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THIS GUIDE DOES NOT INCLUDE BLU, COR, PUP/This guide is a work in progress

I am currently still working on getting the details down for every job. What you should expect is something like what I put on NIN for every job. I have re-edited the following jobs to have details: BRD, BST, DRK, NIN, DRG, RNG, SMN, DNC, SCH. What is there for all the other ones are just basic, and not in detail.

First off you need one of your starter jobs to be at least level 30.

Please note: In this guide i will ask you to get yourself a "Scroll of Instant Warp" from the "I.M." guards. I will also ask you to set your Home Point. This is for fast completion of each subjob quest. I will also ask you to, if you can, get a teleport to one of the 3 crags in Tahrongi Canyon, Konshitat Highlands, and La Theine Plateau. So it may be a good idea before you start any quests and go and get the 3 tele-point crystals from the crags.

For the Maps below: BLUE line is an alternate route. RED line is the same route.


1. To start the BRD quest, head to the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse in (I-8) in Lower Jeuno.
2. Talk to to Mertaire, then Bki Tbujhja, then Tuh Almobankha. They will tell you about a song rune in Buburimu Peninsula.
3. Now go outside to the Auction House and buy a "Parchment" under Materials > Leathercrafting.
4. I recommend setting your Home Point in Jeuno. Get a "Scroll of Instant Warp" with your Conquest Points from leveling with your signet on.(Or if you are a BLM and have Warp that works also).
5. Now get a "Teleport-Mea"(If you have the telepoint crystal) and take a chocobo from Tahrongi Canyon -> Buburimu Peninsula, and then to (G-9). If you decide not to take a chocobo, watch out for bogeys.
6. Once you are on the shore at the beach, head North West along the water through the cave. You should see the Song Rune on the beach at (F-9).
7. Click on the "Song Rune" for a cutscene with Lewenhart.
8. Trade the "Parchment" to the "Song Rune" to receive item "Poetic parchment".
9. Afterwards, if you got the "Scroll of Instant Warp" and set your HP in Jeuno, use it, and off you go back to Jeuno.
10. Now once back in Jeuno, go back and trade the "Poetic Parchment" to Mertaire in the Merry Minstrel at (I-8). You will get another Cutscene with Lewenhart and will receive Gil.
11. Now get a Teleport-Dem or Teleport-Holla, and head to the Valkurm Dunes on a Chocobo.
Please note: (If you cant get a teleport from someone, then you will have to take a chocobo from Jeuno all the way there. Get the chocobo in Lower Jeuno chocobo stables. Then Rolanberry Fields -> Pashhow Marshlands -> Konschtat Highlands -> Valkurm Dunes.)
12. In the Valkurm Dunes, head North West towards the secret beach at (B-7). You will go through a tunnel and stick to the left until you see the Song Rune.
13. Dismount, and click on the Song Rune for another cutscene, some more gil, and the bard job.
14. Congratulations, you're now a Bard!


1. To start the BST quest, go and talk to Dietmund, located at (G-11) above the chocobo stables. Click on the door. You will get a Cutscene with him coming out of his house. Then set your Home Point to the point right out side the chocobo stables. And get a "Scroll of Instant Warp" with your conquest points.
2. Afterwards, go talk to Shallot in the Upper Jeuno chocobo stables.
3. Then wait till it is night (18:00~4:00), then head to Qufim Island with some silent oils and prism powders (they can be bought off AH). Or if you're a WHM just cast Sneak then Invisible on yourself.
4. Once in Qufim, head to (F-8) and watch out for ghouls roaming. Once you are at (F-8) there is a Kraken and a couple of Goblin Bounty Hunters waiting for you. So use your silent oils, and prism powders to sneak by them.
Please note: If you head to Qufim at night, you may want to have sneak/invisible up at all times.
5. After you use the oils and powders, head down the path along side of the cliff, down to the "???". These are the Nightflowers. They are available for you between (22:00~4:00). Once they are available to you and you click the "???" for another cutscene.
6. Afterwards, use the "Scroll of Instant Warp". The just walk up the stairs to his house in Lower Jeuno, then click on the door, for another cutscene, and a Beast Whistle.(If it says "it appears that nobody is home", then go talk to Brutus in the Upper Jeuno chocobo stables).
7. After that cutscene go to the chocobo stables in Upper Jeuno where you talked to Shallot, and talk to Brutus (he may say something about a chocobo running off to La Theine Plateau, just ignore it and click on him again), then you will get yet another cutscene.
8. After the cutscene, talk to Brutus again, and he will give you the BST job.
9. Congratulations, you're now a Beastmaster!


Please note: This quest must be completed as a Warrior. But you dont have to be level 30 as a Warrior, just level 30 as anything, and you must be a Warrior to equip the sword you are given to use.
1. To start the quest, talk to Gumbah in the Bastok Mines at (J-7). Then talk to him a second time (Werei should be in the cutscene)
Please note: Buy the Palborough Mines map if you haven't already. If you haven't buy it from "Karine" in Bastok Markets at (H-9).
2. Then head to Palborough Mines. Once at Palborough Mines, you will want to get to the elevator to floor 3.
0010 palborough-mines 1.jpg 0010 palborough-mines 3.jpg
3. Once you ride the elevator to Floor 3, go and get on the boat and pull the lever. You will receive a cutscene with Zeid, and he will give you the Chaosbringer.
4. He orders you to kill 100 monsters (this can be in any area, and you have to deal the final blow to your enemy with the Chaosbringer, meaning you can weaken them with other weapons).
5. After you kill the 100 monsters, travel to Beadeaux, which is located at K-11 in the Pashow Marshlands. (You might not get a Teleport-Dem, but if you can then take one. If you can't, then take a chocobo from the Bastok Mines chocobo stables. Then South Gustaberg -> North Gustaberg 2 -> Konshitat Highlands -> Pashow Marshlands -> Beadeaux).
Please note: You do not need to have the sword equipped when you enter Beadeaux, but just have it in your bag/inventory.
6. When you enter Beaudeaux, you will get another cutscene with Zeid, and he will give you the DRK job.
7. Congratulations, you're now a Dark Knight!


Please note: You need to be able to get into the Chateau d'Oraguille. You must be Rank 2 in your Nation, and on mission 2-3 Mission ("The Emissary").
1. The first step is to go talk to Arminibit and Ceraulian (Clicking on either of them will work) in Cargo Room A, in Port San d'Oria.
2. Then go to Bostaunieux Oubliette (the prison beneath Chateau d'Oraguille) and talk to Navalmauge.
Directions: Once in Bostaunieux Oubliette, just go straight and take the first right, he should be down the hall.
3. Now go to the Cathedral and take the first left. Go through the door, and speak with Morjean.
Please note: Oiheaurese will appear during the cutscene and ask you to bring back an egg.
4. After the cutscene go to the AH and buy 2 pickaxes (because one may break, and you dont want to have to hike back to the AH somewhere to get one).
Please note: Set your HP in Southern San d'Oria, and get yourself a "Scroll of Instant Warp".
5. Then head to the Maze of Shakhrami in Tahrongi Canyon, where he asked you to get him a Wyvern Egg from. He wants you to excavate it from 1 of 3 excavation points (They are actually called "Excavation Point", not the Fossil Rocks you will see) which are located at (G-7), (I-8), and (K-7). When you excavate the egg, you should see something like this: "You have excavated a Wyvern Egg".
  • You may want to get some SILENT OILS and some PRISM POWDERS to keep from getting aggro in the Maze of Shakhrami as some of the monsters in this zone are VT or IT to a level 75.
  • Finding the Excavation Point can be difficult. If it does not show up at the specified locations above, search the entire zone using "Wide Scan" from your map to locate it.
  • If you are on this stage of this quest, it must be completed before you can progress on the "Stalactite Dew" portion on the PLD advanced job quest.
Shakhrami-maze 1-DRG.jpg Shakhrami-maze2.jpg
6. Once you have the egg, you should use the "Scroll of Instant Warp" that I told you to get, and warp back to your home point in Southern San d'Oria (or your warp spell if you are a Black Mage). Then go back and talk to Morjean, accept the next quest.
Please note: Go and get a "Scroll of Instant Warp" again.
7. Yachemidot sends you to the Meriphataud Mountains, to trade the Wyvern Egg to the "???" at (K-8). You will get a cutscene. Afterwards use your Instant Warp Scroll.
Please Note: When you zone into Meriphataud Mountains go North West around the mountain and Doragora's Spine and just follow the road east till you get there.
8. Once you are back in Southern San d'Oria, go to North San d'Oria and speak with Rahal in the Knight's Quarters on the left as you enter Chateau d'Oraguille. He will give you the key item: Dragon Curse Remedy.
9. After he gives you the key item head to Ghelsba Outpost, to (G-10), where there is a hut and a shut door. Click on the door as this will trigger a cutscene with a dragon named Cyranuce M Cutauleon. Defeat the dragon. And then you receive another cutscene, and afterwards the ability to name your wyvern, and the DRG job.
10. Congratulations, you're now a Dragoon!


