• Skill level: 290
  • Delivers an area attack that deals wind elemental damage. Damage increases with TP.
  • aligned with the Breeze Gorget


  • Modifiers: INT & MAB
  • Heavily modified by Magic attack bonus
  • Appears to be a 25% damage increase for every 100 TP


  • Dagger skill level 290 is obtainable by the following jobs at these corresponding levels:
Job Rating Level
Thief A- 80
Dancer B+ 80 @5 merits
  • Dancer cannot obtain this weaponskill without five dagger merits, or the equivalent of +9 Dagger skill.
  • Any job with a dagger skill of 290+ and THF or DNC set as a support job can use this weapon skill.
  • due to a current issue when using skill gear to obtain this WS early, you must unequip your main hand weapon and re-equip it every time you macro out your skill+ gear.


Video:Aeolian Edge

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