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In my opinion Abyssea completely changes everything about FFXI that most of us has learned and know from our past years of playing. Many people would ask, why would I want to go in and play in this 'Abyssea' and the reason would be:

  • Exp - there are many ways to learn experience points in Abyssea and I'll attempt to go through them later on.
  • Gears - some are drop off NMs directly, some off chest from mobs/NMs, some off seals off NMs that you use to upgrade base/lower tier gears, some you can buy using Abyssea currency, etc. Again more on these later.
  • Challenges - NMs in abyssea in general are very low man friendly, especially with a competent group of players. But you can still do the toss bodies at the NMs route too if you want (not always a good thing though).