Job Ability


  • Addendum: White is a stratagem, which obeys different usage rules than typical Job Abilities.
  • When Addendum: White is used, it upgrades Light Arts to allow casting of the below listed White Magic spells until death, changing to Dark Arts, or entering another zone.
  • Addendum: White consumes one Strategem charge, but one use will last as described above. It also resets the remaining time on Light Arts to 2 hours.
  • The magic skill bonus to divine, enhancing, enfeebling, and healing from Light Arts remain unchanged with the activation of Addendum: White. MP cost reduction and reduced casting time for White Magic also remain the same.
  • Addendum refers to extra pages added to a book. Along with the Errata, which are corrections to mistakes in a book, they are additions to a book that are given out after its initial release. Addendum is a fitting word: it adds more pages to your Grimoire, allowing you more spells to cast, and it was released after Scholar's initial release.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Addendum: White" <me>

Spell List

The addendum grants access to the following spells:

Spell Level
Poisona 10
Paralyna 12
Blindna 17
Silena 22
Cursna 32
Reraise 35
Erase 39
Viruna 46
Stona 50
Raise II 70
Reraise II 70
Raise III 91
Reraise III 91

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