«FFXI-Movie» 0348 ToAU 13 - Lost Kingdom

«FFXI-Movie» 0348 ToAU 13 - Lost Kingdom

Game Script

Lost Kingdom - Nashmau
Pyopyoroon: Pyopyo-pyorooon!

Pyopyoroon: Yooo brought vial of Jody's acid! Nose of Pyopyoroon can tell!

Pyopyoroon: Brrr. Brrr.

Pyopyoroon: Pyopyoroon make yooo vial of spectral scent!
Yooo see spooky ghooost!

Pyopyoroon: Pyopyoroon is master perfoom maker! Make smelly smell into sweeet smell!

Pyopyoroon: Yooo take!

Pyopyoroon: Ooold smell is hard smell to make. But ghooost will smell, maybe cry?

Pyopyoroon: Yooo go west! Many rooocks, many stooones!
Yooo find ghooost!

Lost Kingdom - Caedarva Mire
The name "Sir Jazaraat" is engraved on the headstone...

A sudden, piercing wind blows over you.

Player name hears a voice...

Jazaraat: That familiar...
My anymore...

Jazaraat: My Urhgan...

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