The Adventurers' Mutual Aid Network (or A.M.A.N., for short) is an organization of Player Characters that are willing to help new Player Characters. People who have joined A.M.A.N. can become Mentors. In addition to the Mentor program, A.M.A.N. supports the Fields of Valor training program, available by examining Field Manuals placed by Outposts in the following zones;

How to Join the Mentor Program

In order to join AMAN, your current character must meet the following two requirements:

You can then join by talking with an A.M.A.N. Recruiter.

A.M.A.N. Recruiters

Records of Eminence

"Records of Eminence" allows you to set and begin objectives any time from the "Quests" section of the main menu. You can collect sparks of eminence by completing these objectives, which you may change based on your playstyle and goals for that day.

The A.M.A.N. representatives for RoE are:

The A.M.A.N. Reclaimers are located at:

They exchange certain gear for Reclamation Marks toward Copper Vouchers.

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