East Ronfaure (S) (H-11)


Uses Impulse Drive Weapon Skill

Assisted by Bravo.

Maruna-Kurina's Notes

Achtelle is a young Elvaan wyverness from Adoulin Isle to the west, the proud keeper-weepers of the last of the dragoon tradition. The draketamers there herald her as the most skilled of their order. Since youth, she has held the legendary Ranperre of San d'Oria in highestaru esteem, and can oft be found seeking solace near his tomb. I can promise you she would eagerly accept any type of present related to the king she so reveres. I hear it told she longs for nothing more than to find some surviving-wiving dragoons, that they might together preserve their heritage.

How to Influence

Speak to her with Dragoon set as your main job.


"It is said the tomb of King Ranperre lies beyond here. The legend himself, said to have broken the mighty Vrtra. I wished to pay my respects."

When spoken to as DRG:
"Are you ... a dragoon!? That is a most welcome relief. I had come to ascertain for myself whether or not there are still those to carry on the ways of our kind."

During Campaign Battle

"Come now, Bravo! It's high time we taught these beasts what a wyvern is truly capable of!"

When Allied

"I go by the name Achtelle. I hail from Adoulin Isle. Word has reached there that the dragoons and their wyverns have long since disappeared from these eastern lands. Tell me, is it true?"

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