Records & Statistics Moogles

Moogle Locations

Talking to a moogle will trigger the following statistics being presented to you:

  • Chat Frequency: Number of lines typed in /say, /party, /linkshell, /shout, or /tell.
  • Conversations With NPCs: Number of times you chatted with a non-player character.
  • Parties Joined: Number of parties you have been a part of.
  • Alliances Joined: Number of alliances you have been a part of.
  • Battles Fought: Number of times you have engaged in battle.
  • Number of Times KO'd: Number of times you have fallen.
  • Enemies Defeated: Number of times you have succeeded in defeating a monster.
  • GM Calls Made: Number of calls to Game Masters for assistance in-game.

Annual Rewards

If this is the first time you have spoken to a Records & Statistics Moogle during this event, you will then be given the option to chose two rewards from the following list:

27556.png Echad Ring RareExclusive 26164.png Caliber Ring RareExclusive 06412.png Leaf Bench RareExclusive
27557.png Trizek Ring RareExclusive 26165.png Facility Ring RareExclusive 06413.png Astral Cube RareExclusive

Additional Rewards

Speak to the moogle again each subsequent day (after JP midnight) for the option to receive a prize or wait for a better prize. Selecting 'receive' rewards you one random item from the following list.

  • Waiting one day removes the possibility of being awarded the Chocobiscuit, Moogurt or Chocobo Ticket.
  • If you already possess the Rare item that is selected for you, you will instead receive one of the three types of firework.
  • The number of fireworks you receive is based on the number of days waited, so 1-10 with no wait; 1-20 after waiting one day; 21-30 after waiting two days, etc.
  • Waiting more than one day doesn't seem to have any further effect on the reward, ie the Nomad Moogle Rod can be obtained after one wait, and a Copper Voucher after eight waits.
1-99x 05441.png Angelwing 1-99x 05937.png Bubble Breeze 1-99x 05936.png Mog Missile
05934.png Chocobiscuit 05935.png Moogurt 01514.png Chocobo Ticket
17074.png Chocobo Wand Exclusive 08711.png Copper Voucher Exclusive
13218.png Bronze Moogle Belt RareExclusive 13217.png Silver Moogle Belt RareExclusive 13216.png Gold Moogle Belt RareExclusive
13181.png Federation Stable Scarf RareExclusive 13179.png Kingdom Stable Collar RareExclusive 13180.png Republic Stable Medal RareExclusive
15541.png Homing Ring RareExclusive 15542.png Return Ring RareExclusive 00193.png Adventuring Certificate RareExclusive
00281.png Atomos Statue RareExclusive 18842.png Nomad Moogle Rod RareExclusive

Event Moogles

Moogle Locations

The first time you speak to the Moogle, you will be awarded a 26518.png Jody Shirt RareExclusive. Subsequently, the Moogle will offer to teleport you outside the city to participate in the Shining Bless Special Live Concert.

Treasure Coffer

Past years' rewards, now including the 03725.png Cornelia Statue RareExclusive and 21509.png Premium Mogti RareExclusive, are available from the coffer next to the Moogle:

Treasure Coffer
11355.png Dinner Jacket RareExclusive 27716.png Green Moogle Masque RareExclusive 25755.png Crustacean Shirt RareExclusive
16378.png Dinner Hose RareExclusive 27867.png Green Moogle Suit RareExclusive 22069.png Hapy Staff RareExclusive
11853.png Novennial Coat RareExclusive
or 11854.png Novennial Dress RareExclusive
27715.png Goblin Masque RareExclusive 03725.png Cornelia Statue RareExclusive
11956.png Novennial Hose RareExclusive
or 11957.png Novennial Boots RareExclusive
27866.png Goblin Suit RareExclusive 21509.png Premium Mogti RareExclusive
10430.png Decennial Crown RareExclusive
or 10431.png Decennial Tiara RareExclusive
10127.png Cipher: Moogle RareExclusive
10251.png Decennial Coat RareExclusive
or 10252.png Decennial Dress RareExclusive
10128.png Cipher: Fablinix RareExclusive
10593.png Decennial Tights RareExclusive
or 10594.png Decennial Hose RareExclusive
10126.png Cipher: Aldo RareExclusive
10432.png Decennial Crown +1 RareExclusive
or 10433.png Decennial Tiara +1 RareExclusive
26798.png Behemoth Masque RareExclusive
10253.png Decennial Coat +1 RareExclusive
or 10254.png Decennial Dress +1 RareExclusive
26954.png Behemoth Suit RareExclusive
10595.png Decennial Tights +1 RareExclusive
or 10596.png Decennial Hose +1 RareExclusive
26799.png Behemoth Masque +1 RareExclusive
03652.png Memorial Cake 26955.png Behemoth Suit +1 RareExclusive
10809.png Moogle Guard RareExclusive 03706.png Vana'clock Exclusive
10811.png Chocobo Shield RareExclusive 10162.png Cipher: Kupofried RareExclusive
10810.png Moogle Guard +1 RareExclusive 26520.png Akitu Shirt RareExclusive
10812.png Chocobo Shield +1 RareExclusive 10052.png ♪Red Crab RareExclusive

