Start NPC Silver Owl - Abyssea - Konschtat
Requirements Reputation 5
Items Needed Key Item Pinch of moist Dangruf sulfur
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemAzure Abyssite of Prosperity


  • The Key ItemPinch of moist Dangruf sulfur can be obtained from any standard Red, Blue, or Gold Sturdy Pyxis in any Abyssea zone.
  • You must open the chest yourself to receive the key item -- it does not extend to party members around you
  • Chest must be opened by traditional methods, not by using a Forbidden Key

Game Description

Silver Owl
A guardsman of the former Republic, now scarred in mind and body, seeks your aid in carrying out a scheme he believes key to the survival of the resistance. Scour the bleak highlands in search of supplies lost during the raid of Bastok.