1. First off to start the NIN job quest, go talk to Ensetsu at (I-5) in Bastok Port. He is on the left as you enter the house.
2. Then go talk to Kaede in the other room (on the right as you enter the house)
3. After talking to Kaede, go talk to Kagetora in Warehouse 2 in Port Bastok, then go back and talk to Ensetsu in the house. He will ask you to do a favor for him. The favor is that you obtain a peice of cral from Korroloka Tunnel. Step 4 is below maps and directions.
Please note: If you have a group of level 30+ (at least 4), your fine. But if you are by yourself, ask someone to help you kill the leeches, prefferably higher than 55, just to be sure. Otherwise if you are with a group of 30+, watch out for these Mobs: Jellys, Bogy's, Jammer Leech(NM), and Gigas.

ANOTHER NOTE: Follow these steps through the tunnel (I will provide the Directions on this page with map coordinates to guide you through along with the maps)

Map Directions-> H > G > F > E > D

Or just follow the red brick road
Korroloka-tunnel 1-NIN.jpg Korroloka-tunnel 3-NIN.jpg
Korroloka-tunnel 2-NIN.jpg Korroloka-tunnel 5-NIN.jpg

Written Directions-> From ffxi.Allakhazam.com I take no credit

1. Follow the path until you can go left and straight. Turn left (K-8)
2. Follow the path until you come out the other side, proceed left.
3. When you reach the bridge (G-9) Turn right and cross to the other side.
4. Proceed left, when you reach the junction point between going right and left (D-8) go right.
5. Follow the path, it will go outside, and back in to another tunnel.
6. Continue to follow it until you can go left or right (H-8) Go left.
Please note: There is usually a lone jelly at this point a party of 3 or more with 1 healer shouldn't worry about it hurting you too much.
7. Continue straight and enter the cave on your left (F-9).
8. Continue to follow the path. DO NOT cross the bridge, simply continue along the right wall.
9. Continue to follow the path until you can go straight or right (H-11) Go right.
Please note: After this point you may need to be very careful of Bogy's, keep a look out and be ready for them. Invis/Sneak/Deoderize and you CAN get by.
10. Keep going straight and you'll cross another bridge.
11. When you can go left or right (H-8) Go right.
12. Follow that path and at the end (I-7) turn right again.
Please note: Bogy warning, one can be waiting for you, maybe 2. They have a large aggro/link range. Proceed with caution.
13. Follow that path, you may or may not see several Bogy's whether you spell up and run by or fight them, it is your choice.
14. At the end of the path, turn left and go straight to the ??? point.
Caution: DO NOT CLICK the "???" until you know your group is prepared to fight 3 Korroloka Leeches!
4. After killing the leeches, click on the "???" again to obtain the Coral.
5. After killing the leeches and obtaining the Coral, head back to Ensetsu. He will send you to Norg. But before you leave for Norg, set your homepoint to one of the Bastok HP, and go get a "Scroll of Instant Warp" from one of the "I.M." guards.
6. Now head to Khazam (You will need the Khazam airship pass). Directions to Norg: Jeuno Port > Airship to Khazam > Yuhtunga Jungle > Sea Serphent Grotto > Norg.
Or just follow the red brick road, below on the maps
Please note: You have to drop down one of the holes near the OP to get to SSG.

Yuhtunga-jungle-direction to SSG.jpg Sea-serpent-grotto 1-direction to Norg.jpg

7. Upon entering Sea Serphent Grotto, you will want to have someone cast sneak on you all the way to Norg, or just use silent oils. To get to Norg inside SSG, just follow the right wall all the way there. Piece of cake, right?
8. Once you get to Norg, talk to Ryoma on the docks. You will recieve a sealed dagger. Afterwards use the "Scroll of Instant Warp" that I told you to get.
9 Once back in Bastok Port, go talk to Ensetsu again. He will give you the NIN job.
10. Congratulations, you're now a Ninja!

