Job Ability


  • Addendum: Black is a stratagem, which obeys different usage rules than typical Job Abilities.
  • When Addendum: Black is used, it upgrades Dark Arts to allow casting of the below listed Black Magic spells until death, changing to Light Arts, or entering another zone.
  • Addendum: Black consumes one Strategem charge, but one use will last as described above. It also resets the remaining time on Dark Arts to 2 hours.
  • The magic skill bonus to enfeebling, elemental, and dark) from Dark Arts remain unchanged. The MP cost reduction and reduced casting time for Black Magic will also remain the same.
  • Addendum refers to extra pages added to a book. Along with the Errata, which are corrections to mistakes in a book, they are additions to a book that are given out after its initial release. Addendum is a fitting word: it adds more pages to your Grimoire, allowing you more spells to cast, and it was released after Scholar's initial release.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Addendum: Black" <me>

Spell List

The addendum grants access to the following spells:

Spell Level
Sleep 30
Dispel (Spell) 32
Sleep II 65
Stone IV 70
Water IV 71
Aero IV 72
Fire IV 73
Blizzard IV 74
Thunder IV 75
Stone V 79
Water V 83
Aero V 87
Break 90
Fire V 91
Blizzard V 95
Thunder V 99

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