Event Details

You obtain an Anniversary Ring once you talk to the Event Moogle for the first time during the event. When you talk to the Moogle, he will also show you a bit of a personal record for the character you talk to him as:

  • Chat Frequency: Number of lines typed in /say, /party, /linkshell, /shout, or /tell.
  • Conversations With NPCs: Number of times you chat with a non-player character.
  • Parties Joined: Number of parties you have been a part of.
  • Alliances Joined: Number of alliances you have been a part of.
  • Battles Fought: Number of times you have engaged battle.
  • Number of Times KO'd: Number of times you have fallen.
  • Enemies Defeated: Number of times you have succeeded to defeat an opponent/monster.
  • GM Calls Made: Number of calls to Game Masters for assistance in-game.

Once every Japanese day after receiving the Anniversary Ring, the Event Moogle will offer you another present. You may choose to either take the present or wait another day for a potentially better present.


If account was not active when event started you will be unable to receive anything.


  • You cannot recharge your Anniversary Ring or get another one if you throw yours out. If you are out of charges, you will have to wait until the next time it becomes available.
  • Angelwings are dispensed in substantially higher numbers if you choose to wait. The Moogles typically give out one Angelwing if you ask for a prize immediately, or as many as forty-three after waiting for two days.
  • Unlike the Feast of Swords event, one can get the chocobo stables teleportation items for any nation no matter what one you are from. I.E. Being in Bastok and receiving the Federation Stables Scarf.