GETTING PALADIN- not yet given in detail

1. Talk to Balasiel on the bridge in South San D'Oria (at map coordinate F-7) to get this first part.
2. Then bring him a Revival Tree Root, that undead monsters (such as ghosts, spooks, and hounds).
Quick tip
If you've done the quests "A Squire's Test" and "A Squire's Test 2" you can skip part of this as they are basically the same thing.
3. Then go talk to Chanpeau (he's standing near a well on the way to talk to Balasiel).
  • You cannot collect the "Stalactite Dew" portion of this quest if you are in the process of collecting the "Wyvern Egg" for the DRG advanced job quest.
4. Go to the La Theine Plateau and go to the area of Ordelle's Caves. First find the entrance closest to the lake (at map coordinate H-11)
5. Then from the entrance of the caves go to map coordinate H-6.
6. From there head to a large room with Fungars (at map coordinate H-7).
7. Then go through the room to get to the waterfall (at map coordinate G-7)
8. Here you will find two points with a "???" marking them.
9. First inspect the one in the pool and then quickly look at the one in the center of the room.
10. If you did this right and you were fast enough you will get the Stalactite Dew.
11. Go back to Balasial to "Squire's Certificate"(a key Item) after talking to him.
12. Then go talk to Cahaurme on the second floor of the eastern guard post, located at [map coordinate J-9].
13. Then go talk to Baurise on the second floor of the western guard post, located at [map coordinate H-9].
14. Then travel to Davoi and look at the Disused Wall located at [map coordinate D-10].
15. Go back to Balasiel on the bridge and he'll give you a Kite Shield and the Paladin job.


1. First to start the RNG quest, go talk to Perih Vashai at (K-7) in Windhurst Woods.
2. She will send you to Sauromuge Champain to watch an old Sabertooth Tiger die, and to bring back the old fang.
3. Before you go to Sauromuge Champain, Set you home point there in Windurst Woods, and grab a "Scroll of Instant Warp".
4. Then go into the far southeast corner at (L-10). You should see a passageway that to the east which leads to a cave.
Please note: When you enter and try to go to (L-10) from Meriphaud Mountains, there will be a cliff that prevents you from getting up there. Simply go to the top part of (K-7, L-7), and then go south along the wall, and you will avoid the time grinding task of having to find your way up there.
Also Blue marks alternate routes, and red means same route
5. The cave has 3 Sabertooth Tigers for guards and inside an Old Sabertooth tiger will slowly die.
6. Once the tiger dies by himself go examine the bone pile and you'll get the key item: Old Fang. Then use your instant warp scroll.
7. Upon getting back to Windhurst Woods, go talk to Perih Vashai and trade the Old Fang to her. You will receive the Ranger's Necklace and the RNG job.
8. Congratulations, you're now a Ranger!
Please note: Since the old fang is a key item you have to get the quest before you can get the item. A Chocobo and a "Scroll of Instant Warp" can help you finish this quest in no time because you can avoid the 3 tigers at the entrance to the cave.

GETTING SUMMONER- not yet given in detail

1. First, you must go fight Thread Leeches (or that type of monster) in one of the following places: Buburimu Peninsula, Qufim or the Valkrum Dunes.
2. You are trying to get the Leeches to drop a key item called "Carbuncle’s Ruby".(this is a very rare drop...perhaps a little Thief can help you out)
3. Once you get the item go to the "House of the Hero" in Windhurst Walls (located at Map Coordinate G-3) and select the door.
4. Then experience the seven weather elementals. When you visit go through several zones until you get all seven types of weather that appear in the world.
5. The colors of the ruby and places where you are most likely to find the weather you need are below:
1. Red - heat - Valkrum, Rolanberry, Oztroja, Altepa.
2. Orange - sunny skies - Most Zones
3. Yellow - sand - Valkrum, Tahrongi, Konschtat.
4. Green - wind - Tahrongi, Mhaura, La Theine.
5. Indigo - ice - Xarcabard, Beaucadine
6. Blue - rain - La Theine, Pashhow, Rolanberry.
7. Violet - thunder - Konschtat, Jugner Forest.
Quick Tip
-You know you have the pattern when you get a cut-scene when changing zones. If you didn't see one you didn't get the pattern. You don't have to be close to the weather...just in the Zone it is happening in...oh and you can be on a Chocobo.
6. After experiencing all seven types of weather go to the La Theine Plateau.
7. Then go to the stone circle (located at map coordinate G-6)
8. Trade it to the stone with "???" and then you can get Summoner!

