Start NPC Leleroon - Nashmau (G-7)
Requirements Against All Odds active or complete
Items Needed Body:
Key ItemLeleroon's Letter (Red)
Gold Chain
Velvet Cloth
Red Grass Cloth
Imperial Gold Piece

Key ItemLeleroon's Letter (Green)
Gold Thread
Karakul Leather
Red Grass Cloth
Wamoura Silk
Imperial Mythril Piece x4
Key ItemLeleroon's Letter (Blue)
Laminated Buffalo Leather
Mythril Sheet
Karakul Leather
Wolf Felt
Imperial Mythril Piece x4

Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Corsair's Frac
Corsair's Gants
Corsair's Bottes
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Against All Odds None


This miniquest does not appear in the quest log.

  • After flagging Against All Odds, speak with Leleroon in Nashmau at (G-7). Leleroon asks which armor piece you'd like.
    • You can choose the pieces in any order.
    • Once you've chosen an armor piece, you must complete it before you can start another one.
    • Leleroon's miniquests are not required at all to complete Against All Odds.
    • Leleroon's miniquests can be started during or after Against All Odds.




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