Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Increases the accuracy of physical attacks.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Each upgrade of this trait raises a character's accuracy and ranged accuracy.
    • Repeats of this trait do not stack. For example, a Level 30 Dragoon/Ranger will not receive two Accuracy Bonus I traits.

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait

Set any two of the following Blue Magic spells to get this trait:

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
60Dimensional Death5
63Frenetic Rip3

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

  • None

Accuracy Bonus I

Total Accuracy Up: +10

Total Accuracy Up: +5~45 Exclamation (Varies by Maneuver and number of Stabilizers equipped)

Accuracy Bonus II

  • Obtained: Ranger Level 30
  • Obtained: Dragoon Level 50
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 60
  • Total Accuracy Up: +22

Accuracy Bonus III

  • Obtained: Ranger Level 50
  • Obtained: Dancer Level 50
  • Total Accuracy Up: +35

Accuracy Bonus IV

  • Obtained: Ranger Level 70
  • Total Accuracy Up: +48

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