Adventuring Fellow Weapons

  • As your Bond increases, Luto Mewrilah offers to take weapons from you and give them to your fellow. If she acknowledges the trade, your fellow will equip the weapon.
    • +1 items are not accepted.
  • The type of weapon you trade determines which weapon skills your fellow can perform, and attack speed and damage, per generic averages for that weapon class. The actual damage/delay rating of the specific model weapon itself is ignored.
  • Your fellow has an 'A+' rating for all weapons and uses weapon skills available at his/her skill level.
  • You can trade a shield along with a one-handed weapon to Luto.
  • Hand-to-Hand Weapons attack twice per round if your fellow is an "Attacker" or "Fierce Attacker". Other styles only attack once per round.
    • Your fellow performs weapon skills more often with this setup. This can be useful for the A Trial in Tandem quests.
  • The weapon your fellow wields does not always look like the weapon you traded. Weapons denoted by an asterisk in the following chart denote which weapon changes appearance on your fellow. The weapon in brackets is the model used.
  • You must trade Luto a weapon from the first tier Level 1 initially. To unlock further tiers, you must increase your Adventuring Fellow Bond and talk to Luto until she gives the appropriate message.

Luto's chat messages for each level:

  • Level 1: PC, I have a question for you. How do you go about choosing a weapon?
  • Level 2: NPC told me he was thinking about upgrading his weapon.
  • Level 3: About NPC's weapon...I think your pal is looking for a new one again.
  • Level 4: I thought a new weapon or shield would make a nice gift in thanks for all the hard work your frrriend has done for me.
  • Level 5: PC, the weapon that NPC is using is not the one that I gave him/her...
  • Level 6: I saw NPC going into a weapon store carrying one of our gifts...
  • Level 7: There was a moogle wandering along carrying some weapons.....Oh, that reminds me, if you want to give me something for NPC, I'll be happy to do the honors.
   Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Axes Bronze Axe Brass Axe Battleaxe*

{Orcish Axe}

War Pick Mythril Axe*



{Darksteel Axe}

Mythril Pick*


Clubs Bronze Mace Bronze Hammer Willow Wand Brass Rod Bone Cudgel Bone Rod*

{Martial Wand}

Darksteel Mace*


Daggers Bronze Knife Brass Dagger Baselard Kukri Kris Bone Knife*

{Thief's Knife}

Darksteel Knife*

{Odorous Knife}

Katana Kunai Wakizashi Hibari*


Busuto Kodachi*


Sakurafubuki Kabutowari
Swords Bronze Sword Xiphos Scimitar Longsword Tuck Tulwar*

{Kaiser Sword}



Shields Lauan Shield Shell Shield Aspis Mahogany Shield Kite Shield Targe Heater Shield
Cesti Bronze Knuckles Baghnakhs Claws Katars Patas Jamadhars*


Butterfly Axe Greataxe Hydro Axe*



{Heavy Axe}


{Gigant Axe}

Heavy Axe*

{Leucos Voulge}

Hydro Cutter*

{Rune Chopper}

Uchigatana Nodachi Kanesada Ashura Hosodachi Mikazuki Kiku-Ichimonji*



{Darksteel Claymore}

Two-Handed Sword*


Inferno Sword Falx Mythril Claymore Greatsword Ram-Dao
Polearms Harpoon Bronze Spear Spear*


Lance Halberd*


Mythril Lance*

{Cermet Lance}

Scythes Bronze Zaghnal Brass Zaghnal Scythe Zaghnal Mythril Scythe Mythril Zaghnal Mandibular Sickle

{Ivory Sickle}

Staves Ash Staff Holly Staff Holly Pole Spiked Club Oak Staff*

{Monster Signa}

Oak Pole Quarterstaff*


Adventuring Fellow Armor

  • The armor that your Adventuring Fellow wears does not affect his or her statistics; it's only for looks.
  • As your Bond with your Adventuring Fellow increases, you will be given the option to "lock in" certain equipment that your NPC is wearing. This option appears at a Rendezvous Point under the heading Fashionable Equipment. When you select one of the equipment options under the Fashionable Equipment submenu, you will lock in that piece of equipment so that it will not change regardless of where you choose to level.
  • Your NPC will initially ask you what he or she should keep. If you answer "none", your NPC will respond as if he or she is disappointed. This means that nothing is locked and all four pieces of armor could change. Once you choose a piece of armor to lock, then all other pieces that you did not select will still be changeable. As your bond increases, you will be able to lock more than one armor piece at a time because immediately following your choice of armor piece, your NPC will ask "What else?"; you will then be able to select from a list of the three still unlocked armor pieces to keep.
  • There are four armor locks available, three gained as your Adventuring Fellow Bond increases, and one bought with Adventuring Fellow points.

Mage Armor path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Doublet Gloves Brais Gaiters
2 Trader's Saio Trader's Cuffs Trader's Slops Trader's Pigaches
3 Seer's Tunic Seer's Mitts Seer's Slacks Seer's Pumps
4 Gambison Bracers Hose Socks
5 Wool Robe Wool Cuffs Wool Slops Chestnut Sabots
6 Holy Breastplate Cuffs Slops Ash Clogs
7 T.M. Coat T.M. Cuffs T.M. Slops T.M. Pigaches
8 Earth Doublet Silk Mitts Silk Slacks Silk Pumps
9 Austere Robe Austere Cuffs Austere Slops Austere Sabots
10 Noble's Tunic Noble's Mitts Noble's Slacks Noble's Pumps
11 Errant Houppelande Errant Cuffs Errant Slops Errant Pigaches
12 Blessed Briault Blessed Mitts Blessed Trousers Blessed Pumps

