Records & Statistics Moogles

Moogle Locations

Talking to a moogle will trigger the following statistics being presented to you:

  • Chat Frequency: Number of lines typed in /say, /party, /linkshell, /shout, or /tell.
  • Conversations With NPCs: Number of times you chatted with a non-player character.
  • Parties Joined: Number of parties you have been a part of.
  • Alliances Joined: Number of alliances you have been a part of.
  • Battles Fought: Number of times you have engaged in battle.
  • Number of Times KO'd: Number of times you have fallen.
  • Enemies Defeated: Number of times you have succeeded in defeating a monster.
  • GM Calls Made: Number of calls to Game Masters for assistance in-game.

Annual Rewards

If this is the first time you have spoken to a Records & Statistics Moogle during this event, you will then be given the option to chose two rewards from the following list:

27556 Echad Ring RareExclusive 26164 Caliber Ring RareExclusive 06412 Leaf Bench RareExclusive
27557 Trizek Ring RareExclusive 26165 Facility Ring RareExclusive 06413 Astral Cube RareExclusive

Additional Rewards

Speak to the moogle again each subsequent day (after JP midnight) for the option to receive a prize or wait for a better prize. Selecting 'receive' rewards you one random item from the following list.

  • Waiting one day removes the possibility of being awarded the Chocobiscuit, Moogurt or Chocobo Ticket.
  • If you already possess the Rare item that is selected for you, you will instead receive one of the three types of firework.
  • The number of fireworks you receive is based on the number of days waited, so 1-10 with no wait; 1-20 after waiting one day; 21-30 after waiting two days, etc.
  • Waiting more than one day doesn't seem to have any further effect on the reward, ie the Nomad Moogle Rod can be obtained after one wait, and a Copper Voucher after eight waits.
1-99x 05441 Angelwing 1-99x 05937 Bubble Breeze 1-99x 05936 Mog Missile
05934 Chocobiscuit 05935 Moogurt 01514 Chocobo Ticket
17074 Chocobo Wand Exclusive 08711 Copper Voucher Exclusive
13218 Bronze Moogle Belt RareExclusive 13217 Silver Moogle Belt RareExclusive 13216 Gold Moogle Belt RareExclusive
13181 Federation Stable Scarf RareExclusive 13179 Kingdom Stable Collar RareExclusive 13180 Republic Stable Medal RareExclusive
15541 Homing Ring RareExclusive 15542 Return Ring RareExclusive 00193 Adventuring Certificate RareExclusive
00281 Atomos Statue RareExclusive 18842 Nomad Moogle Rod RareExclusive

Event Moogles

Moogle Locations

The first time you speak to the Moogle, you will be awarded a 03725 Cornelia Statue RareExclusive.

Subsequently, the Moogle will offer to teleport you outside the city to participate in the Premium Mooblin Battle.

Treasure Coffer

Past years' rewards, now including the 22069 Hapy Staff RareExclusive, are available from the coffer next to the Moogle:
Treasure Coffer
11355 Dinner Jacket RareExclusive 10809 Moogle Guard RareExclusive 26798 Behemoth Masque RareExclusive
16378 Dinner Hose RareExclusive 10811 Chocobo Shield RareExclusive 26954 Behemoth Suit RareExclusive
11853 Novennial Coat RareExclusive
or 11854 Novennial Dress RareExclusive
10810 Moogle Guard +1 RareExclusive 26799 Behemoth Masque +1 RareExclusive
11956 Novennial Hose RareExclusive
or 11957 Novennial Boots RareExclusive
10812 Chocobo Shield +1 RareExclusive 26955 Behemoth Suit +1 RareExclusive
10430 Decennial Crown RareExclusive
or 10431 Decennial Tiara RareExclusive
27716 Green Moogle Masque RareExclusive 03706 Vana'clock Exclusive
10251 Decennial Coat RareExclusive
or 10252 Decennial Dress RareExclusive
27867 Green Moogle Suit RareExclusive 10162 Cipher: Kupofried RareExclusive
10593 Decennial Tights RareExclusive
or 10594 Decennial Hose RareExclusive
27715 Goblin Masque RareExclusive 26520 Akitu Shirt RareExclusive
10432 Decennial Crown +1 RareExclusive
or 10433 Decennial Tiara +1 RareExclusive
27866 Goblin Suit RareExclusive 10052 ♪Red Crab RareExclusive
10253 Decennial Coat +1 RareExclusive
or 10254 Decennial Dress +1 RareExclusive
10127 Cipher: Moogle RareExclusive 25755 Crustacean Shirt RareExclusive
10595 Decennial Tights +1 RareExclusive
or 10596 Decennial Hose +1 RareExclusive
10128 Cipher: Fablinix RareExclusive 22069 Hapy Staff RareExclusive
03652 Memorial Cake RareExclusive 10126 Cipher: Aldo RareExclusive

