«FFXI-Movie» 0357 COR 4 - Against All Odds

Game Script

Against All Odds - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Zweeha: Player name... It's me.

Zweeha: The Empire knows my face, so I had to come in disguise.

Zweeha: It is time to go now. Are you ready?

Mutihb: Where are we going? I can think of several places they might be...

Aznahf: We don't have time for this.

Zweeha: I know Imutira.

Zweeha: She burns with a desire for revenge. I am sure she will try to put Qultada through the same thing she went through.

Aznahf: What does she plan to do to him?

Zweeha: Throw him overboard, of course.

Mutihb: There is a dock on Arrapago Reef.

Zweeha: I would wager that that is where she is taking him.

Wasuhd: Hey, wait up!

Zweeha: Well hello, Wasuhd. Have you been helping your father like a good boy?

Wasuhd: Is it true that Qultada is going to be executed? I heard some people talking at the teahouse...

Zweeha: ...

Zweeha: Don't worry. Leave everything to us.

Zweeha: Make some chai for us so we can relax when we get back, okay?

Wasuhd: ...Okay. Got it.

Zweeha: This is for you. You will need it to get on the ship.

Zweeha: If you happen to lose it, ask Wasuhd for another. I will leave a spare with him.

Zweeha: Let us go, Player name.

Against All Odds (pt.1) - Arrapago Reef
Imutira: Looks like the big, tough captain is all bark and no bite, eh?

Qultada: ...

Imutira: The orobon are going to enjoy such easy prey.

Yazquhl: Do you think his crew will show up?

Imutira: They'll be here, no doubt about that. The corsairs will do anything if they feel it's their duty... It's about the only thing they really care about.

Imutira: It'll just make it all the easier to net them all at once and cast them into the sea where they belong.

Qultada: Such naivety.

Yazquhl: What do you know?

Qultada: I have told you before... You underestimate my crew.

Yazquhl: Impudence.
How should I remember all of your foolish remarks?

Yazquhl: You think it's funny, eh? You should be praying for a miracle...

Qultada: A corsair needs no sword or gun.

Qultada: Luck is our weapon.

Qultada: I would laugh on the steps to the guillotine. That's the way of the corsair.

Yazquhl: This is madness.

Yazquhl: I will finish this now.

Qultada: Go ahead.

Qultada: You're late!

Zweeha: Nice spot you've managed to get yourself into.

Qultada: No need to fight over me, ladies.

Zweeha: Is that bandanna wrapped around your head too tight?

Imutira: You've got a lot of nerve to insinuate...

Qultada: Stay right where you are, hound, unless you desire to meet your fate...

Yazquhl: Don't think that you will escape us today... I've planned ahead.

Yazquhl: Today the Seagull Phratrie will join their ancestors in their watery grave.

Yazquhl: The Empire of Aht Urhgan triumphs once again!

Imutira: Time for your last words, Qultada.

Yazquhl: You too, Imutira.

Yazquhl: Good work. Your job is over. You now.

Imutira: What is the meaning of this!?

Yazquhl: Did you really think the Empire would let a former corsair just walk away without punishment?

Yazquhl: Then again... If you want to become like that Galka, go right ahead.

Gowam: ...Cor...sairs... Die.... Kill...

Uki Pupakkuh: ...There she goes.

Zweeha: Again...

Aznahf: What should we do?

Uki Pupakkuh: Hmmm...

Zweeha: I suppose we should save her.

Uki Pupakkuh: Ah, now that you mention it, she still has the hydrogauge, doesn't she?

Yazquhl: You should be worrying about yourselves now, corsairs!

Qultada: Fine.

Qultada: Player name, everything else is in your hands!

Against All Odds (pt.2) - Arrapago Reef
Qultada: Hmph, my favorite clothes are completely soaked now, and it's all your fault.

Imutira: End it already...

Qultada: ...

Imutira: Why did you have to save me?
Why don't you end my life already!?

Imutira: I'm so sick and tired of running...

Imutira: No matter where I run to, I'll be a wanted person for the rest of my life...

Imutira: And on top of that, I lost the closest person to me...

Imutira: To you corsairs...

Imutira: My brother...

Qultada: I did not take up this weapon so I could kill people.

Qultada: Did you not see it in your brother?

Qultada: "There is no glory or honor in this battle, and it will rage on until you have gained or lost all you have ever desired.

Qultada: "Yet I have faith that even without our king, you shall achieve honor through your companions. Even should you end up in an early grave, your friends will pass on the tales of your glory until time's end."

Qultada: If you want to end your life so badly, I am sure you can accomplish that on your own.

Qultada: We are corsairs.

Qultada: We believe in our companions...

Qultada: And we will continue to navigate the seas until they turn to dry land.

Imutira: ...!

Imutira: Jahqib!

Imutira: I wanted so badly to avenge your death...

Imutira: ...

Imutira: You always looked so happy...

Imutira: But now I believe I know why you decided to become a corsair...

Imutira: Qultada, when I turned against you and fell into the sea...

Imutira: I thought I would never forgive you or the waves that took my brother from me.

Imutira: I really believed that, but now...

Imutira: Now, I'm not so sure...

Imutira: The sound of the ocean and the scent of the sea breeze...

Imutira: I don't think I can ever let them go.

Uki Pupakkuh: This is disgusting... Why does the captain always have to act like this in front of women?

Aznahf: Tell me about it...

Zweeha: I have never met such a great fool in all my life...

Aznahf: Heheh... So Player name's finally going to become an official member of our crew now...

Zweeha: Be quiet. The ceremony is about to begin.

Qultada: Player name...
Do you pledge to stand firm through any storm and to reach for the skies...

Qultada: To never betray your companions no matter what the reason, and to be loyal to your crew for all eternity?

Take the pledge?
I swear.
What was that last part?
Take the pledge?
I swear.
What was that last part?

Qultada: Goddess of the Cyan Deep...

Qultada: Today we welcome a valiant corsair to our ranks!

Qultada: Player name, keep the pledge always in your heart...

Qultada: And together we shall travel beyond the horizon...

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