Light Armor path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Lizard Jerkin Lizard Gloves Lizard Trousers Lizard Ledelsens
2 Chainmail Chain Mittens Chain Hose Greaves
3 Coral Scale Mail C. Fing. Gauntlets Coral Cuisses Coral Greaves
4 Kenpogi Tekko Sitabaki Kyahan
5 Shade Harness Shade Mittens Shade Tights Shade Leggings
6 Banded Mail Mufflers Breeches Sollerets
7 Raptor Jerkin Raptor Gloves Raptor Trousers Raptor Ledelsens
8 Shinobi Gi Shinobi Tekko Shinobi Hakama Shinobi Kyahan
9 R.K. Chainmail R.K. Mufflers R.K. Breeches R.K. Sollerets
10 Gavial Mail G. Fing. Gauntlets Gavial Cuisses Gavial Greaves
11 Alumine Haubert Alumine Moufles Alumine Brayettes Alumine Sollerets
12 Yasha Samue Yasha Tekko Yasha Hakama Yasha Sune-Ate

Heavy Armor Path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Scale Mail S. Fing. Gauntlets Scale Cuisses Scale Greaves
2 Breastplate Gauntlets Cuisses Plate Leggings
3 Mythril Breastplate Mythril Gauntlets Mythril Cuisses Mythril Leggings
4 Eisenbrust Eisenhentzes Eisendiechlings Eisenschuhs
5 Carap. Breastplate Carap. Gauntlets Iron Cuisses Iron Greaves
6 I.M. Cuirass I.M. Gauntlets I.M. Cuisses I.M. Sabatons
7 Hara-Ate Kote Haidate Sune-Ate
8 Scorp. Breastplate Scorp. Gauntlets Steel Cuisses Steel Greaves
9 Darksteel Cuirass Darksteel Gauntlets Darksteel Cuisses Darksteel Sabatons
10 Adaman Cuirass Adaman Gauntlets Adaman Cuisses Adaman Sabatons
11 Lord's Cuirass Lord's Gauntlets Lord's Cuisses Lord's Sabatons
12 Hachiman Domaru Hachiman Kote Hachiman Hakama Hachiman Sune-Ate

Freestyle Armor path

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE
2 Chocobo J. Coat Fish. Gloves Vagabond's Hose Field Boots
3 Bronze Harness No armor Bronze Subligar Solea
4 Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE
5 Blue Cotehardie Chocobo Gloves Fisherman's Hose Vagabond's Boots
6 Scorpion Harness Carpenter's Gloves Zodiac Subligar No armor
7 Justaucorps Battle Bracers Battle Hose Battle Boots
8 Coral Harness Coral Mittens Coral Subligar Coral Leggings
9 Cardinal Vest Mitts Slacks Shoes
10 Demon's Harness Bronze Mittens Femina Subligar Bronze Leggings
11 Bison Jacket Bison Wristbands Bison Kecks Bison Gamashes
12 Black Trader's Saio Black Trader's Cuffs Black Trader's Slops Black Trader's Pigaches

Note: The Level 12 "Black Trader" gear looks exactly like the Trader's Saio Set except Black, and not Red.
Note: "Zodiac Subligar" is a catch-all phrase for the subligars named after the signs of the zodiac.

Adventuring Fellow Headgear

As your Adventuring Fellow Bond grows stronger, you will be presented with the following headgear choices for your NPC to wear. These are for cosmetic purposes only; your NPC does not obtain the stats from these items. The headgear options are chosen at a Rendezvous Point. Which options you will get depend on the personality of your Adventuring Fellow:

Face Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Sullen ♂ Leather Bandana Iron Visor Trader's Chapeau Iron Mask Mythril Sallet Tiger Helm War Beret Austere Hat Wyvern Helm
Passionate ♂ Hachimaki Sallet Zunari Kabuto Scarlet Ribbon Trader's Chapeau Red Cap Ogre Mask Scorpion Helm Panther Mask
Calm and Collected ♂ Iron Mask Bone Mask Gavial Mask Carapace Helm Scorpion Helm Celata Alumine Salade Darksteel Armet Demon Helm
Serious ♂ Faceguard Velvet Hat Noct Beret Shade Tiara Banded Helm Black Ribbon Iron Mask Green Beret Tiger Mask
Childish ♂ Lizard Helm Blue Ribbon Noct Beret Trader's Chapeau Shinobi Hachigane Velvet Hat Coral Cap Bison Warbonnet Panther Mask
Suave ♂ Trader's Chapeau Shade Tiara Iron Mask Alumine Salade Garish Crown Crow Beret Gavial Mask Yasha Jinpachi Wyvern Helm
Sisterly ♀ Circlet Trader's Chapeau Garish Crown Silk Hat Red Cap Iron Mask Bascinet Noble's Crown Demon Helm
Lively ♀ Blue Ribbon Headgear Scarlet Ribbon Coral Cap Garish Crown Coeurl Mask Velvet Hat Shinobi Hachigane Tiger Mask
Agreeable ♀ Seer's Crown Silk Hat Circlet Noct Beret Bascinet Trader's Chapeau Headgear Crow Beret Demon Helm
Naive ♀ Green Ribbon Bronze Cap Velvet Hat Trader's Chapeau Circlet Noct Beret Tiger Helm Silk Hat Panther Mask
Serious ♀ Bronze Cap Faceguard Shade Tiara Velvet Hat Noct Beret Purple Ribbon Banded Helm Errant Hat Tiger Mask
Domineering ♀ Padded Cap Banded Helm Bone Mask Shinobi Hachigane Celata Green Beret Hachiman Jinpachi Adaman Barbuta Wyvern Helm