Abyssite of Discernment

Abyssite of Discernment
A variety of ancient abyssite that harbors arcane powers. The bearer will more readily recognize the weaknesses of Abyssean fiends when faced in battle.
Reward for completing the quest Emissaries of God.

When fighting an Abyssean Notorious Monster, this abyssite will occasionally give the player a message corresponding to a particular weakness trigger when using a weapon skill or a spell.

  • Message received for yellow/green weakness hints: "The fiend appears vulnerable to <element> elemental magic!"
  • Message received for red weakness hints: "The fiend appears vulnerable to <element> elemental based weapon skills!"
  • Message received for blue weakness hints: "The fiend appears vulnerable to <weapon type i.e polearm, dagger, etc> weapon skills!"

You can receive a message from any spell or weaponskill used against a mob, even those that are not potential proc spells/WS. Receiving the message is not guaranteed and it may take a few spells/weaponskills to receive the hint.

If the correct spell/WS to trigger weakness on an enemy is used, but fails to trigger weakness due to improper timing or other factors (i.e. the attack was "dirty"), the attack will not generate a discernment message in the chat log. Because of this, if an attack DOES generate a discernment message, even if improperly timed, it can be assumed that the improperly-timed attack is not the correct weakness trigger and it does not need to be tried again.

You may also receive the message if you use a proc AOE weaponskill (such as Cyclone) on a different target, if it also hits the NM. Also, if an AOE weaponskill hits 2 (or more) NMs at the same time, you may get the hint for each of those NMs simultaneously, although you will not know which NM each hint is for.
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