GETTING SAMURAI- not yet given in detail

1. First go to Kazham. Get a Chocobo and head to the outpost to the south (don't fall in any holes). Go up and to the right through the tunnel and keep going south until you get to the waterfall (keep an eye on your compass). SOUTH SOUTH SOUTH
2. Fall into the hole closest to the waterfall and this will take you into Sea Serpent Grotto.
3. Try to sneak through, but using Silent Oil or getting someone to cast Sneak on you would really help out here.
4. Keep going to the right a bit and you should get to Norg
5. Go up the steps on the right. Go all the way down the hall to find Jaucribaix and then talk to him.
6. He'll tell you to go fetch a sacred branch and bomb steel.
7. Talk to Aeka at the bottom of the stairs and she'll give you the Oriental steel.
8. To the left of the steps (near the back) you can find Ranemaud who will give you the Sacred sprig.
9. Just grab a Chocobo and go out north to Kazham and head to Jueno. (ok I recommend you get a party for this part...possibly level 35 and above)
10. Make sure you have a hachet or two with you.
11. Then go to the Meriphaud Mountains
12. Head east to Zi'Tah. Around map coordinate J-9(or K-9 ...my source doesn't specify) there is a tunnel.
13. Go through it and look for a "???" on a big tree then use a hatchet on the "???" to spawn a Guardian Tree Ent.
14. Kill this monster then trade the sacred sprig to the "???" point to get the sacred branch.
15. Now go to Konschtat Highlands at map coordinate D-8 where you should see a "???" then trade the Oriental steel to it.
16. You should call out a monster called Forger, defeat it up to get the bomb steel. (if you have friends with you make sure they pass so you can get the item and make sure you lot)
17. Then go back to Norg and talk to Jaucribaix and he'll talk to you with Gilgamesh.
18. Then all you have to do is wait 3 game days and talk to him again. You'll unlock the Samurai job and get your first Katana blade!

GETTING BLUE MAGE- not yet given in detail

GETTING CORSAIR- not yet given in detail

GETTING PUPPETMASTER- not yet given in detail


Please note: This job is a job that requires Wings of Goddess expansion.
Please note: This quest goes much faster if you have a "Scroll of Instant Warp", and if you set your Home Point in Jeuno near the Battalia Downs zone. Then every time you leave Jeuno to go somewhere just use your Instant Warp Scroll to warp back to your home point.

1. To start the DNC quest, you must go speak to Laila near the Artisan Bridge in Upeer Jeuno (basically right next to the Battalia Downs zone). She will ask you to bring her a Stardust Pebble. (When a selection appears for the first response choose "You Bet" and for the second response choose "Never")
2. Next speak with Rhea Myuliah next to Laila (she should be dancing with the Galka), and she will tell you to go to Southern San d'Oria to the "Lion Springs Tavern" at (K-6,L-6). you will most likely be able to get a "Teleport-Holla" from Jeuno, so dont worry about not getting one. Otherwise if you just feel like running all the way to San d'Oria on a choco then go for it.
3. After you get to Southern San d'Oria, go to the tavern and talk to Valderotaux. he is behind the bar on the right as you walk in. He wants you to dance on the stage. You basically make a fool of yourself dancing. Afterwards, use your Instant Warp scroll that I advised you to get.
4. Then when your back in Upper Jeuno, go back and to Rhea Myuliah. She will tell you that you could only get a Stardust Pebble 20 years ago (bascally meaning you have to go back in time through the Cavernous Maw).
5. Before you go to the Cavernous Maw in Battalia Downs, go and grab a Scroll of Instant Warp from the the Jeuno guard next to the hp crystal near the Battalia Downs zone in Upper Jeuno.
6. There are several Cavernous Maws in several zones (Including: Jugner Forest, Rolanberry Fields, and Battalia Downs) but the one you want to go through first is the Battalia Downs one at (H-5) to start the opening cutscene of the Wings of Goddess expansion (Yes, you get to see a cute kitty!)
Please note: Here is how the Cavernous Maws work. Once you go through one in the (S) zones (meaning in the past) you will "Activate them", quote-quote, and you will be able to go back through them from the future. Now using the spell "Warp" (or the Scroll of Instant Warp), will bring you back to your HP in the future so dont worry about that.
7. Once the cutscene is over head to Jugner Forest (S) and head west to the East side of the Lake at (I-5), where you will see the "Glowing Pebbles". Examine the pebbles for a cutscene and the key item: "Starudust Pebble".
Batallia-downsS-DNC.jpg Jugner-forestS-DNC.jpg
8. Now once you have the Stardust Pebble, use your Instant Warp Scroll. This will bring you back to the future to your home point. Then go talk to Laila again, and you will receive a cutscene and the DNC job.
9. Congratulations, you're now a Dancer!


