire Map 2


The Cutter


  • Travel to the Cutter in Arrapago Reef (H-8), and approach it for a cutscene. This can be reached at (G-9) on Dvucca Isle, the same map as the Dvucca Isle Staging Point.
  • Examine the Cutter (H-8) and select "The Black Coffin" to enter an uncapped, 6-player battlefield.
  • Upon victory, you will be transported to Nashmau for a cutscene.
    • Participants who have already completed the mission will remain on the dock of the Cutter.


Game Description

Mission Orders
A mercenary colleague has reported feeling an ominous presence to the west of Dvucca Isle...

Battle Video

Black Coffin Battle

Black Coffin Battle

Black Coffin solo (part 1)

Black Coffin solo (part 1)

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