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Achieving True Power


This is the equipment I used and later on I'll place alternative equipment.






First off, use stormwaker frame and soulsoother turban and then enter fight, activate, and then equip your Opo-opo necklace and use sleep potions to raise your tp to 100%. Use your food and go close enough that you can see your two opponants. Do not worry, they won't engage you so edge closer to the PUP and his automaton until you can read their names clearly. Use a Light, Earth, and Wind maneuver. Use your 2hr. Use your persikos au lait. Use repair. Run in and deploy your automaton onto the PUP and engage the automaton. Use Howling Fist and then use your icarus wing and howling fist again. As soon as you can, retrieve your automaton and deploy him on his automaton. If it's already dead, move onto fighting your PUP enemy. Take it slow and steady, if your automaton needs maneuvers, go ahead and use them, if he needs repair, use it. Watch closely at your HP. Your automaton will out last you so do not worry about him. If your PUP enemy uses a weaponskill, be prepared to use a Hi-potion. His Weaponskill could be Howling Fist, or it could be Spinning Attack or even Raging Fists. All of these can deal serious damage to you and your automaton, so it's important to keep an eye on him.


  • Never, under any circumstance should you use a hi-potion fighting his automaton. This will pull too much hate and you'll have 2v1 and that's not a pretty sight.
  • Don't get nervous when you attempt this fight. This will make you choke and possibly give your enemies an opening to wipe the floor with you.
  • Have fun with this fight and realize, that you are breaking your limits and you will never have to do this again.