Start NPC Vrednev, Sauromugue Champaign (J-7)
Objective Examine ??? targets.
Area Ghoyu's Reverie
Time 15 minutes
Goal 1 Examine 2 ??? targets.
Goal 2 Examine 3 ??? targets.
Goal 3 Examine all ??? targets without being detected.
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Adjunct Expedition 2 (Sauromugue) Adjunct Expedition 4 (Sauromugue)


Map of possible ??? spawn points)

  • Complete at least 1 goal to complete the expedition.
    • When finished, use your Terminus Whistle that appears in your Temporary Items after completing at least one goal to record completion on your Key ItemGrimoire page and receive Research Marks.
    • To give up and forfeit credit, use the Hiatus Whistle.
  • Use Wide Scan to help you avoid monsters. However, Wide Scan does not display ??? locations.
  • ??? spots spawn in 4 of 8 possible locations at the ends of tunnels around the perimeter of the area; refer to map.
  • True-sight Peckish Cockatrices roam the area. If they aggro or link, you fail goal 3.
    • A message alerts you that your foes have discovered you.
    • If an offensive action is performed against a Peckish Cockatrice before it has aggroed, you can then kill that monster without failing goal 3.
    • The Peckish Cockatrices can be put to sleep, but when they wake and pursue you, they may cause a link that causes you to fail goal 3.
  • Only one player needs to click a ??? for it to count for everyone.
  • Cliffs and ramps impede travel through the area.
  • Monsters: