Start NPC Vrednev, Sauromugue Champaign (J-7)
Objective Defeat monsters.
Area Ghoyu's Reverie
Time 15 minutes
Goal 1 Vanquish the Pugnacious Eft.
Goal 2 Vanquish the Pugnacious Eft and all Feeble Efts.
Goal 3 Vanquish all monsters.
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Adjunct Expedition 1 (Sauromugue) Adjunct Expedition 3 (Sauromugue)


  • Complete at least 1 goal to complete the expedition.
    • When finished, use your Terminus Whistle that appears in your Temporary Items after completing at least one goal to record completion on your Key ItemGrimoire page and receive Research Marks.
    • To give up and forfeit credit, use the Hiatus Whistle.
  • Use Wide Scan to locate monsters.
  • Targets: