Scattered throughout the lands of Abyssea are ancient stones of great power, known as Ancient Abyssite. Each abyssite is known to grant favorable bonuses to its possessor while they travel through Abyssea, and thus can be a valuable asset for adventurers to seek and acquire. These quests will automatically flag upon checking the Cavernous Maw in the designated zones with a Traverser Stone in your inventory and Dawn of Death in your current quests.

Quest Fame Starter Location NM Type
  To Paste a Peiste 1 Norrah Konschtat Highlands (I-12) Kukulkan General
  Megadrile Menace 1 Kocchi-Arocchi Tahrongi Canyon (H-12) Glavoid General
  A Goldstruck Gigas 1 Ragemont La Theine Plateau (D-4) Briareus General
  The Beast of Bastore 1 Moniquaurie Jugner Forest (J-8) Sedna General
  A Delectable Demon 1 Kuchi Eyjhann Valkurm Dunes (I-9) Cirein-croin General
  A Fluttery Fiend 1 Reinhard Buburimu Peninsula (F-7) Itzpapalotl General

After slaying the designated monster for the zone you are currently in, exit the zone by using the Cavernous Maw or timing out. Upon exit you will be placed into a cutscene and will receive your reward which varies based on number of completed quests. Refer to the chart below for a quick reference to what will be obtained.

Abyssea Quest Rewards

Abyssites obtained from Abyssea quests
Colored Abyssite Name Effect Drops from
Lunar Abyssite A variety of ancient abyssite that harbors arcane powers. Allows the bearer to be infused with the power of a single atma. Obtained by completing 1 of the above Abyssea Quests.
Ivory Abyssite of FortuneThe bearer will come upon treasure caskets more frequently in Abyssea.Obtained by completing 2 of the above Abyssea Quests.
Ivory Abyssite of AcumenBestows the bearer with knowledge of Abyssean treasure casket locks. (Reduces successful attempts required to open a chest by 1.)Obtained by completing 3 of the above Abyssea Quests.
Ivory Abyssite of the ReaperEnemies in Abyssea will yield cruor in greater quantities. (Increases an enemy's cruor yield by 10% for those with the key item.) Obtained by completing 4 of the above Abyssea Quests.
Ivory Abyssite of PerspicacityThe bearer will gain experience more readily in Abyssea. Obtained by completing 5 of the above Abyssea Quests.
Ivory Abyssite of GuerdonThe bearer will be granted temporary items upon receiving visitant status. (Grants a Information and a Information upon obtaining Visitant Status). Obtained by completing 6 of the above Abyssea Quests.
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