Please note: This job requires the Wings of Goddess expansion. And the Cavernous Maws is explained under the Dancer subjob quest.
Please note: I will show maps from the Cervernous Maws of the Rolanberry Fields, and from Battalia Downs to get to Eldieme Necropolis(S).
1. First off set your HP in Jeuno for easy job switch to (BLM, SMN, RDM) unless it is your main. And go get another "Scroll of Instant Warp".
2. To start the quest, enter the past as your 30+ job by using one of the Cavernous Maws (preferrably Rolanberry Fields), then head to Battalia Downs(S) at (I-10, J-10). Then go to into Eldieme Necropolis(S).
Please note: The reason I say go through the Rolanberry Fields maw is because it is the only Cavernous Maw you are able to go through after the starting cutscene for Wings of Goddess expansion. And it is the only maw that you get to go "in and out of" without going to all the other maws (in different zones) and going through them.
Rolanberry-fieldsS-SCH.jpg Batallia-downsS-SCH.jpg
3. Once in Eldieme Necropolis(S), go talk to Erlene, to start the quest. She will ask you to bring her 12 sheets of Vellum. Again use your Instant Warp Scroll to warp back to your HP in Jeuno.
4. It is a lot faster if you just buy them off the Auction House (Materials > Leathercraft) and they uisually sell for ~10k. Or you can quest them.
Please note: You can talk to Tucker and get a quest to obtain one sheet of Vellum for every 12 rolanberries traded to him. You get 3 'trade turns' with Tucker - make use of them wisely by trading 4 stacks of Rolanberries at a time so that you can get all 12 Vellum sheets. He will not take more than 4 stacks per trade and he will refuse all Rolanberries after 3 trades. (This will cost you 17,280 gil if you buy the Rolanberries from NPC in Jeuno). Tucker will only trade with you if you have talked to Erlene first, nor will he take them if you have completed the quest.
5. Before heading back to Erlene, get yourself another "Scroll of Instant Warp" (unless you would like to death warp instead), and change your job to either RDM, BLM, SMN, or BLU (for their 2-Hour abilities: RDM > Chainspell || BLM > Manafont || SMN > Astral Flow || BLU > Azure Lore)
6. Then head back to Erlene in Eldieme Necropolis with the stack of 12 Vellum Sheets, and trade them to her. You will get a cutscene, and will be asked to "Sustain an Acrane Tap".
7. After the cutsnece, use your 2-hour ability for whatever job you switched to (either RDM, BLM, SMN, or BLU) and then talk to her again. You will receive another cutscene, and will receive the key item: "Grimoire" and the SCH job. Then just warp back to your HP.
8. Congratulations, you're now a Scholar!

Kazham Airship Pass-

1. This is different than the rank 5 airship pass and many people like to level in Kazham at level 25.
2. To get this you need 3 chest keys: one from Giddeus near Windhurst (Yagudo Priests, Yagudo Votarys, and Yagudo Theolgists drop the key here. These are higher level mobs as all the key droppers are; bring a friend or three along)
3. One from Fort Ghelsba near San d'Oria (Orcish Fighters, Orcish Serjeants, and Orcish Cursemakers drop the key here)
4. One from the Palborough mines near Bastok (Old Quadav, Brass Quadav, and Copper Quadav drop the key here). It helps if you have a Thief (level 15+) when trying to get the keys to drop.
5. After getting all three keys go to Port Jueno and the Kazham dock there you can trade in the keys to Guddal (at <I-7>) for the pass.