Premium Mooblin Battle

Registering to Battle

Firstly, receive magnificent moogle magic to restrict your level to five and enable you to target the event mobs.

Next, make your way to the event area very close by whilst under the level restriction to begin the battle.

Earning Tiptrus Points

The battle is divided into six sections, where points are tallied separately. There are three types of points: Trust (Physical Damage), Camaraderie (Magic Damage), and Friendship (Healing). All of these will be added together at the end. Your final tally is your Tiptrus points for the set.

Depending on the combination of damage/healing during a single phase, you can receive extra bonuses for the next section. All of these bonuses stack.

  • "Points Twins" gives 200% to two stats that are identical.
  • "Points Triplets" gives 300% if all three stats are identical.
  • "Close Enough Bonus" of 50% is applied if they are fairly close.
  • "Close Enough Bonus" of 100% is applied if they are extremely close.
  • "Uniform Points" gives 5% to all three if the last two digits of the subtotal match.
  • "Round Number Points" gives 10% to all three if they are all even numbers (0 included).
  • "Anniversary Points" gives 16% to all three if "11" appears in your running total of points.

You cannot kill the NPCs. Their HP is extremely high and resets to 50% every few seconds.

Each wave modifies the properties on the various ways to build points. The Moogles give hints for every wave:

  • Phase 1: Aim for bonuses first, kupo!
    • The spiders take normal damage from all types of attacks.
  • Phase 2: Magic attacks are more effective than physical ones, kupo!
    • Magic does double damage to the crabs, while physical damage is halved.
  • Phase 3: Physical attacks are more effective than magic ones, kupo!
    • Physical attacks and weapon skills do double damage to the Mandragora, while magic damage is halved.
  • Phase 4: Healing and support abilities might not work properly, kupo!
    • Information
  • Phase 5: Watch out for weaker healing magic, kupo!
    • Healing magic is halved during the lamb phase.
  • Final Phase: Smash the Goblin to smithereens, kupo!

Participation Mode

You must first surpass 10,000 tiptrus points. You can take as many tries as needed, as points stack until you reach 10,000. At the end of the battle that you surpass 10,000, a chest will appear containing:

21509 Premium Mogti

Premium Mode

Once you complete Participation Mode, your tiptrus points will reset to zero and you will automatically start Premium Mode.

Rewards are now available from the Moogle, with a few being hidden until you obtain 3,000 and 5,000 tiptrus points in a single set, respectively (see notes under the reward table below).

Reward Tiptrus Points
KeyItem♪Moogle companion 3,000 pt.
08711 Copper Voucher 3,000 pt.
08973 SP Gobbie Key 3,000 pt.
01106 Dial Key Fo** 5,000 pt.
05936 Mog Missile x99 1,000 pt.
05937 Bubble Breeze x99 1,000 pt.
05724 Pungent Powder x12* 3,000 pt.
06535 Pungent Powder II x12** 3,000 pt.

*This reward only appear after obtaining more than 3,000 points from a single set.
**These rewards only appear after obtaining more than 5,000 points from a single set.


  • A job/subjob combination (e.g. RDM/WHM or RDM/BLM) that can nuke and heal is highly recommended.
  • You will want to spend the entirety of phase 1 working towards a Twins or Triplets bonus, and spend the remainder of the phases exploiting physical/magical weaknesses with your accumulated bonuses. When you see that your stats are good enough for a Twins or Triplets bonus, stop attacking the spiders no matter what your current total is. You can earn 54 points in the first phase and still top 10,000 points by the end as long as you hit that bonus.
  • Save TP for the Mandragora and Goblin Phases.
  • Be mindful of the day of the week. Darksday, Lightsday, Windsday, and Earthsday will change the calculations required to hit a good bonus in Phase 1.
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