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The Eleventh Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Arrives in Full Regalia! (16/05/2013)


May 16 continues to spark fires in the heart of Vana'dielians across the globe, for today celebrates the eleventh year since FINAL FANTASY XI went live in Japan!

The realm's fate has rested firmly upon the strong and stable shoulders of adventurers like you ever since its inception—and your meritorious efforts in preserving it have not gone unnoticed! Once again, we take great pleasure in announcing the start of the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign—a manifestation of our gratitude for constantly keeping watch over the...

Hm? What could that moogle be doing, waving his teensy little arms like his pom-pom just got pulled off?

Slow down, now! Just what in Tavnazia is this about the "Mog Institute mock exams"?

However, let us first usher in this most auspicious of events with a memorial message from our producer, Mr. Matsui!

Today marks a full eleven years since FINAL FANTASY XI first began service, a grand achievement that I never thought I'd see in even my wildest dreams.

Looking back over the years I've spent working on XI, I'm reminded of the times the team spent running around like cockatrices with their heads chopped off. Through it all, however, we were lucky enough to receive kind—or sometimes necessarily strict—support from all of you adventurers.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions during these past eleven years.

Though the eleventh anniversary may be an awkward one for most games, it carries an incredible amount of weight for FFXI, so let's work together to make this 11th Vana'versary the most memorable year ever—both in- and outside of Vana'diel!

We look forward to working together with all of you for many more years to come.

—FINAL FANTASY XI Producer Akihiko Matsui