Shining Bless Special Live Concert

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Moogle Locations

To begin, talk to one of the Moogles in the starter cities to receive your Jody Shirt and a Key ItemTentacle touching ticket:

The Moogle will then offer to teleport you outside to the corresponding Live Concert location:

Outside you will find Jody, Julika, and Vivian and a small army of Morlbol Groupies periodically summoned by Jody.

Speaking to the moogle here gives you the option to participate in the event. Once you begin the event, your level will be capped to 30 and you can begin collecting the special currency: MOL. Players not under the Level Restriction cannot assist players who are, and cannot earn MOL

Joy, Happiness, and Strength

Your goal is to reach 1117 total MOL. You gain MOL by defeating Morbol Groupies periodically summoned by Jody. Green groupies are worth 1 MOL. Pink groupies are worth 10 MOL.

You can engage Julika, Jody and Vivian but you cannot deal damage to them. Instead, you must emote at them to increase their corresponding auras of Joy, Happiness and Strength, indicated by a meter of 1~5 stars (★)

  • Jody: /cheer increases her Happiness. The more Happiness, the greater the quantity of pink groupies spawned.
  • Julika: /joy increases her Joy. The greater the Joy, the more likely the trio will use Bad Breath instead of Impale or Sweet Breath
  • Vivian: /clap increases her Strength. The higher her strength, the more MOL each defeated groupie grants (up to 2x bonus)

Equipping your Jody Shirt while participating in the event grants a powerful Regen, Refresh and Regain effect on the player.

Maximizing MOL

Your only efficient way to earn 1117 total MOL is to maximize the auras of all 3 morlbols. Maximizing Strength is trivial, but Jody's Happiness resets every time she spawns a wave of Groupies and of the 3 TP moves used by Shining Bless, two of them incapacitate you (Impale: Bind, Sweet Breath: Sleep)

The gimmick is that you want to be hit by Bad Breath. Under the effects of Bad Breath, all earned MOL is multiplied by five. So the most efficient way to clear the 1117 MOL quota is to maximize the Strength aura, then have Jody spawn a huge litter of pink Groupies, then trigger Bad Breath by maximizing Joy, then only killing pink Groupies.


  • Morbol Latte - Drops randomly from Groupies
  • Jody Shield - First Clear Only Equipping this shield triples all earned MOL, making subsequent rewards even easier to earn.

After clearing the first quota, your MOL are reset to zero. Repeating the event and earning another 1117 MOL grants a reward at random from:

One-on-One Battlefields

Return to the Moogles in town after receiving your Jody Shield to receive a corresponding Battlefield entry Key Item:

You must visit each moogle separately to get the corresponding invitation. You do not need to clear the Concert event every time. Clearing it once in any nation is enough to get all 3 invites.

These key items grant entry to one of three separate Battlefields:

Your key item is expended upon entry to the Battlefield. You can get a new invitation from the Moogles once per Earth day, resetting at Japanese Midnight.

The only rewards from these battlefields are Dial Key ANV, dropped directly from your foe once defeated. Any player in item level gear can solo them even without Trusts.

Special Team Battlefield

Instead of participating in one-on-one fights, you can choose instead to enter "Invitation from ○○○○○○ & Co" Battlefields, a much more challenging version of the fight. Should you prevail, you will receive 2 Dial Key ANV per defeated foe, for a maximum of six. All 3 opponents have significantly powered up.

  • Naji takes 0 Magic damage
  • Excenmille takes 0 Physical damage
  • Kupipi's spells have all been significantly powered up
    • Regen III restores 1% HP per tick. Stoneskin absorbs thousands of points of damage, Curaga can heal for 17k[1]

Kupipi can be silenced and everyone is susceptible to Sleep. This is soloable by several classes prepared to deal with the damage immunities, but to bring a party inside, everyone needs the corresponding key item for the chosen battlefield.


Don't forget to have this song on loop in the background[2]

"Love Is a Status Ailment" lyrics

We are strong.
Is bad breath really so wrong?
Searching our glands for so long.
All of us knowing...
...Love is a status ailment.
When you end up knocked out...
...Will you still feel the same?
'Cause if we touch appendages you'll lose control...
...and if you end up poisoned...
...even Esuna won't make you whole...